Friday, July 2, 2010

Charlotte is still alive in the World Cup.

The USA soccer team may have been knocked out, but Charlotte is still very much in the tournament.

Grab your favorite red, gold, and green outfit. Our next big game is against Uruguay at 2:30 p.m. -- well kind of.

My colleague Rogelio Aranda pointed out to me yesterday that Charlotte has a sister city in Ghana and Germany – two World Cup quarter finalist.

Kumasi, Ghana is one of our most recent Sister Cities. The relationship became official in 1995. Pronounced Koo-MA-si, it is Ghana’s second largest city. It is part of region known for its ancient African royalty, according to the Charlotte International Cabinet, which oversees the sister city relationships.

Krefeld, Germany has been a Sister City since 1985, according to international cabinet. It’s an industrial town on the west bank of the Rhine River near Holland. Krefeld is known as "silk and velvet" capital of Europe.

Charlotte's sister cities relationships are part of the international cabinet’s efforts to continue to encourage citizen diplomacy through educational, cultural and civic exchanges.

It may not sound as good as cheering USA! USA!, but it's fun to know that Charlotte is still very much vested in this great international tournament.

(Photo by Kevork Djansezian/Getty Images)


Anonymous said...

WWE Raw was just here a couple of weeks ago. That's more realistic than Word Cup soccer. A bunch of pansy actors.

Walter Bahr said...

More pansy than an anonymous cheap shot comment. Any time you want to step on the field...

citycat said...

Walter, are you related to the Bahrs who have played in the World Cup and the Super Bowl?

If so, Walter has an impressive pedigree.

Anonymous said...

I think Walter meant to say the "pitch"

Anonymous said...

It's not a cheap shot - it's the truth. If you think the NFL is corrupt, just watch World Cup soccer (and yes that is the proper English term). I'll take the pitch, and I can act just as well as the rest of the players.

UniversZero said...

The Charlotte boosters never cease to amaze. Gotta make sure CLT is important and in touch with the world and everything. No one at the world cup gives a damn about insignificant Charlotte, Where.

Clutching at straws, dude.