Friday, December 3, 2010

What will Charlotte look like in 2020?

A group of Hispanic entrepreneurs are seeking to find out.

The National Hispanic Entrepreneurs’ Organization has invited Mayor Anthony Foxx, AT&T NC president Cynthia Marshall, and Bob Morgan, president of the Charlotte Chamber, among others, to meet at Discovery Place Tuesday evening to discuss Charlotte’s future over the next decade.

Some 200 people are expected to attend the 6:30 p.m. event. The panelist will discuss increasing and retaining jobs, education, energy sources, and building a stronger community.

Juan Pablo Giometti, president of the NHEO, said that he hopes to capture the spirit around the schools documentary "Waiting for Superman" and encourage people to take a greater role in improving their community.

"The core of the program is about the demographics change, and how minorities should get prepared to succeed in the knowledge economy," he said.

Confirmed speakers include:

Anthony Foxx, Mayor, City of Charlotte (Sustainable Charlotte. Smart Grid)

Cynthia Marshall, President, AT&T NC (JET Agenda: Jobs, Education, Technology)

Bob Morgan, President, Charlotte Chamber (Charlanta, Powerhouse Mega-Region)

Miguel Galarza, President and CEO, Yerba Buena Construction Engineering (Giving Back)

Juan Pablo Giometti, President and CEO, NHEO (Accelerating Social Impact)

Richard Purcell, Community Development, NHEO (Building a Global Community)

Julius Hollis. Chairman and CEO, Alliance for Digital Equality (Bridging the Digital Divide)

Robert Corbin, PhD, VP of Learning Experiences, Discovery Place (STEM Education)

Franco Londono, NHEO Entrepreneur, Singer and Songwriter (Living with Purpose)

Juliana Luna, NHEO Entrepreneur, Luna's Living Kitchen (Future Food)

For more information, visit or call (704) 909-7945.

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