Thursday, June 30, 2011

Students plan rally at Obama's Charlotte campaign headquarters

A Charlotte youth group affiliated with the Latin American Coalition is calling on President Obama to sign an executive order that would halt deportation of many college–aged illegal immigrants.

The United 4 The Dream youth group will be rallying Friday at 5 p.m. in front of Obama’s re-election headquarters on Elizabeth Avenue.

The Obama administration has said that congress should pass the Dream Act, which would allow some young illegal immigrants a chance at citizenship if they attend college or the join the military.

Advocates now want the president to use his authority to stop the deportations of certain groups, including students who would be eligible for the Dream Act.

For more information on the rally, call 704-941-2542 or visit


Jim said...

Pssst, Franco. . . .the president of the USA has no "congressional authority". You must be thinking of Mexico or Honduras or . . .

riverswillflow said...

Pssst, Jim...executive orders don't require "Congressional authority." Ceasing the deportation of those illegal immigrants that might come under the terms of the DREAM Act is an executive matter, and therefore, falls under the power of the Presidency, not Congress.