Friday, March 19, 2010

Charlotte caravan heads to D.C.

They're calling for immigration reform. But can such a controversial issue pass in today's political climate?

More than 800 people from Charlotte will travel to Washington, D.C. Sunday morning to join 10s of thousands rallying for immigration reform.

A caravan of 15 buses will leave Charlotte at midnight for the rally that will take place on the National Mall.

Ruben Campillo, state director for Reform Immigration for America, said more than 3,000 people from North Carolina will be at the rally.

“The message is simple,” he said. “We want to demand that the president and congress keep their promise to pass immigration reform.”

President Barack Obama promised to push reform in his first year of office. It's now year two and advocates have grown frustrated.

Supporters say there is still time to pass an immigration bill before the November elections. But the White House says nothing can happen without strong bipartisan support.

The rally is likely to be overshadowed by the House of Representatives if they vote that day to overhaul healthcare legislation.

Latino turned out in great numbers to help elect Obama. Now some leaders are cautioning the president and congress that their continued support may depend on passing immigration reform.

"We are still interested in seeing the Democrats succeed, and see Mr. Obama succeed," Jorge-Mario Cabrera, of the Coalition for Humane Immigrant Rights of Los Angeles, told Reuters. "However, we also are telling Congress and the president that this particular promise is so essential to our community’s well-being, to our families’ well-being, to our nation’s well-being, that if it’s not kept, we will remember in the November elections."

In response, the Americans for Legal Immigration PAC, which opposes giving illegal immigrants a path to legalization, called on supporters to visit their lawmakers and “and flood DC offices with calls, e-mails, and faxes opposing Comprehensive Immigration Reform Amnesty.”

William Gheen, president of ALIPAC, cited past efforts to pass immigration reform in 2006 and 2007 failed. He said most Americans want increased enforcement against illegal immigration. "We have beaten them before and we will defeat them again," Gheen said. "We hope that more Americans fighting Washington on other issues will take notice of our past expertise in stopping out of touch lawmakers from making nation destroying mistakes."

Associated Press contributed.

Photo: Demonstrators in front of Dallas City Hall in support of fair immigration reform laws Sunday, April 9, 2006 in Dallas. (AP Photo/Fort Worth Star-Telegram,D.J. Peters)


Anonymous said...

Great idea. They can pick up their free health care cards while they are there!

JasonB said...

why bother passing legislation? Everyone who wants to cross the border illegally does it anyway and there are no consequences.

Anonymous said...

illegal and criminal mean the same thing, punish employers, stop making children of illegals citizens by birth, send them home, they are a major reason the school system has been able to keep up with the growth and they cost taxpayers a lot of money

Anonymous said...

So they want to be citizens in a
2nd country?

Arent they already citizens since birth in Mexico too?

Wait a sec. So they want their cake and eat it too?

Will they agree to terminate their Mexican citizenship? Yea Rite.

Clearly this is total crooked crock.

These are spongers and moochers. Taking advantage of a nation already in place with benefits.

Did they or their ancestors fight for American freedom in any foreign wars?

How much blood did they or their ancestors spill in the Gulf? Nam? Korea? WW2? WW1? Rev War?

We know their ancestors killed many Americans in the Mexican-American war though.

Go back home !!!!!!!!!!!

Undeserving !!!

Obama wont approve of this in time for their votes in 2012 either.

Go back to your DRUG WAR killing nation of Mexico where you are legal citizens !!!!

GregJ said...

Ought to be real easy for ICE to round them up if they are already loaded on buses.

Anonymous said...

The only "Immigration Reform" we need is to reform to punish anyone and everyone who aids them.

Anonymous said...

How many Americans died in wars ?

War Deaths
American Revolution 25,324
War of 1812 2,260
Mexican American War 13,283
Union/Confederacy 498,332
Spanish-American War 2,446
World War I 116,516
World War II 405,399
Korean War 54,246
Vietnam War 58,148
Panama 23
Gulf War 148
Iraq 4329
Afghanistan 1177

Mexicans killed 13,283 Americans in the Mexican-American War of 1846-48 including the greatly outnumbeed massacre of everyone at The Alamo where famous Americans Davy Crockett and David Bowie died. Total killed 600.

And they want here for free to mooch?

US Military top graduates Jefferson Davis and Robert E Lee both fought bravely in the Mexican American war as high ranking officers. Abe Lincoln who never went to school was in the war briefly but deserted his post and was a discharged a coward.

Anonymous said...

TYPICAL illegal supporting garbage from the village idiot employed by the observer. This caravan would be a GREAT group for an ICE raid. Pack them back up to their country of origin. I am all for the illegals going to community colege here too. On the first day have a special orientaiton for them sponsored by the arresting officers from ICE, AFTER they have paid tuition for an out of state student.

Larry said...

I will driving up on Saturday to attend the stop the take over of our health care rally as the flights are too expensive.

A bunch of buses are going from Charlotte and yet the Observer seems to be too busy to take notice of us.

Maybe we can get a writer on the Observer who is a Conservative?

Anonymous said...

Larry, you are going to miss the meeting of "The Sons of the Confederacy" that is going to be held tomorrow at their Georgeville planning station. This is an important planning session that has to do with the future march north to reclaim territory that was lost in 1861. You might be able to do better there than in DC with that tea party crowd.

Anonymous said...

Franco is the real white Latino Hispanic elite ruling class bourgeois white caucasoid European helping these red mongoloid Asian Mexican peasant illegals for liberal mindwash reasons.

His ancestors were the brave likes of white European Latino christian explorers Columbus, Balboa, Cortez, Pizzaro,De Soto, Magellan, Ponce De Leon etc who conquered the pagan savage red mongoloids and killed most of them off 500 yrs ago with only small armies. Columbus discovered the west in 1492.

White Latino christians slaughtered millions of pagan savage red mongoloids and helped conquered the west with the Anglicans.

In spite of his being misguided as a liberal he still cant be all that bad if only for his brave heroic ancestors who discovered America and cleansed spilling the blood of millions of unclean reds bringing western civilization and white man religion christianity to these shores as instructed from the divine.

zeezil said...

So let me get this straight. Illegal immigration and illegal immigrants are ILLEGAL. The act of entering the U.S. illegally is a violation of law, therefore a criminal act. Remaining in the U.S. while illegal and operating here illegally is a violation of law, therefore a criminal act. But these criminals and their advocates demand that they be made legal and receive U.S. citizenship.

Not only is this ridiculous, ludicrous and asinine...the vast majority of the American people say...HELL NO!!!

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

They should head their caravan back to the Mezxxxican dung-hole they crawled out off. And take that worthless traitor Franco with them! They wouldn't have the balls to march in fabulous Mexxxico!

Anonymous said...

Franco - were you born in the US? Are you still a citizen if so? We don't have a tilde in English. You & your ilk are destroying this country. A group of people who already showed they don't give a crap about the laws. Take a look at the murder rates committed by illegals these days? Wonder why? They already proved they don't give a rat's ass just by being here illegally, not paying taxes & actually demanding rights.

Anonymous said...

Man, leave Franco alone. His white ancestors discovered this whole joint and heroically killed millions of their red ancestors and took over the whole western hemisphere forcing them to speak spanish and become christian. Franco may pretend to feel guilty but clearly he is proud as otherwise he would change his religion.

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...


There will be a drop in the crime rate until the "caravan" returns.