Friday, June 10, 2011

Could N.C. be the toughest immigration state?

Five immigration enforcement bills gaining momentum in the N.C. General Assembly could, if passed, make the state one of the toughest places for illegal immigrants to reside.

One bill prevents foreign-born residents from using their home country’s IDs as legal identification. And another requires all businesses to check the legal status of new employees using a federal system called E-Verify.

The proposed measures would bring North Carolina in line with Arizona and Alabama, considered the states with the strongest immigration laws. 

Each of the N.C. bills have passed at least one house. If approved, they’d be sent to the governor’s desk for her signature.

Check the status of each bill:

House Bill 33 – Consular Documents Not Acceptable as ID
H36 – Employers/Gov. Contractors Must Use E-Verify
HB744 Safe Students Act

Senate Bill 205 – No Benefits For Illegal Aliens
S303 – Real ID Compliance/ Limited Duration Licenses

The apparent progress of the N.C. bills reflects similar efforts sweeping across the nation as some states seek to take more active roles in enforcing immigration restrictions. But immigration advocates, as well as President Obama, say the issue should be handled at the federal level. 

On Thursday, Alabama legislators appeared to take the title of toughest immigration enforcers from Arizona when the governor signed a new law, that among other things, makes it a crime to give an illegal immigrant a ride.

Most of the new immigration laws, whether those proposed in Alabama, North Carolina, or Georgia, are modeled after laws passed in Arizona last year.

More states could follow suit depending on the outcome of a Supreme Court decision on the most controversial aspects of the Arizona bill. The country’s highest court is expected to look closer at the Arizona law after a federal judge ruled some parts unconstitutional, including requiring police to check the immigration status of people detained if there is reason to believe he or she is in the country illegally.

Last month, the Supreme Court voted 5-3 to back another Arizona law that requires companies to check employee status that is similar to the E-Verify bill proposed in North Carolina.

File photo: Demonstrators supporting and opposing Arizona's Immigration policy (Annie Tritt/The New York Times)


Karl said...

Five immigration enforcement bills gaining momentum in the N.C. General Assembly could, if passed, make the state one of the toughest places for illegal immigrants to reside.

Good. All illegal aliens are cordially invited to GET OUT. You are criminals and you are NOT welcome here.

Rboggs81 said...

Amen Karl, Amen!

ThaQueenCity said...

Franco, please quit trying to spin tales and fairy tales. Now you KNOW we are a Safe haven for any and everyone! Some of us (legal citizens) are sick of being used and dumped on by your so called peeps.....the toughest state is Alabama and I can only pray we get there soon!

I have no problem with anyone coming here the right way and doing what is RIGHT by America and ALL Americans> However, me and millions of other Americans are sick and tired of supporting people who do NOT support our country and expect something for nothing! Just another entitled group with ZERO claims!

Ghoul said...

Love the intentional lie in the headline. True immigrants are welcomed, illegal immigrants are law breakers and are not welcome.

Larry said...

That is why we need to get rid of any kind of Id. If you do not ask of it of one person why should any one else be asked.

Join the Millions of Law abiding Citizens who feel we should be able to start afresh every few years. or

It is getting to the point you almost have to give a blood sample to get on a plane or cash a check and why is that now? Especially when we have stories like this showing how horrible bills are popping up left and right.

Daren said...

Should read Illegal-Immigrant...My wife is an immigrant and her stay here has nothing to do with these bills! By clumping her with those that did not follow the law and pay the extremely high fees to get here is WRONG!!! She came here respecting the sovereignty of our land to make laws and her abide by those rules. When she becomes a citizen, then she can vote and have a say on our rules. Until then she is happy to abide by the laws and she always has the right to return to her home country.

ncdave77 said...

Precisely what Ghoul and Daren said. This state welcome legal immigrants, and we're very much a melting pot. It's those who couldn't take the legal route that have no business here... they've decided to be criminals and should be treated as such. Congrats to NC for following Alabama's lead.

J said...

If it is, you can forget about the economy in this state ever rebounding again.

Why don't white people see the inherent connection between immigration restrictions and economic prosperity. It's not a coincidence that the times when the United States has had an open border are the same times when the US enjoys from its largest economic growths!

The inverse is also true. When the US decides that it's going to limit immigration, the economy generally goes into a landslide.

For those Tea Party "libertarians" and Ayn Rand disciples, what don't you understand about labor needing to move freely in order to have an efficient market? GOVERNMENT RESTRICTIONS ON LABOR (in the form of immigration laws) INHERENTLY INTERFERE WITH THE FREE MARKETS!! If you're really a Tea Partier, then you should be for the abolishment of all immigration laws.

J said...

Also, those that say that illegal immigrants are criminals are WRONG!!!

Being in the country illegally is a CIVIL VIOLATION under federal law, NOT a Criminal violation!! It's the same as a speeding ticket or a broken taillight in state law. It is NOT a misdemeanor or a felony.

So those of you that consider all illegal immigrants as criminals need to study up on your United States Code and learn a little about the differences between civil, misdemeanor, and felony violations. Only the latter two qualify for the criminal label.

ThaQueenCity said...

To J: So I take it you are somehow profiting from the illegals who come here and cause havoc and chaos to our country and our economy...well, I hope your profits begin to sink just as your views are sinking our country!

J said...

ThaQueenCity - Charlotte as a whole has profited from immigration. Look around at all the new construction in the last decade. Look at the new, beautiful homes, the well maintained lawns and golf courses, the abundance of hotels, many of the great restaurants that didn't exist a couple of years ago.

Guess what, all most people see is the hour and minute hand of the clock as they go around. In large part, immigrants are the gears that most people don't see that make sure the clock is actually working and running correctly.

Also, I personally do have a stake in this fight. As a minority, one of the first things I heard when I moved to Charlotte was "Go back to your country you f'in Mexican" when a woman and I started to go into the same parking space, and this was after I let her in even though I was the one that had been waiting there longer. Now, #1, I was born in the United States and have lived here my entire life, #2, I'm not Mexican nor have any Mexican ancestry. But when that's the greeting I receive after becoming a new resident, it says a lot about what Latinos, whether legal or illegal, have to put up with when trying to improve their lives in this city.

So yes, I support the Latino community, whether legal or illegal. I recognize that the benefits they bring far outweigh the negatives (which of course exist) and will stand up next to them and fight the bigots and racists that seem to be gaining power.

Wade said...

To J:

Please look at history. When people came to US on Ellis Island, they came in legally and became taxpayers. Many illegal immigrants pay no taxes therefore are a drain. No matter how you justify it, no matter how you spin it, ILLEGAL immigration is a drain on the economy whereas LEGAL immigration is a benefit. Period. No exception. If you want to see the problems illegal immigration causes, take a long trip to California, home of high taxes and huge budget deficits. California is proof that your argument is flawed.

I support amnesty for taxpaying illegal immigrants who speak English or are trying to learn English, but a swift exit for all non-taxpaying illegal immigrants and for all illegal immigrants who aren't trying to learn English.

To immigrants here legally, welcome.

"Also, those that say that illegal immigrants are criminals are WRONG!!!"

Since when can we pick and choose which laws to obey? I would love to break the felony against murder. Since you say illegal immigrants are not criminals, and since illegally entering this country is a felony, then my felony of murder is also not a crime. That is by your logic. Your argument is advocating lawlessness. Please move to California if you believe that. It is a beautiful state with beautiful weather. I would move there, except I couldn't stand paying high taxes for little benefit. But when you get there, you better learn Spanish and learn to give up most of your paycheck to people who won't contribute to the taxbase in the state.

J said...

Hi Wade,

My response was too long for this comment.

J's reponse to Wade

turn off your television and read said...

~ the ancient maya, aztec and inca were in the americas thousands of years before the whites came are murdered the indigenous peoples of the americas and thieved their lands. the indigenous should have declared the whites "illegal" but gunpower probably would still have won. whites are the interlopers in the americas, not the rightful descendants of the native populations.