Friday, February 11, 2011

Charlotte professor heads to Cairo

An Egyptian-born Queens professor is headed to Egypt today. Mohammed el-Nawawy is expected to land in Cairo tonight.

El-Nawawy, a professor of communication, is working on a new book about political blogging in Egypt. He plans to travel to the center of the protests Tahrir Square to talk to some of the bloggers who helped started this protest.

“I’m going to speak to some of the bloggers that I talked to before and get some feedback on how social media has affected their work on the ground,” he said.

“It’s history in the making,” he said. “To capture a slice of it will be interesting.”

El Nawawy plans to return to Charlotte on Tuesday, Feb. 15. On Wednesday, he plans to meet with the community at Myers Park Baptist Church to discuss the trip and also sign copies of another book, "Islam Dot Com: Contemporary Islamic Discourse in Cyberspace," which el-Nawawy co-authored with Sahar Khamis.

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