Wednesday, October 6, 2010

ICE says they'll evaluate, but adds immigration is a federal responsibility

Immigration officials say they're prioritizing their work by first focusing on dangerous criminal aliens who present the greatest risk to our communities.

U.S. Immigration officials were responding to Mecklenburg County Commissioner Bill Jamesoriginal proposal to have Mecklenburg County DSS alert immigration authorities when they’ve identified an illegal immigrant who has applied for public benefits for their U.S. born child. Doing so would violate a memorandum of understanding with Department of Homeland Security.

"ICE welcomes partnering with state and local law enforcement and will evaluate this proposed ordinance, but generally believes that enactment of immigration laws is a federal responsibility,” said Ivan Ortiz, a spokesman for ICE.

Last night, after a contentious debate, Mecklenburg County commissioners blocked a scaled-down version of the proposal to seek federal advice on how the county might report undocumented families of U.S.-born children who receive welfare benefits.
James faced dozens of passionate protesters who charged him with playing dirty politics. James said it was a matter of national security.

"We don't know if they're Osama wannabes," he said.


Mezz said...

A politician wants to

"report undocumented families of U.S.-born children who receive welfare benefits."

and he gets vilified.

What is so special about illegal aliens that is so many people applaud them for breaking our laws and taking our tax money?

someone splain Lucy?

LaWana said...

The issue is not the parents and the services are for the American Citizen children that will grow up here, attend some type of higher education, work, pay taxes and possibly serve this Country in the armed forces. The issue is that Charlotte specifically was built over the last 10 years (thanks to the boom) on the backs of immigrants and some of them now have children and just like most Americans are hurting financially so you think the children should suffer?

Also those that are undocumented are paying taxes and even if they were legalized citizens they would be paying taxes with no access to social security or other benefits U.S. Citizens have for 5 years or more.

The other problem is that James is focusing his energy on 1 type of the undocumented, when he himself brags of being a descendant of a Mayflower passenger who were the first ILLEGALS in this Country. (since I know you know your history and know that Native Americans had this land first)

CrystalsBass said...

What part of "illegal" is not clear? That's exactly why liberals have changed the term to "undocumented". It's word-play to hide the complete truth: they are criminals the minute they come into the US without obeying the law, and it is their own fault if their children have to live with the consequences. All children have to live with the consequences of their parents' choices.

Larry said...

Is this statement from ICE the same as saying you are going to round up a Blue Ribbon Committee?

Sound and fury, signifying nothing!

curious said...

Anyone find it ironic that ICE has Ortiz-Delgado, spokesman for immigration, the lil o has Ordonez. Sort of like the rooster guarding the hen-house...

Ghoul said...


Maybe you could do a story on how DSS verifies the income of illegal aliens to see if they qualify for this program.

ThaQueenCity said...

So since it is the Feds responsibility when can we expect them to DO something?

Seaofdenial said...

The concept of illegal is the fact of breaking laws that are in effect. At the time of many of our fore fathers there were no laws of immigration to control the influx of people coming over. As for the Indians let us remember they also crossed over a land bridge to get here.
The American born children of illegals are obtaining benefits from the US government while the parents or one of the parents are here illegally and also benefiting from this government handout. Most of these undocumented people are working under the table for cash, or using falsified documents to obtain employment (also a crime) which causes trouble for the person whose identification they are using sometime in the future. Honestly the information should be made available to the proper authorities and action taken. But we all know that will not happen.