Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Immigrant students march in Uptown against new bill

More than 50 students are expected to converge on Marshall Park tomorrow to protest recent state legislation they feel targets Latino communities, encourages racial profiling and will ban undocumented immigrant students from attending public colleges.

Advocates are particularly concerned about House Bill 343: Support Law Enforcement/Safe Neighborhoods introduced this month by Rep. George Cleveland, R-Onslow.

Some advocates say HB 343 is the most egregious bill against immigrants ever introduced in the NC General Assembly.

The bill, among other things, instructs officers to determine the immigration status of those arrested or detained, makes it illegal to transport undocumented people in a vehicle, and bans illegal immigrants from attending public colleges.

Organized by United 4 The Dream, a youth-led advocacy group within the Latin American Coalition, marchers will meet in Marshall Park at 5:30 and then march through Uptown Charlotte.

Elver Barrios, co-founder of United 4 the Dream, says that HB 343 will force out many bright students who just want to work and be given the chance to contribute.

“We are tired of always being pushed back and targeted…,” said Barrios. “We did not choose to come to the United States but our parents made a choice to bring us along to give us opportunities that we would’ve never had in our home countries. Now that we are here and we have made this our second home, we will not give up the fight.”

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