Sunday, July 18, 2010

Colombians celebrate independence at Plaza Fiesta

The local Colombian community will celebrate its independence from Spain today at Plaza Fiesta Carolinas in Fort Mills, S.C.

The celebration includes traditional Colombian art, music and food.

"Orqueta Mayor" will perform. The five-hour festival begins at noon and is free to the public.


Anonymous said...

Hey wait a sec. Is this some kind of joke?

Columbians of Columbia aka Columbusians of Columbusia named for the great Christian white man religion European white Latino of Italian origin who in 1492 was working for his next door neighbor King and Queen Ferdi and Isi of Spain when he sailed 2900 miles west across the Atlantic to discover the western hemisphere and later other parts of the west ultimately lending his name to many places and nations?

So you as ex-Asian red mongoloids aka Myans Aztecs Icans aka Taino or Arawak indians celebrate being liberated from the great white western European Latino Hispanics after three hundred yrs while illegally being in another nation?

What kind of weird double irony is that?

Did they celebrate the 4th of July too?

Anonymous said...

Yes, WE did!!!
We live in United States, don't we?