Wednesday, May 26, 2010

NBC puts spotlight on immigration and Charlotte

A Charlotte immigrant's story of facing deportation after standing up to a police officer accused of sexual assault kicks off a day of immigration coverage for the news network.

NBC News, CNBC, MSNBC, and Telemundo will focus much of their news coverage today on one of the most complicated and emotional issues of the day.

Abel Moreno, 29, was fraudulently arrested in December when he says he tried to stop a Charlotte-Mecklenburg police officer from fondling his girlfriend during a bogus traffic stop.

Officer Marcus Jackson has since been fired and charged with sexually assaulting six women - including Moreno's girlfriend - while on patrol.
Moreno, who was taken to the Mecklenburg County Jail and identified as an illegal immigrant, is seeking a visa granted to crime victims and immigrants who are helping authorities in the prosecution of a criminal case.

Read more of the Observer's extensive coverage on Moreno's case here, here, here, and here.

A day after President Barack Obama issues plan to send 1,200 National Guard troops to the border, NBC launched their "A Nation Divided"
coverage with a new poll that shows white and Latino Americans divided over immigration, political parties, and how President Barack Obama is handling immigration.

Mirroring the findings of related studies, the NBC/MSNBC/Telemundo poll found 70 percent of whites favor Arizona’s controversial immigration law that requires police to question people they suspect to be in the country illegally. And 58 percent of Latinos say they strongly oppose the law.

Tune in:

The "Today" reported on immigrant families. "Nightly News" will investigate the Arizona law’s impacts and at other states considering similar measures, according to the Associated Press. "Dateline NBC" will preview their upcoming series on migrant children.

MSNBC will be following the U.S. Border Patrol as agents search for people crossing the border illegally. They will also report on immigrant neighborhoods in New York and cities that have been absorbed demographic changing numbers of immigrants. CNBC will discuss the economic impact of immigration.

Telemundo will be broadcasting some of its shows from Arizona.

Photos: Getty Images file; Davie Hinshaw/The Charlotte Observer


Anonymous said...

Have the CMPD formally apologize for the former officer's actions and deport him.

Anonymous said...

Illegal is illegal. There is no other way around it. How can one justify breaking the law and demanding some sort of rights. Wrong is wrong but we as Americans will be wrong as we choose to deport them....I don't see the problem. What would happen if we as Americans went to Mexico, broke the law and started demanding rights? You already know what will happen! Wake up America!

Anonymous said...

Poor little illegal; have the cops apologize to the women thenflicat deport him. Else thousands will look to complain about a cop or whatever for a free "stay in America ticket".

lespaul1967 said...

Maybe cuz they are the only news network with a set. He was illegal b4 the dirty cop did what he did. Otherwise he would still be illegal. Great job NBC..patronize them even more. Someday when our country is broke from handing out all the freebies to the likes of these sponges and all the other sponge know who you are..Obamma supporters...maybe someone will get a clue.

Anonymous said...

As like those who post on MSNBC's comment section, c'est la vie. YOu commit at least two federal crimes already, alambrista, and now we all should feel good that you did "one thing right"? Sorry, you have no legal rights in the US, and expect us to show empathy to you? There aer millions of legit Americans who deserve empathy for other adversities. Come to think of it, if you and your chica weren't here illegally, this would not have happened wither. Hmmm.

Anonymous said...

But if I as an American citizen am falsely hauled off to jail and they find an outstanding warrant for my arrest, do they not keep for for the warrant?

The process is working for this guy to see if he can get to stay in the US. He has been granted 6 months to obtain a visa which would then let him stay for 3 years in the meantime working on legally getting to stay. It looks like he has everything going for him except now he will have to abide by tax laws and employment laws.

Anonymous said...

Only in America can someone break the law and demand rights! We are doomed. Ask yourself this...if the speed limit is 55 mph, how fast would you drive? Probably 65-70. Well, that is the same with immigration laws. Illegals know how to work around our laws, which were set up with great intentions. I'm sure that when the founding fathers wrote, "Born on American are a citizen." I know that didn't have the foresight to see that people would manipulate that to run across the border have a child and make law abiding taxpayers pay for their responsibility. Mexico is not going to do anything, they want as many here as possible to take the liability off their hands! Social conscious is looking around it doesn't take a rocket scientist to see that things are wrong. Also, illegal immigrants marching carrying flags of their native land and requesting amnesty is a slap in the face to every American. Where is nationalism for America! If you want to carry a Mexican flag...go back to Mexico. We love America and there has to be assimilation and American nationalism!

Jumper said...

Difficult to see how the man could be allowed to stay. Some whistleblower award should be awarded, but deportation seems inevitable under current law.

My father uprooted us, his family, several times and packed us all a thousand miles to relocate several times in my young life. We handled it and were not greatly deprived from it. Moving back to Mexico is, granted, worse, but not life-ending.

Perhaps Mexico should be declared a human-rights and economic disaster zone. This would infuriate their rulers. Good. I'd even propose a good-neighbor policy which allows more Canadians and Mexicans to come here than others. But turning a blind eye to the law is a horrible solution as policy.

And yes, even lawbreakers have rights. Just not the right to break the law. But all the other rights, yes indeed. We must stand up for our traditions of rights (along with our responsibilities.)

Anonymous said...

Way to go Franco!! I know your reason behind posting this article. I guess we are suppose to feel sorry for them!! Apologize and deport!!!!!

Anonymous said...

He was granted a 6 month hold on his deportation so he could testify against the dirty cop.

If I were Moreno I'd say - "See you all later - find somebody else to testify against the dirty cop"

Anonymous said...

Headline is incorrect. It should read "NBC puts spotlight on illegal aliens and Charlotte"...

GK said...

"If I were Moreno I'd say - "See you all later - find somebody else to testify against the dirty cop"

..aaaand Moreno wouldn't have his temporary Visa and would be packed up and shipped back home. It would be easy for CMPD to get others to testify, the officer assaulted a number of other women. Moreno is hardly necessary to the case.

Anonymous said...

Wake up America...the mexicans and muslims are taking over the country.

Anonymous said...

I agree, WAKE UP!!!!! Cant you see what is taking place!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

I dont understand the big fuss about the current Arizona policy. Like stated before, "illegal is illegal".
Lets say i was in a car accident caused by another party. But evidence came out that i had been drinking. Should i have been on the road at all?

Van said...

Illegal is illegal, and I don't care if the person is white, black, brown or purple. We have millions of people in this country illegally and instead of enforcing laws, most people want to bend the laws, especially for one group of people. Before you know it, we will be so delusional with "bending laws" that we will do the same while traveling abroad. Then the cold slap of reality will set in when we're behind bars in some country that could care less about human rights and never heard of "I want my lawyer."

Anonymous said...

What I don't understand about these immigrants is their allegiance and pride to the countries they flee from. They wave their flags everywhere, shout stupid things like "Viva Mexico", and demand we cater to their language. I don't recall European immigrants in the 1900s-40s ever doing such a thing. Do we ever see Italian immigrants waving their flags and disregarding to learn English? I think south Americans have such a lack of education that when they come here they think a free nation means everything is FREE. But they don't understand that illegal means illegal which ironically is said and spelled the same way in Spanish.

Anonymous said...

Two wrongs don't make a right - the officer committed a crime and has been punished. The illegal has committed a crime, but expects that because his girlfriend (is she legal or illegal) was a victim of another crime, his crime should therefore be dismissed. Um, no. Both committed crimes, both should pay the consquences appropriate to those crimes. The End.

G. West said...

First of all, I am appalled by the ignorance displayed by many of the individuals on here. And for the record I was born an American citizen and I identify myself as an African-American. The immigration process as a whole is screwed up. And many people do not realize the quotas and the variations in the process depending on what country you are from. And how many of American born citizens could even pass the citizenship test? Study history and see that people only raise a fuss when times are economically bad. It has happened to so many people: The Irish, Italians, Chinese, Japanese, Vietnamese, etc. Let's learn from history and go about this the correct way.

CJU said...

Here is a description of Mexico's "immigration" law..

Who are they to say anything about how we conduct our nations policies? What is their agenda for denouncing AZ law?

This kid's girlfriend needs an apology, but he needs to be deported.

Its high time that illegally entering the USA is met with what it should be... DEPORTATION.

And before any of you liberal bleeding hearted democrat people speak up about difficulties, I IMMIGRATED HERE LEGALLY! THERE IS A SYSTEM IN PLACE. WE PAID TAXES, THEY DONT! Stop trying to get a larger constituency base for voting in duds!

Anonymous said...

He never would have come to the attention of ICE if not for the rogue police officer's actions. Hopefully he will get the visa that will allow him to stay for victims of a crime, and he was a victim of a crime. This topic brings out the ignorant racists. They were not employable or educated before the Mexicans came but due to our almost full employment and their own sense of entitlement, still found jobs. Now that the economy has slowed you can't be entitled to a job, you have to earn it.

Anonymous said...

I got a question for everybody that's for the law in AZ. If the police stop or pulled over and detained every White man or women for looking European until you could prove you are a citizen would you still thank of the law the way you do? Because you have a lot of European thats in the country illegally

heavymetal said...

Anon 3:55? Unless something in NC has changed-- they can now.
You can be stopped by any law enforcement officer and be required to show either your driver's license or other state ID.

Anonymous said...

If the Native Americans had immigration laws, we would not be here, or be here illegally. What goes around comes around.

Anonymous said...

Franco, maybe you should take up a subject of treatment of illegal immigrants in MEXICO. Here is a clue:

Anonymous said... never cease to amaze me. Illegal is Illegal!

Can you sit at your desk and smoke dope? NO, because it is illegal. Then again, you obviously are on something.

Anonymous said...

"Anonymous said...
Have the CMPD formally apologize for the former officer's actions and deport him.
May 26, 2010 12:10 PM"

You can't just "formally apologize" for a major felony and think everything's gonna be all hunky-dory and stuff.

Entree said...

Anon 1:00 pm nailed it..

"Only in America can someone break the law and demand rights! "

This country deserves to fall with lunatics running the show the way they are.

Trying to get a point across as to why an illegal alien should be sent back over the border to a politician looking for a future vote, a former illegal alien who made it through or a crazed liberal is like trying to paint a house in a hurricane. None of makes any sense, no sense at all.

I do not owe an illegal border crossing criminal anything, yet my government makes me pay for them.

We need a real leader in this country. Someone who cares about America and AMERICANS for a change.

Entree said...

Oh for the folks using the native American analogy, those folks spent plenty of time and energy ousting each other from their rightfully claimed locations too.

Nothing new.

They didn't have laws back then either. Today we do.

Look smart, act smart, type smart. Find another stupid argument.

JoshuaMac said...

Anonymous at 1:00: "Only in America can someone break the law and demand rights! We are doomed."

"...that they are endowed by their creator with certain INALIENABLE rights..."

Or do you propose our creator intended these "inalienable rights" only to citizens of their home countries?

Entree said...

"Anonymous JoshuaMac said...

Anonymous at 1:00: "Only in America can someone break the law and demand rights! We are doomed."

"...that they are endowed by their creator with certain INALIENABLE rights..."

Or do you propose our creator intended these "inalienable rights" only to citizens of their home countries?

May 26, 2010 5:46 PM"

I do.

The issue is not immigrants, but illegal immigrants.

If you do not know the difference, your opinion will given to you further more.

Anonymous said...

Well said CJU: Americas new standard for human rights: "Well, we're better than Mexico". WIN!

JoshuaMac said...

"If you do not know the difference, your opinion will given to you further more." Umm...just learn english? Or is this a poor translation from Chinese?

My point is not arguing illegal vs. legal, or really even immigration alone. I believe that the Constitution (and the Declaration of Independence) outlined a new way of viewing the relationship of man and the state. There are certain rights each of us is entitled to as a human being that cannot, under any circumstances, be taken from us. To disagree with that is the most un-American thing I can fathom. It's the core of who we are.

We can and should disagree on how to deal with immigration enforcement, laws, and deportation process, but to suggest depriving the god given rights of a man because he committed the crime of seeking a better life for him and his family without the paperwork, is abhorrent and embarrassing.

Anonymous said...

Franco, you forgot this part. Because of being victimized by this criminal police officer BOTH the man and his girlfriend got U-1 Visas allowing them to live and work LEGALLY in the United States. In 3 years they'll have their Green Cards.

They hit the jackpot.
U-1 Visa is Suitable For:

* Victims of criminal activity such as rape, torture, domestic abuse, sexual assault, prostitution, kidnapping, blackmail, false imprisonment or manslaughter

* U-1 visa holders may adjust to lawful permanent resident status (Green Card) after three years of stay.

* U-1 visa holders may accept employment in the U.S. by obtaining an Employment Authorization Document.

Anonymous said...

NBC..... what a joke of a news outfit. They are in bed with the chosen one. Of course they are going to side with the poor poor illegals....

Entree said...

no one is denying anyone anything.

What they are saying is there is a procedure in place to become a lawful citizen of this country.

Why on earth would you want to provide safe haven to people who have such great disrespect for America they break our laws like breaking wind on a roller coaster??

Follow the rules and laws of the land and you are a okay.

You miss the message like a three year old misses the bowl..completely and without care to the consequence.

Illegals are law breakers.
There is a proper procedure set in place. To ignore it is breaking the law.

Shame on you.

Anonymous said...

The only way that I see to solve this illegal immigration is for the U.S. military to invade and take over Mexico's government and country. That way, we will all be citizens of Mexico. We might as well spend the money to do that rather than supporting half of the Mexican population here.

Anonymous said...

Lets get this straight he is breaking the law being here and now that he reported a crime by a police officer he wants to stay. So I can go out and break a law and while I am at it I will make sure there is a dirty cop so I can get off the first offense sounds good to me! I don't feel sorry for him or any illegals here! Go back to where you came from and come back properly!!!!!!!!!! Oh wait he will be back

Anonymous said...

a society is based on laws when we fail to follows those laws society breaks down. If our government does not wish to enforce the laws why do we pay taxes. My question to the newspaper how do you not investigate the impact the illegals are have on society. For example, in a middle school in Montgomery County a group/gang of boys(some illegal) attacked and hazed other white/black boys and then strip off their clothes. where is your coverage of this crime????????

JediTigger said...

You "illegal is illegal" people: have none of you read what's going on with a huge chunk of Mexico and violence between drug cartels? I agree that people who want to immigrate should follow procedure, but the whole "let them eat cake" thing smacks of exclusiveness that is counter-intuitive to our country's founding.

And those who sneer at people who take handouts should see the line around the Foxcroft Ben & Jerry's on Free Ice Cream Day. Or find the articles on how Plain-Spoken Sarah Palin and her family cleaned out the Oscars swag when they visited LA. Yep, even the wealthy like and take handouts when they can.

Finally...can people please, please, PLEASE figure out that not everyone of a Hispanic background is Mexican? It's like meeting a Korean-American and calling him/her "Chinese."

Anonymous said...

I am tired of my taxpayer money going to support illegals. At my hospital now one patients bill is about $200,000. And guess who pays? You do! Yet the Charlotte Observer never, ever, has cared about this. Or the American jobs they take. Employers who hire them openly don't pay federal taxes on their wages, workman's com on them, or take out social security tax.

And no one, especially the Charlotte Observer cares.

Anonymous said...

NBC=Government propoganda.

JoshuaMac said...

I'm with you guys! There are laws and they must be obeyed or else! Lets get tough on jaywalkers! Crack down on litter! Mandatory minimums for seatbelt violations! A War on Loitering!

Seriously here, as I said, I'm not talking specifically about immigration, but rather the idea that just because a person is not a US citizen their rights can be revoked. This applies to terrorism as well. The founding fathers believed in a fundamental right that all men are born to, regardless of where they are born.

Anonymous said...

apologize hell Jackson did not fondle him..he went to jail and come to find out should have been there all along he is an illegal alien if he hadn't of been here in the first place maybe the incident never would have taken place.
My Great Grandparents came over from Ireland in the early 1900's they had to go through all the steps even then to become citizens. Why people think they should just be allowed or are entitled to certain rights just because they want them I will never understand. Your either born here or become an American legally the right way . While we are on teh subject there is no seperation Your not Latino-American or Afican American - your just American's- if people stop dividing themselves into these little groups maybe all the bs will stop...

Anonymous said...

WHERE is the HEADLINE article today reporting that NC will be the 18th state to follow Arizona's enforcement of immigration LAW?

JoshuaMac said...

Anonymous at 6:18 -
"Why people think they should just be allowed or are entitled to certain rights just because they want them I will never understand"

Perhaps your should read this obscure document called "The Declaration of Independence". It's kind of a big deal here...

"We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness. — That to secure these rights, Governments are instituted among Men."

Notice the absence of "all American born or naturalized citiznes who have gone through a determined process" are endowed by their creator with certain unalienable rights.

There's hardly anything more un-American than rejecting this core philosophy of our nation. Even worse than not wearing a flag pin!

JoshuaMac said...

By the way, Anonymous, I can understand why you've kept your name off of here. I certainly wouldn't want to be associated with defending a police officer who abuses his power to sexually assault the citizens he's supposed to protect. I'm astonished your cloaked racism can take all of you this far. You may want to pause and think about what you're saying.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Anonymous 10:31 AM:
I can't believe you are so ignorant!
There's not such a thing as "Illegal votes."
If you are illegal you can't vote.

It is a shame to see how many people are so racist and ignorant.
It's so easy to scapegoat a group of people that you guys see as inferior. I don't know where you guys get the idea that immigrants are stealing americans jobs or money...or getting the so called "freebies"
THERE ARE NO FREEBIES in this country or any other!
Have you seen how hard immigrants work? that's why they get the jobs...companies hire people that want to work and would work not just some lazy one that wants to get a check because he is an "american."
Don't forget immigrants have always been here doing all the jobs most americans reject or refuse to do...but now because of this economic recession those people want their jobs back...tell me something once the economy picks up and those underemployed americans can get their 'good jobs' back who is going to do the low class jobs.

Also there are a lot of "illegal" immigrants that do pay income taxes, also everytime they buy something in the US (from clothes to cars and houses) they pay don't generalize and say that all of them don't pay taxes and steal the taxpayers money because it's not true.

The Arizona Immigration Law is not going to solve anything...the only thing is going to do is support all the ignorant racists and enforce institutional racism in America!