Thursday, April 7, 2011

NC illegal immigrants released from Atlanta jail

Two illegal immigrants from North Carolina have been released from jail after being arrested Tuesday for their participation in an Atlanta sit-in to protest laws and proposed laws that bar illegal immigrants from attending public colleges.

Viridiana Martinez of Sanford said shortly after being taken to jail with the six other undocumented students who were arrested, immigration officers arrived and asked them to sign forms. All of the participants refused. She does not know why ICE did not take further action.

“We definitely felt privileged—not everyone who is undocumented is treated the way we were,” she said. “we are not sure why we were not detained.”

Martinez and Jose Rico, a student at Wake Tech, are part of the NC Dream Team, a state-wide group that advocates for immigrant rights. They were among seven undocumented students arrested in an act of civil obedience intended to raise awareness of new legislation in Georgia (and proposed in North Carolina) that bans illegal immigrants from attending public colleges.

For earlier coverage on the sit in, visit here and here.


WashuOtaku said...

Maybe ICE is following them back home where they can then deport them and their family back to where they came from.

Well... one could hope.

Ghoul said...

They have direct orders from Napolitano and Obama to curtail deportation. Need as many voters for 2012 they can get.

Hey Franco, how about a follow up story on ICE refusing to process the illegal alien child rapist from last year.

Ten Rows of Teeth said...

How about some follow up on why the illegal aliens who were arrested for breaking the law weren't detained by ICE or deported.
I think these people are morons and so are their illegal alien parents for ENCOURAGING THEM to break the law which they obviously did.
The whole protest makes no sense. They claim it is like the civil rights marchers of the 60's. Oh please. Not only is it not the equivalent of the civil rights movement, it is not a civil right to get a public college education if you aren't a citizen or a legal resident. But on top of that they sat in the road and broke a law that has no justification and nothing to do with the cause or law they want to repeal.
Rosa Parks broke the law she wanted changed because it made no sense. Black students sat at lunch counters because they wanted the law to be changed. Black students enrolled in colleges that didn't allow black students etc.
What does sitting in traffic and blocking traffic have to do with "immigrant rights", "civil rights", or college. Nothing. They are just continuing to ignore laws like their parents have taught them. They don't believe the rules should apply to them.

Nicole said...

These students are trying to make their dreams come true. Why should they be ridiculed by everyone? You have the right to your opinion and have a voice but they have the same rights has you because they are human beings. Think about that before you run your mouths and bad mouth them. I have had the pleasure to meet Jose Rico and Viridiana Martinez. They want to live the same life we all live and have the same opportunities as you and I.

Jim said...

Released? Why?

jail said...

There's a lot of strange things going on with ICE. The problem with illegal immigrants is so HUGE, they seem to be only hanging on to the ones they deem a threat to society. What is odd is the number that are in the Federal BOP doing 30 months, 72 months and more for the crime of 'illegal entry'...meanwhile there are millions who are here illegally and live and work in total freedom.