Monday, February 22, 2010

In Haiti, small things have big impact

The conditions these Charlotte medical professionals work under is tough, but it’s even harder on the injured Haitians who often must sleep on the floor and have their open wounds treated in rooms infested with flies.

Vickie Blackburn, a Rock Hill nurse practitioner (featured in Sunday's story on the Charlotte team taking over treatment of evacuees) is in charge of the operating room at Sacre Coeur Hospital. She found a way to make one patient a little more comfortable.

When Blackburn found out an injured mother, Ena St. Pierre, was sleeping on a military metal cot without a mattress, she grabbed her sleeping bag. 

Ena has a crushed spine, infected left foot, and pins holding together her broken forearm.

Blackburn thought Ena could use the sleeping bag as padding. 

Charlotte OB/GYN Dr. Sherma Mortonwho delivered the sleeping bag to Ena, said she was so glad to have it.”

“May God bless you,” Ena told Vickie. 

Blackburn said seeing Ena smile made her day. They took a picture sitting on the pink sleeping bag.

It was humbling, Blackburn said, to see how much Ena appreciated the small gesture. 

“These people have so little and are happy with what they have. They say thank you for everything you do. It is a very humbling experience.”

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