Monday, February 15, 2010

Stories from my first trip to Haiti

I'm about to jump on a plane to the Dominican Republic. From there, I will catch a bus to Haiti. 

In case you missed some of the stories from my first trip to Haiti after the earthquake, here are links to the full series. My favorites: Days 4, 5, and 6.

Day 1: Matthews doctor follows heart to help Haiti. Local doctor moved to travel to Haiti to see how he can help devastated country he's worked in three times before

Day 2: Matthews doctor gently cares for Haiti's desperate. Within 10 minutes of parking at a makeshift clinic outside a Haiti hotel, Will Conner prepares syringes to treat a 2 -year-old boy he worries might have typhoid fever. 

Day 3: Doctor sees suffering, but also luck, hope in Haiti. Hundreds of injured patients were waiting for Dr. Will Conner of Matthews early Monday, their cuts and broken bones telling stories of heartache, courage and luck in the wake of Haiti's devastating earthquake six days before. 

Day 4: 'I want to help. And I can help.' Donald Chaudry's transformation into a physician's aid  represents the efforts of Haitians across the country who, despite their own trauma and losses, have found ways to help their communities and country any way they can. 

Day 5: My 5.9 wake-up call: Hallway shaking, pool water rippling. The only reason I was sleeping under the building was that it had rained the night before. Many reporters (and residents) sleep outside in Haiti these days because of concerns about aftershocks following last week's 7.0 earthquake that had ruined much of the capital – and had wrecked half of our hotel. 

Day 6: Images of patients in Haiti follow 'Dr. William' home. The Matthews doctor was  drawn to Haiti by the massive earthquake that devastated the country where he had worked three times before. He leaves with a heavy heart, but determination to continue helping his new friends. 


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