Monday, July 27, 2009

Think Tank launches immigration series…

As the immigration debate heats up, a Washington, D.C.-think tank breaks down the issues.

Few question the need for an overhaul of our nation’s immigration policies. The debate is how to do it and what compromises each side willing to make. The Brookings Institution put its experts on the case. They look at several key aspects, including policy, changing demographics, fair and effective laws, and economic, political and social obstacles.

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Anonymous said...

Hi I would love to contribute but Francisco theres no question when letters, or opinions are reasonable, level headed, and yet cut to the HEART of immigration issues, such as valid concerns about the costs the observer frankly will nor print them so with due respect I question whether its worth spending the time contributing..

think about it
Our govervnor discuesses raising taxes to pay for teaches, teachers are laid off, and the elimination of middle school sports is run up a flagpole because of budget shortfalls, and like the state of califiornias woes, no mere mention of the sole CAUSAL reason...the fact that 1 in 5 (19%) of charlotte and north carolinas students are here illegally and rapidly accelerating.. Moreover more than 4/5th of illegal immigrants students are on assisted or free lunches.. in one school in SE Charlotte alone which has proportionaly higher illegal alier population 425 students get their lumnch paid for by the taxpayer ONE SCHOOL ONE DAY ONE CITY one state.. not worthy of a slight mention?? When doing byline about school budget issues isnt that worthy of mention? theres no reason for the balance of central america not to come here.. central america has off loaded their tired, their poor, their uneducated (76% dont have high school educations according the the univ of texas 2006) and possibly their criminal who get a new lease on life.. Castro empited his prisons in 1980 is it too far fertched to consider.. we cannot unrring a bell,. watch HBO's john adams or Saving private ryan.. what those died for we gave away in one fell swoop.

Vicente Duque said...

Republicans will need many surgeons to perform Lobotomies :

Tim Kaine, Governor of Virginia and Chairman of the Democratic National Committee DNC - He spoke before the annual meeting of National Council of La Raza, the country's top Latino civil rights group.

Tim Kaine says that Virginia is beginning to show beautiful results in Integrating Hispanics to America.

The Good Guys make a great effort to teach English to Children and Adults. And to reach Hispanics in every way, including voter registration for next elections.

Meanwhile the Republicans snub and despise Latinos and make the greatest effort in the Opposite Direction. They were invited but did not attend the annual meeting of National Council of La Raza

Latinos will need Millions of Lobotomies to vote for those that Hate them ....

Even if one month before the elections the Republicans start to court the Latinos with a lot of Lies and Hypocrisy.

In MILENIALS.COM ... I am gathering the opinions of many distinguished Law Professors, Intellectuals and of Great Comedians on the Last Racial Events ... including Sotomayor, La Raza and Harvard Professor Gates.

This has to be reflected in the Next Election Results .... We have to blog relentlessly to avoid Latinos from voting for those Racists that hate them .... We have to work very hard in order to avoid those mistakes, by people that do not know English enough to understand their enemies, or that are not interested in politics.

Vicente Duque