Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Charlotte resident: 'Why I am boycotting Arizona'

There has been a lot of talk about people boycotting Arizona following passage of its tough new immigration law. Some of those people include Charlotte residents Edith Garwood and her family.

They had been planning a trip to the Grand Canyon, but decided to cancel the trip once Arizona passed a law that made illegal immigration a crime and required police to check the status of immigrants believed to be in the country illegally. (A federal judge has since temporarily blocked the police requirement until it can be studied further).

Garwood wrote a letter to the Arizona hotel where the family planned to stay and explained why they were canceling. She shared the letter with me and also explained to me the reasoning behind her decision.

Why cancel your trip?
We decided to change our vacation plans because once I heard about SB1070, I was afraid for members of my family and brought it up for a vote one night at dinner. Although we are all U.S. citizens, there are members of my family with darker skin and anyone who looks into SB1070 can tell that it could be easily abused and most likely would be abused. Why go to a place where there was any chance of being harassed simply based on our looks?

Why write a letter?

We decided to go elsewhere and make a point that we were specifically boycotting the state so I wrote a letter to notify the resort that we would not be coming for a week of vacation. Boycotts don't do any good unless you let the target know why people aren't buying something. We realize Arizona has some serious and legitimate issues to deal with, but SB1070 is not a well thought-out law and not the solution.

How does the recent decision by a federal judge to temporarily block some of the more controversial parts of the law impact your plans?
The judge's decision hasn't changed our minds because the injunction only puts a hold on some aspects of the law; it doesn't suspend the law completely or guarantee that the abusive parts would not return. Also, the wide support of the law in Arizona makes Arizona look like a place not welcoming or accepting of diversity or those who may look different, so why go there when there are other great areas in America to visit?

May 29, 2010

Hyatt Pinon Pointe
1 North Highway 89A
Sedona, Arizona

To Facility Manager,

My family had been planning a ‘Grand Canyon vacation’ since December 2009. After some research, we knew we wanted to stay in Sedona because of its beautiful landscape and convenience to many activities in the area.

I started searching Sedona facilities because we have a family of five (5) made up of two adults and three (3) teen-agers – so we needed plenty of space. I had sent an email to my husband saying that I had found the perfect location – the Hyatt Pinon Pointe resort.

I looked up the email and this is what I had written, “There was one place that stood out as having everything we might want to be comfortable with three teen-agers and I've copied in the link below. It has two bedrooms with plenty of beds/sofabeds, it has a kitchenette, washer/dryer, pool, great view and near tour companies. Going thru a pkg. it was around $#,### for five, but doing it on my own and getting a better flight for us would be $#,### - not a whole lot more. This figure includes round trip for five, 7 nights in the resort and a mid-size car for a week. We would have to add on food and tours. “

Then I included link and the question, ‘Make reservations?’ But as I was in the process of doing all this, I was also reading about the Arizona legislation SB1070. I understand the complexity of the situation and the issues the state faces in trying to combat crime, especially by those who cross the border without papers. I understand that this nation faces some real problems that require some real solutions, but I believe SB1070 is a short-sighted and basically racist piece of legislation that can only lead to more problems.

Our family was ready to spend several thousand dollars in your state this month, much of it at your facility, but we cannot in good conscience support a state with such legislation. I do regret it is your business that has to suffer, but money talks and if enough people who feel like I do at least let the businesses know why they are not coming this summer, maybe the businesses will contact their elected officials to report the negative results and demand change.

I realize you are probably very busy at this moment with guests, but I wonder how many others would have come to Arizona and your facility, but just haven’t taken the time to write and let you know that they are not coming. Boycotts are more effective when the business/state you are boycotting is made aware of the fact that you are boycotting so this is my official notice that we had made up our minds and had really wanted to vacation in Sedona, AZ this summer, but cannot do so with a good conscience and so are boycotting the state and by extension – your business.

Thank you. May SB1070 be repealed and a more just and fair solution be found soon so those of us who want to visit your great state can do so without hesitation.

Edith Garwood
Concord, NC


Anonymous said...

"Although we are all U.S. citizens, there are members of my family with darker skin and anyone who looks into SB1070 can tell that it could be easily abused and most likely would be abused."

If you are a legal US citizen, you don't have anything to be concerned about do you? You really think just because your family tans well you're going to be subjected to violations of due process?? Give me a break. People like you are what's ruining this country.

Anonymous said...

"SB1070 is a short-sighted and basically racist piece of legislation that can only lead to more problems."

I fail to see how this law is racist when it has no mention whatsoever of race or ethnicity. As Go. Brewer of AZ said, "Illegal is not a race." And its not. However, over 80% of the illegal immigrants in this country are of Hispanic descent... so basic math says that 8 times out of 10, an illegal immigrant is going to be Hispanic. that's not racist, its fact.

Anonymous said...

Why I am not,

The man suspected of drunken driving and killing a Catholic nun in Prince William County this weekend is an illegal immigrant who was awaiting deportation and who federal immigration authorities had released pending further proceedings, police said Monday.

The man, Carlos Montano, a county resident, had been arrested by police twice before on drunk-driving charges, and on at least one of those occasions county police reported him to federal authorities.

Anonymous said...


How about an article on the huge percentage of people of every background who support the Arizona law and the spirit behind it? Stop stirring the melting pot just to garnish posts (like this one admittedly).

Take a beautiful vacation to Mexico then announce when you get there that you have no intention of leaving and you now want free health care, education, and SSL classes funded by the government. If you can get word out of the detention you will find yourself in, drop Franco a line.

Anonymous said...

The word illegal has significance. AZ is only trying to enforce Federal Laws that are NOT being enforced. This border state suffers from the additional burden of unauthorized and ILLEGAL inhabitation. Nothing confirms racist motives, no more than a police officer in NC that would target specfic groups for driving infractions. Seems like must specualation by some folks. Hope you get the Hope and Change you voted for...

DWright1 said...

"a law that made illegal immigration a crime"

Do people who say things like this not realize how *absurd* such a statement is. "Illegal" = "crime".

For us, my family is thinking the Grand Canyon would be a nice place to see this year.

Anonymous said...

Probably you are boycotting because you don't understand the law REALLY. Or you are CLUELESS.

Anonymous said...

If you are a legal resident you have nothing to worry about; has nothing to do with race. If you come home from work and an unknown person has moved into your house what would you do; let them stay and become responsible for them or have them leave. I; and most people, do not have a problem with legal immigration. I have a problem with people coming in illegally but expecting me to pay for them for schools, hospitals, etc. I also have a huge problem with paying into Social Security and them expecting to get that money without ever having paid a dime into it. If you want to come here do it legally or get out; there is no gray area

Anonymous said...

Franco, you must be having a really slow week. This is your worst attempt yet to influence the vast majority in favor of the legislation. Very weak effort, my friend. Nothing at all thought provoking.

Anonymous said...

We as a country are royally screwed because we have morons who think they will be 'harassed becos they have darker skin' and super-morons who make a blog out of it.

Gaurd our borders. Gaurd our country. Get the illegals out- NOW

Anonymous said...

Shocking, Franco the awhole puts yet another cry baby article in support of illegal's. Please let one of those illegal drunks cross paths with him or his family.

Andrew said...

"Charlotte resident: 'Why I am boycotting The Charlotte Observer"

I was planning on buying your newspaper, as I've always enjoyed reading the local news over breakfast. Right before I was about to mail my subscription to your paper, I stumbled across your website. After reading several "blogs" and other "news" "articles" it became clear to me that I can not support in good conscience a newspaper that supports omitting facts, supporting illegal causes, and publishes irrational letters.

I'm sure you are busy with your many millions of other subscribers, so I won't take too much more of your time. One of your "bloggers" Franco Ordonez, in particular caught my eye. As great as I think it is to promote diversity in the workplace, I am slightly disturbed by your acceptance of his clear mental handicap of logic and reason. As a Jewish Canadian left-handed black grandfather who never completed high school, I am offended by your papers pandering to the slow minded in the local area.

As I said earlier, I know you're busy so I do not expect a response. Besides, an opening just opened in one my favorite vacation properties in Sedona, Arizona. How lucky am I?

An actual Charlotte resident who doesn't live in Concord.

David I said...

"Although we are all U.S. citizens, there are members of my family with darker skin and anyone who looks into SB1070 can tell that it could be easily abused and most likely would be abused."

Obviously the Garwood family never even read the actual law or they would know that the law clearly stated in two separate places that race could NOT be used as a factor in either questioning a subject nor arresting them. "Looking into" a law is not the same thing as watching TV and simply going by what the reporter happens to say. The law was abundantly available to anyone with an internet connection to read for themselves. But the vast majority of people who are opposed to this law have obviously never read it.

"There is no due process in the immigrant detention system once you're in it. The whole system is dangerous."

I would love for someone to explain this comment. Is this based on facts or simply their perception? And to be clear, immigrants are not illegal in this country. Illegal immigrants are, so there is no immigrant detention system. There is an illegal immigrant detention system. That point is certainly not a moot one.

The bottom line is no State would have to try and write new law on this topic if the Federal Gov't would simply start enforcing the laws of the land. That is their job. But if the Federal Gov't isn't going to do their job, the State's must.

Anonymous said...

The potential for abuse of power is not unique to SB1070. It can happen with lawyers, judges, IRS agents etc.. Use your purchasing power as you please but, imo, AZ is only trying to provide a counter-measure..and, besides, Scottsdale is a first-rate destination.

Anonymous said...

Everyone has a right to their personal opinions and beliefs, unless, of course, someone else disagrees. Then they are blasted on these boards.

To Anon August 10, 2010 4:32 PM - that was about the most idiotic post I have ever seen. Just because you don't agree with someone you are so childish that you start name calling and wishing harm on someone.

Anonymous said...

Ok, great Edith. It's not well enough to just not go, but you feel like you need to lecture a hotel owner on a law, which you are incorrect about. And then, because that's not enough and you are so much smarter than anybody else, you have to send your letter and story to a fellow sympathizer of illegal immigrants to put in the paper. I know you think you are high and mighty because you have that community college degree hanging on the wall, but get over yourself. If you want to shove your opinion down everybody's throat, and I'm sure you have an opinion on everything, at least get to know what you are talking about and don't just repeat what you heard third hand from somebody as uninformed as you are.

Anonymous said...

"a law that made illegal immigration a crime"

Arizona has it right...I wish North Carolina would do the same thing, and lets change the 14th Amendment.

Some people have it right, my neighbor is moving to Arizona at the end of the month, and he's a legal immigrant.

Get the illegal aliens OUT!!!!

Andrew said...

Let it be known, that you do have a right to your personal beliefs and opinions, however, everyone else reserves the right to mock you.

wiley said...

Why I SUPPORT Arizona SB1070

I have been to Arizona twice this year and proudly spent money in the state.

81% of the illegals in the US come through Central America and Mexico, one of the same routes Mr. Ordonez glorified in his last fluff piece.

Secure the border, reform our immigration policy and begin processing the illegals here to either be deported or make then go through a process to become US citizens.

Anonymous said...

Hey Frank-

I sent a letter to Arizona telling them why I support what they are doing. Want to do a feature on me?

Anonymous said...

Where is the report of the recent arms bust on the border? Why is there not been any report about the amount of automatic guns captured and the non-Hispanic emblems captured with said guns crossing the Arizona border. Is it to much to ask for fair reporting?

Franco Ordonez said...

If you sent a letter or changed plans to visit Arizona because of the law, I would be interested in hearing from you. Please email me at fordonez@charlotteobserver.com.

Anonymous said...

This article is rediculous, where is the article about someone who wants to go to Arizona because they did pass this law? I personally feel safer that illegal, unlawful, breaking the laws of our country immigrants are leaving that state. Why dont you ask someone like me my opinion? You wont....

Anonymous said...

"passed a law that made illegal immigration a crime"...

How is it that people are looking past the word "illegal"? One of the definitions of illegal = crime.
Wasn't this new law just strengthening an already existing law, and putting a more effective penalty around it?

I will drive through AZ next summer for vacation, and I will NOT boycott, because AZ hasn't done anything wrong.

Anonymous said...

I wish other states would have the guts that Arizona had to protect their borders. GO SB1070!!!

Anonymous said...

Tourism to AZ has dramatically increased since the law. Go ahead and "boycott". You are ill-informed or you have disdain for our laws. I'd be ashamed to post my ignorance publicly in the paper like you have done.

Anonymous said...

People make all kinds of mistakes out of Fear along lifes roads. I would say if someone is boycotting going to Arizona because they are afraid of getting mugged by an illegal alien, then I can understand this. You can stay home and get robbed in your own town. Why not spend your summer vacation teaching English as a second language to the foreigners, it a worthy cause instead of boycotting. We need our troops back home to save billions, buy foreclosed homes and protect the borders.

Anonymous said...

I am an American citizen w/ darker complexion, black hair, brown eyes and was born and raised in NC. I lived in San Diego several years ago and can not count the number of times I was approached by people speaking Spanish to me b/c they assumed I was from Mexico. Guess what....I wasn't offended. If I go to Arizona and am questioned by authorities b/c of my darker skin, then so be it. If you are LEGAL then there is nothing to worry about. Show your ID and move on. It's absurd how politically correct this country has become. Authorities aren't supposed to question you if they think you are here ILLEGALLY? Please. I guess eventually our cities will be plagued by the same drug ridden crimes as the Mexican border towns and we'll find bodies hanging in the streets b/c the drug thugs are trying to send a message. Maybe then you'll be ok with authorities taking the necessary steps to enforce our laws?

Anonymous said...

I bet you anything that the hotel trashed the letter since this woman never had a reservation to begin with! HA! - and Andrew August 10, 2010 4:34 PM - Well said!

Centrist said...

Franco, the Arizona law did not make illegal illegal because illegal was already illegal. It was, and is, an attempt to enforce the law in the same way the same law is enforced in many other states, such as Rhode Island. Get your facts straight and then maybe you will have at least "a little" creibility!

Anonymous said...

Franco, did you bother to ask Edith exactly WHY she was "afraid" if, in fact, everyone in her family is a documented citizen??? It's no different than getting pulled over at a random drivers license check in North Carolina. If you have a legit license and aren't breaking any other laws, you go on your way. Ask Edith if she is also afraid of license checks in her home state.

Anonymous said...


Sheriff of Maricopa County the great legendary Joe Arpaio who gained attention in the 90s to stop all the homos by painting the entire jail cells PINK and making them wear PINK clothing plus the brave female Gov Jan Brewer says GOOD RIDDENCE !!!

Clean out the liberal scum who want to reduce the white population even furthur to keep these whiny lib bigots in power spending 3 times what Bush was.

These evil socialists want drug dealers, drug lords, criminal killers, and freeloaders here to suck out more debt and kill off the white native Amrican population.

Anonymous said...


No offense, but I'm sure some will be, all of these comments clearly come from white males who have never had to worry about being racially profiled. Must be a nice feeling to drive the highways of this great country and never have to worry about being pulled over for no other reason than the color of your skin. Guess I'm in the "minority" of people that disapprove of SB1070. No worries though, there are 49 other great states to visit - oh wait, make that 48 - SC needs to take the that flag off statehouse grounds.

Anonymous said...

Unless Obama's magic eraser has hit this law (as he has done to freedoms in our bill of rights), it is a felony to enter the united states and its terratories without proper documentation (visa, passport, etc.). We cannot enter Mexio w/o proper docs, so why not the same back? And, it is a felony, not just "bad" or "illegal." Any what you call illegals, parents of anchor babies (and believe me, they have them) are felons, running around our streets, sucking up our precious tax dollars for welfare, free housing, free medical (why do we need a health care law from Obama, he gives it away to felons?), school, education. You work hard for your money, you pay taxes when the money you wish could be spent on your family, but no, your tax dollars are spent on felons' families. So, hoo ray for Arizona, stay strong, if I had the money, I would go there for a vacation and I tan well. I am a legal US citizen, proud of it, and not afraid of being asked for proof of such, in fact, all legal US citizens should be proud to produce the credentials that show they are US American Citizens.

Anonymous said...

Hey Frank, I believe "illegal immigration" was illegal before SB1070 hence the word illegal. I had a close friend, Scotty Gardner, who was killed several years ago involving an "illegal" who was on his 3rd DUI offense and its ironic how the victims like Scotty and the nun who was recently killed are forgotten all because some people think they have the right to be here albeit illegally. The last time I checked we do not have a problem with French illegal immigrants, its Hispanic illegals and if some have to suffer based on the actions of others then thats the way it is. I sincerely hope the Carolinas adopt a similar policy. That being said, I do not begrudge anyone from any race wanting a better life for their family, BUT do it the right way or go back to the country you belong.

Anonymous said...

If anything this "controversy" has caused me to PLAN a trip to Arizona to show my support financially for the Arizona citizens suffering horrors and abuses at the hands of illegals and our own twisted government. I applaud them for standing up to the lazy Federal morons and doing something about the problem on their own. Jan Brewer rocks. We cannot vote these Washington clowns out of office fast enough, and they know judgment day is coming quick.

Anonymous said...

I am proud that my son has changed plans for a national sales meeting in Los Angeles to Phoenix for a group of 260 sales people this October.His Fortune 500 company is sensitive to costs and is less interested in making political statements than saving expenditures.Arizona is a great location for business gatherings and is highly competitive with other western states.

Anonymous said...

I gladly sent the Gov. of Arizona $25 dollars to help in their fight for this law. Why? Because I see much of the same problems her in our city/state. I wish our state would follow AZ's example, but I know the bleeding heart liberal that run the governor's office and the state legislature would have none of that.

Anonymous said...

This is absurd. You are in favor of boycotting a state because they want to enforce EXISTING laws with an additional law. Illegal is illegal, no matter what. I've been fortunate enough to travel all over this world and let me tell you something, we are VERY fortunate to live here. Even some of our closest allies have stiffer penalties for being caught in their respective country illegally.

Sorry, but I'm all for the law. And if you oppose Arizona, then you should oppose Arkansas, Maryland, Minnesota, Missouri, Nevada, New Jersey, Ohio, Oklahoma, Pennsylvania, South Carolina, Texas, and Utah as they are looking to enact similar a law.

Absurd, just absurd, to support illegal activity.

go4it said...

Look, everyone ... Arizona's law - SB 1070 - is ONLY doing what our almighty Federal government *should* be doing: ENFORCING IMMIGRATION LAWS AND POLICIES! The rash of late 20th - early 21st century "politically correct" thinking is becoming more and more blurred and confused with ... @#$%!@#$ STUPIDITY!!!

We still have enemies! We still have incredible dangers to our society!

We're ripe for another 9-11 attack. Remember how our economy began to "tank" starting then? Well, protect our borders or else you ain't seen nuttin' yet!

Illegal has a definition. People who have entered this country by side-stepping (or crawling, running, jumping around) our Department of Immigration are here **ILLEGALLY!** Their first act as visitors or potential citizens is to enter by breaking a major *FEDERAL* law!

Why can't you left-brained, liberal-thinking nit-wits get that thru your thick skulls?!?!?! Why have you turned your backs (and your loyalty) and began to hate the United States of America?!?!?!?! Why are you siding with those who seek to attack and kill us?!?!?!?

Anonymous said...

Pot is a Federal Law but many States have changed it with no Federal intervention - this is all about Corporate or Corporations greed in first their obvious control of DC Their representatives the Corporations bought with 38 billion in lobbying money to drive down American wages - go buy anything from a can of paint to a tooth brush that is not in Spanish - DC has been bought and paid for - vote out all incumbents Nov.

Anonymous said...

This is the type of stupidity (what other word fits?)that runs rampart in this country. Without understanding the issues Arizona faces with it's close proximity to the Mexican border, we decide to boycott it. Because of this, I am changing my vacation plans....I was going to spend 2 weeks in a hotel in the Concord area, and shopping at Concord Mills. I now am going to vacation at the Grand Canyon.

Anonymous said...

I am proud to I and my family are "legal" immigrants. Why are all you eggheads not understanding how you hurt those of us who came here legally when you support the illegals. I thought I understood America - why are so many so happy not to abide by, or in the case of your president not enforce, its laws.

Larry said...

I am sure this is the same person:

Not surprising she thinks this is bad considering she is so busy a person seeing as how she thinks Israel is so Draconian:

Edith Garwood, Coordinator, Palestine Media Watch, Charlotte, NC


Palestinian Nonviolence

To The New York Times, April 9, 2010

"Palestinians Try a Less Violent Path to Resistance" seems to propagate the notion that the Palestinian struggle has been only violent. Just because the media choose to ignore the long history of Palestinian nonviolent resistance does not mean it hasn't always existed.

Saying that "nonviolence has never caught on here" does a great disservice to the many Palestinians who have been killed since the early 1900s while nonviolently resisting injustices and ignores the Palestinians, Israelis and others who have acted nonviolently for years.

Israel has increased harassment of nonviolent protesters in the occupied West Bank and East Jerusalem with nighttime raids and arrests of both leaders and participants, including children. These people, and those who came before them, deserve to be acknowledged and supported, not erased from history.

Edith Garwood, Concord, NC

Anonymous said...

I'm just wondering what part of the phrase "ILLEGAL alien" people don't agree with.
It's not about being color-blind. It's not about helping people to have a better life.
It's about upholding our laws; because right now, the taxpayers are drowning in debt, and a lot of that is caused by not "undocumented workers", that silly phrase that tries to say that people illegally crossing our borders are "working"....a lot of that debt is because these illegals take, take and take from OUR government's resources.
As far as being asked for an ID, let me tell you, that I am blonde, have lived in the US my whole life, along with my ancestors who came from Ireland and England....and I have to show my ID when I go to the bank, pick up a computer that's being repaired, pick up my grandson at his preschool, etc..etc..etc....

Anonymous said...

I am an AZ native who lived my first 18 years there, and have lived in the Carolinas over 30 years. A careful reading of the law in question shows that only after someone has been stopped for some other offense can their citizenship or alien status be addressed. It is not designed to just routinely stop and hassle law-abiding citizens. But if you are stopped for drunk driving or arrested for shoplifting or some other thing, then yes, your status may be addressed as part of the ID process. This is consistent with a law that has already been in use in Mecklenburg County for some years, with no problem. I understand from first-hand knowledge the burden an influx of people from anywhere can place on a community. For those people to not have social security numbers and not be paying taxes to support the infrastructure they use is a very real problem. Had the US Government enforced its own laws, AZ would not have had to go there.

Anonymous said...






Anonymous said...

This is a good example of biased reporting. The Observer needs to have higher standards of journalism or the Charlotte community will continue to unsubscribe.

Anonymous said...

Clearly the majority see that the Federal government has failed in its duty and Arizona has the back bone to protect it's citizens. SO I appeal to the majority to go online and buy something from Arizona or better yet schedule a vacation at the very hotel where these people canceled their reservation.

Anonymous said...

Yea we agree. Whites always get screwed over.

White males who get 99% of all the tickets for everything from DUI to stopsign and speeding etc pulled over ratio are sick and tired of being racially profiled by all these racist white cops out there pulling them just because they are white humiliating them toeing the line, saying their ABCs, walking the line or hopping on one foot and then slapping cuffs on them nd hauling them whether they pass or fail.

While other non-white races are out murdering, robbing banks, stealing cars, running from the cops, its always only the white males who these white cops pull over and charge costng them 1000s in legal fees, drivers licenses pulled, insurace rates up,etc.

White native Americans are sick and tired and not gonna take it anymore.
We need to talk to Obama and his AG Holder about racist profiling by white cops and no justice. We are wick of this white on white racism.

Anonymous said...

Unless you were planning on doing something illegal while in Arizona, according to the SB1070 clause that has been stricken for the time being, she would have had nothing to be concerned about anyhow. Also, I think folks just like to use the term racist because it's easy instead of using illegal and all the bad that comes with that. Plenty of people will take your place visiting and spending sweety. Go on sticking your collective heads in the sand as the illegal population continues to mooch off of your taxpaying family. So sad.

Larry said...

No one should have to show any ID in this country



Unless all of us are protected than not one of us can be protected

Ghoul said...

Why cancel your trip?
We decided to change our vacation plans because once I heard about SB1070, I was afraid for members of my family and brought it up for a vote one night at dinner.

You took a vote? Hey, guess what, the people of Arizona did as well and passed SB1070. See that's how democracy works.

Franco, I know the Observer has a rule that you report on all illegal aliens, so when will you be reporting on the illegal alien child rapist:



I'll be waiting on your heart felt story on him.

Anonymous said...

I'm going to Vegas in November, and I hope all 50 states inforce the law's of the land. If you are here Illegal, than do the right thing and go home and come to America the right way.

Anonymous said...

I have no issues with people that enter this country legally. The ILLEGALS are another matter. Arizona is leading the way and the other 49 states need to follow suit. The crime, drugs and garbage dumped along the trail into the US is an abomination that must be stopped. Franco, pound salt....or move to Mexico.

Daryl said...

In the 3rd sentance the author of this article shows why his argument is bogus! He states "Arizona passed a law that made illegal immigration a crime"
If a person commits an illegal act they have by definition committed a crime. Anyone who enters this country illegally is already a criminal, period, end of discussion. Mr Obama, enforce the law or resign from office. No one, not even the president has the right to ignore the law!!!

Anonymous said...

The Observer loves to stir up trouble. Why not write an article about all of us SUPPORTING the anti-ILLEGAL immigration law. These people are breaking the law and should be deported. The governor and legislature of Arizona should be APPLAUDED and all states should follow suit. Bravo to those who are NOT boycotting Arizona. Think I'll book my trip today!!!!

Anonymous said...

Which words are so difficult to understand?


check a dictionary:
not legal, not lawful, breaking a law, avoiding a law, nefariously
and with intent not following law

YES, PLEASE AVOID AZ if your intent is to not obey current US laws regarding illegal immigration.

Anonymous said...

Stir it up, that's all you're good for. Please go back to Haiti they need you more than ever.

Anonymous said...

No way. I'm going to Arizona this fall....and spending money. The Feds are not doing their job. Why punish Arizona!

Francisco Hernandez said...

Arizona should be applauded for trying to enforce something the federal government refuses to.

Anonymous said...

Since I don't have a problem flashing my credentials at the airport, I don't have a problem flashing my credentials in Arizona. What is wrong with following the law?

Anonymous said...

Why can we not have an article about what the border patrols are finding on the illegals crossing the borders? Why was my comment not posted earlier? This is part of the problem that the American public is being denied the knowledge of and the media is in on it. Please go to the Border Patrol website for the new information. Our unsecured borders are an open invitation for another terrorist attack.

Anonymous said...

How do we get rid of this bogus, lame, nitwit of a reporter. He only serves to create worse attitudes toward the illegal population. 70% of the population of the US want a remedy to this problem thru enforcement of the federal law which the AZ law mirrors. The people of Charlotte deserve better reporting than this loser of an immigrant.
Go home Franco......where ever that is.

Anonymous said...

Boy it didn't take long for the hate mongers and xenophobes to crawl out from under the wood pile, did it?

It never ceases to amaze me how many people will support abusive or even illegal laws as long as they don't think they will ever be used against THEM.

David I said...

Some of the reasons I've read in these blogs and elsewhere that illegal immigrants should be accepted in the US simply don't pass the logic test. One of the so-called reasons is this law is racist. But people fail to realize "Mexican" is not a race. It's a Nationality. Just like "American", "Russian", "Brazilian", etc are not races. Plus if the vast majority of illegal immigrants in this country happen to come from a particular country, targeting those people is not racism. It's simply focusing on the people who are breaking that particular law the most.

Another reason I read/hear is these people are coming here to make a better life for themselves since in their native homeland they are poor and destitute. If this were a valid reason for breaking the law, no one should have any issue with poor people in this country robbing banks, stores, homes, etc... After all, they only robbed those places because they were poor and destitute.

Bottom line is illegal is illegal. Regardless of your reason for breaking the law, it is still illegal.

Also a lot of people against the AZ law ask the question of, "What does an illegal immigrant look like?". The answer is quit simple. Illegal immigrants can look like anyone. But a very good indicator is a person who lives here and doesn't speak English. In order to become a naturalized citizen you must be able to speak and write in English. No the US doesn't have a National Language, but not one person born and raised in this country can't speak English. And if you became naturalized, you have to know at least some English. Try going to France not being able to speak any French and see how far you get being able to communicate with the people there.

It's way past time to stop pandering to these criminals. Yes they are criminals. Anyone who breaks the law is a criminal, by pure definition.

Also if Federal Law ALWAYS trumps State Law, how have 13 States passed Medical Marijuana Laws when marijuana is against Federal Law? The answer is real simple. Federal Law doesn't trump State law always. Why is the President of the United States not suing these 13 States? Because he knows full well he would lose that argument. And he will lose this one as well.

Last point, people need to stop trying to paint this as a Democrat or Republican issue. Both Parties have had Presidents who have completely refused to enforce these laws. Obama is doing it now, Bush did it during his 8 years, and Reagan granted amnesty for a ton of illegals back in 1986. This is a problem that rich people want to keep around so they can exploit workers who won't stand up and demand a fair wage. That's what this is truly about.

Anonymous said...

you may want to boycott bars, airlines, driving...you see these daily activities make you show an ID as well...I guess they were going to walk to Az.
My family just got back from Sedona and there are PLENTY of folks visiting and having a great time.

Anonymous said...

We love the Observer doing articles like this as it give us a chance to identify morons by name. In this case it is Franco Ordoñez and they even gave us his picture too! Thanks CO.

Anonymous said...

That's great that you all want to go "Deport them all" and get rid of them and etc., but what's going to happen when local Arizona police are made to be immigration officers instead of protecting and serving?

Look at the hard data provided by the United States Bureau of Justice (link broken up because spam bots prevent you from linking anything online anymore)



Or if you think I'm trying to scam you or be otherwise shifty, look go to google Bureau of Justice Statistics, then go BJS Homepage -> Data for Analysis -> Data Online -> Crime Trends -> State Level ->State By State.

The violent crime level for Arizona per 100k citizens is on a downward trend from the previous 40 year high of 715 in 1993. (This means 715 violent crimes committed per 100,000 citizens in Arizona for the year).

Of the five categories (Violent crime rate, murder and non-neg manslaughter rate, forcible rape rate, robbery rate, aggravated assault rate), only forcible rape and robbery are higher than the levels of 2000. Even then, the forcible rate is far lower than the "good ol' days" of 1979 (45.7 rapes per 100k citizens in '79, 33.7 in 2008) and the robbery rate of 1974 (204.2 robberies/100k citizens as opposed to 150.1/100k in 2008). Hurting the "evidence" of illegals causing all the crime more is that we don't know how many illegals there are. So by all accounts the total population of Arizona should go UP meaning the calculated crime rate is lower than the conservative estimate of how many people are living in Arizona.

Unless you plan on spending a TON of money hiring new officers (at which point a mass hiring like that is going to beg the evil cartels to get their own candidates into the system leading to a ton of crooked cops), expect that crime rate to go up. But hey, as long as we get rid of all the illegals it doesn’t matter if more crimes are committed as long as they’re by legal Americans right?

Anonymous said...

The immigration laws are clear and I feel confident that the passage of SB1070 will not subject anyone to any additional scrutiny than what should have been applied with the existing laws. It's incredible that anyone would boycot a state for upholding laws that already exist, based on an unsubstantiated fear without basis.

It's time for the US to start upholding the existing laws and scrutinize the borders much better than they have in the past. If someone wants to come to this country, they need to do it the right way.

egarwood said...

Being a U.S. citizen is no guarantee that 'you won't have anything to worry about'. According to parts of SB1070, if you are not carrying proper documentation, you cannot be 'arrested', but you can be 'detained'. Amnesty International issued a report called 'Jailed without Justice' which documents how the immigration detention system does NOT have due process (among many other problems). Legal residents and even one U.S. citizen (there may be more) have been deported with no recourse. The system sucks once you're in it. I strongly suggest everyone read it at:


Also, to deny that enforcement officers have not abused their authority or have never based judgments on looks (which includes skin color) is horribly ignorant. Please read a history book or open a newspaper.

(And no, I'm not saying all enforcement officers abuse their powers, I'm saying that ill written laws like SB1070 make abuse much too easy and almost encourages abuse.)

Also, many of those commenting apparently don't know that being in the U.S. without proper documentation is a 'civil' offense, not a criminal offense so Franco writing 'making illegal immigration a crime' is actually correct.

There's no time to address all the points and most were simply name-calling or insults by people too cowardly to even use their real names instead of 'Anonymous', so I'll just leave it there.

I can see from a lot of these comments that many are using the fact that some immigrants violate the law to simply hide their xenophobia. Those REALLY concerned should read 'Jailed without Justice', learn WHY many are both choosing and/or being forced to come to U.S. to have a decent life, and work with their legislators to draft decent immigration reform instead of supporting an ill-conceived and ill written law that does this country a disservice.

Anonymous said...

I'm boycotting Franco Ordoñez for being part of the problem instead of part of the solution.

Cedar Posts said...

I'm going to boycott Arizona as well, and New Mexico and Old Mexico as well. I'm going to boycott North Korea and Vietnam, also Iraq and Iceland.

I'm going to take a stand enough is enough!

Living in Charlotte and Boycotting Arizona is like giving up fried liver for lent.

Anonymous said...

All I have to say is it is these folks loss to not visit and see the beautiful country out there. Myself I am considering moving back to Az. seeing as my home state here is becoming more and more liberal by the day.....

Anonymous said...

To all my fellow Americans… I sincerely hope you think twice before getting high on illegal drugs. Please take a good look at the extreme measures your suppliers take to claim sole ownership of your supply chain http://www.blogdelnarco.info/fotos-de-zetas-descuartizados/

America, stop buying illegal drugs… is that difficult to do?

Anonymous said...

How dare Arizona attempt to protect their citizens from drug cartels and people attempting to come to this country ILLEGALLY! Why the nerve of some states to actually serve their citizens is appalling. Why can't we just back to good old government that ignores the problem.

Anonymous said...

Edith, I understand that it's not the fault of the USA that you are a moron and it is short sighted to assume you actually have common sense. You have never lived in Arizona and do not understand the unrest that resides in the residents that live close to the border because of the illegals coming in. I lost my job because of the illegals coming across the border and working for significantly less wages. Sure there are two wrongs in this situation 1 the business I worked with and 2 the illegal. I'm glad this law is scaring them into leaving and I hope more states establish such laws.

Anonymous said...

I believe that all Americans should boycott Mexico. Illegal immigration is a slap in all the faces of our ancestors that came through the 'front door' of Ellis Island. I also believe that you are one of those people that didn't stand in line the day that common sense was being handed out because you didn't think you needed it. Hate to tell you but that was a HUGE mistake on your part. And, if you don't wake up this will no longer be the USA, the greatest country in the world, it will be North Mexico and the Divided States of America.

Adrian DeVore said...

After reading these ignorant, racist, and silly commentaries on Ms. Garwood's personal decision to boycott Arizona probably didn't read this posting before hiding behind their anonymous labels. A failed opportunity to openly embrace an increasingly diverse society of immigrants both illegal and legal who are making America a great country to be proud of.

wiley said...

egarwood said...
Being a U.S. citizen is no guarantee that 'you won't have anything to worry about'. According to parts of SB1070, if you are not carrying proper documentation, you cannot be 'arrested', but you can be 'detained'.

Egar, illegal means illegal, whether it's a misdemeanor or not. Furthemore, since many deported ILLEGALS return, here is what US law requires if caught:

Upon conviction, the crimes carry the following penalties:
Transporting illegal aliens: A maximum penalty of 10 years in federal prison without parole and a fine up to $250,000.
Unlawful re-entry after deportation: A maximum penalty of 2 years and a fine up to $250,000.
Aggravated identity theft: A mandatory 2 years to run consecutively to other sentences and a fine up to $250,000 on each count.
Making a false statement to the U.S. government: A maximum penalty of 5 years in federal prison without parole and a fine up to $250,000.
Producing a false identification: A maximum penalty of 15 years without parole and a fine up to $250,000 on each count.

The Supreme Court of the United States ruled 9 to 0 in muehler v. Mena that police had the authority to ask the residence status of a person in custody on another charge.

Secure the border, reform immigration laws and begin the deportation process of illegals here in this country and/or based on the reforms, other illegals could apply to become citizens under certain circumstances.

Anonymous said...

Is this the same Edith Garwood: Edith Garwood, Amnesty International USA Israel and Occupied Territories Specialist;


Sounds like you have been played Franco.

Anonymous said...

Egarwood. Well, if Amnesty International writes it then it must be gospel right? Give me a freakin break, I love how everyone in favor of this is racist. The bottom line is illegal immigrants are a huge problem, Hispanic illegals to be exact so if a few legals has to, God forbid, show their "papers" then so be it! Its a price to pay for living in the best country on the planet. Guys like you love citing YOUR sources for the facts like Amnesty International, of course they are writing completely unbiased articles. Oh, and by the way, you are certainly the minority in your opinion and you'll be the minority come November, better enjoy your time while you can.

Anonymous said...

Native American tribes own the Grand Canyon. The only people Edith is hurting are native American tribes who are of the same racial/ethnic minority as the people she believes Arisona wishes to discriminate against.

Anonymous said...

Why doesn't Edith boycott America since Arizona is only mimicking federal law by making it state law as well.
These people claiming that SB1070 is racistor that state law enfoement isn't equipped to handle immigration. 1) now they are equipped and 2)If the federal govt actually enforced immigration laws, what could they be equipped to do that the state or local law enforcement can't do. They are dealing with the exact same individuals, w/ the exact same demographics, using the exact same ICE database. So Arizona is racist and the Fed Gov isn't. How is that!
Does Edith boycott roads b/c people with dark skin are stopped more often? I didn't think so. Just b/c a law CAN be abused doesn't mean it WILL be or that it can't be regulated. We would have to neutralize every law in America based on them being subject to profiling. Ridiculous! The law is the law and it is fair. we should have laws and ensure they are carried out fairly, rather than have no laws b/c their is any potential for abuse.

Anonymous said...

Re: "race could NOT be used as a factor in either questioning a subject nor arresting them."

But it is being used, even with the injunction of SB 1070 in effect. Joe Arpaio is rounding up brown people, citizen or not. Sorry, but your spin won't work. People are choosing to vacation elsewhere.

Anonymous said...

Re: "Tourism to AZ has dramatically increased since the law."

No it hasn't. Arizona tourism is hurting so badly the tourism industry wants the state to delay the start of the school year so they can try to fill up the hotels.

So many people here are attempting to justify this law by saying that it mirrors federal law, which is simply not true. Brewer is trying to create her own immigration law so that she can win in November. She can't fix the economy so she needs an economic scapegoat.

Anonymous said...

Re: "Arizona passed a law that made illegal immigration a crime"
If a person commits an illegal act they have by definition committed a crime.

Crossing the border without papers is not a crime. It's a civil infraction, similar to a jay walking ticket. The penalty is deportation, not jail. The Arizona law would make it a crime. That's only one way in which the Arizona law departs from federal law.

Anonymous said...

After reading the article and comments, I'm ready to plan a trip to Arizona, spend money, enjoy beautiful scenery, and thank the politicians for doing something right for a change.

Anonymous said...

Franco needs to do an article on his elite white real Latino European "privleged" heroic ancestors like Columbus Ponce De Leon Coronado Megellan (Americus for whom the Americas were named)Vespucii Cortez Desoto Balboa and all the rest crossed the Atlantic to spread the Word to this once pagan barbaric cannibalistic beastalitist human sacrificial savage western hemisphere filled with millions of Asian migrant mongoloid race reds who had crossed over the Bering Strait land bridge 1000s of yrs ago forming the aztec, mayan, incan heathen empires before being conquered 500 yrs ago by only a few hundred Euro Conquistador caucasoid Xians in shirt order who taught them white man religion culture language etc.

Just think of the ramifications had the brave white Latinos and Anglicans not sailed into the pagan western hemishpere and conquered it for Xianity doing the will of the divine as they were instructed in their Book cleansing a vast hemisphere of evil.

Had these heroic Europeans not coem west then the unneeded mistake of slavery would never have existed and every single African would be in Africa today living in squalor with no govt help. No evil white man world to deal with such as all the advanced technologies, nice cars, homes, NBA NFL etc. The west would be teaming with a billion or more pagan mongoloid savages just like Africa. Wastelands of paganism death disease and unimaginable squalor.

So why are all western reds and blacks not on their unworthy hands and knees eternally thanking the gracious European caucasoid race savior white Latinos/Anglicans for saving them from themselves and the wretched savageness of their former pathetic evil existence?
Humble yourselves you highly fortunate ones and stop biting the hand that feeds you. You are kidding noone but yourselves.

Anonymous said...

Mr Ordonez -- As a writer could you please explain to me why you do not understand the meaning of the word ILLEGAL? And while you are at it why do you have this obsessive agenda to support illegal activities with your column?

Anonymous said...

we all know the CO needed a mexican journalist i just wished we could have gotten a good one

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

I shall plan a trip there in her place to FULLY SUPPORT Arizona and bring all my friends! Perhaps other states will follow suit. Illegal is 'illegal' for a reason. Go about it the right way, like so many others have done and we wouldn't have to enact these laws.

Anonymous said...

I live in the southwest and believe me, illegals are draining our resources, our hospitals, our schools are being "dumbed down" because of them. They contribute nothing to society. If you are a legal citizen, you have nothing to worry about in Arizona or anywhere else. Having darker skin does not immediately make you suspect. So, stay in your backwater town and leave us alone. Long Live SB107!!

Anonymous said...

I have read about 40 percent of the comments on this blog post. Poorly written, the comments reflect a general lack of understanding of both US history, and institutional racism.

Very sad indicators of the problems we face in this country.