Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Massachusetts cuts health care for legal immigrants

Here's a twist.

Gov. Deval Patrick stepped right over the controversy of offering healthcare to illegal immigrants and announced Massachusetts was cutting back state-subsidized health insurance for 31,000 legal immigrants.

The governor announced that legal immigrants would no longer receive coverage for dental, hospice or skilled nursing under the new plan. In a conference call with reporters, Patrick said his administration struggled to find a solution “that preserves the promise of health care reform” after the state legislature cut most of the $130 million it had previously allotted to immigrant health care, to help close a budget deficit, according to the New York Times.

Photo: Massachusetts Gov. Deval Patrick speaks to reporters at the Statehouse in Boston.


Anonymous said...

They got DENTAL???? I'm a federal employee and WE don't get DENTAL!

Frances said...

They had better coverage than myself and I have worked hard all my life. I wish I had dental coverage. If you are a legal immigrant then you have to pay for your benefits just like the citizens. Nothing should be free and illegal immigrants should be sent packing.

Anonymous said...

Patrick said his administration struggled to find a solution “that preserves the promise of health care reform” ...

yeah Patrick don't worry, if this obamacare fiasco makes it through we all will be struggling with more of that dudes "hope and change"....crazy libs can't see the way of life they are planning to destroy is the same way of life that lets the likes of pelosi have a 25 million dollar ranch, and rangel have millions he never declared to pay taxes on.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

US citizens get the same care. It is NOT only legal immigrants. Mass. is just cutting the care of legal immigrants vs cuts to US citizens & legals.

Here is the breakdown for the uneducated:
-Mass. has universal healthcare for US citizens and legal immigrants
-Mass. cut certain care for legal immigants due to budget cuts.
-Mass. does not give universal care it illegals, before this decision or after.

Anonymous said...

Here's some news for the ALLCAPS MORON who posted above: Kennedy didn't design or implement the universal health care in MA and neither did Patrick. The credit and/or blame belongs to a flip-flopper named Mittens. Mittens predictably took credit for the system when it looked shiny and is now trying to distance himself from it.

Anonymous said...

People should read and be informed about the issues before they posted ignorant comments. Blogs and websites are constantly being bombarded with misinformation provided by people that don't bother to get all the facts and act on impulse or based on a few words taken out of context.

Mass has one of the highest rates of insured residents in the nation an it provides the same coverage for its citizens and legal residents, not the undocumented.

Get facts folks, and stop posting ignorant comments.

Anonymous said...

Franco, here's a clue for you....

Every legal immigrant has a sponsor. That sponsor is required to file a Form I-864 (Affidavit of Support) with the USCIS (United States Citizenship and Immigration Service).

The sponsor agrees to should the financial responsibility of the immigrant until one of the following happens...
1. The immigrant works 10 years.
2. The immigrant becomes a US citizen.
3. The immigrant dies.
4. The sponsor dies.
5. The immigrant leaves the USA permanently.

Any legal immigrant who finds him/herself on means tested benefits can expect his/her sponsor to be dunned for repayment of the benefits by the sponsor.

Affidavit of Support Under Section 213A of the Act

Purpose of Form :
To show that the applying immigrant has enough financial support to live without concern of becoming reliant on U.S. government welfare.

Peregrino said...

I find it interesting that people who are alarmed by health care reform are jealous of the universal coverage of citizens of Massachusetts.

Anonymous said...

Finally - someone with some sense.
WHY should THEY get more benefits than Americans that were born here.
Hell, they get more benefits than our own "old" people. SHAME on the USA!!!!!

Anonymous said...

This is almost funny. Social promoted black 'governor' bending to the will of jewi$h bank$ters. Bend over backwards for illegals in order to destroy America as mandated under the 1965 Immigration Act. Jerusalem WILL NOT become the jewi$h bank$ter capital of the World if I can help it.

Single adult White males in Massachusetts are paying outrageous and mandatory healthcare premiums I'm being told.

Mary said...

That Massachusetts health insurance looks like a success.

The cut in dental, hospice and skilled nursing is temporary and is for the immigrants who have had green cards for less than five years.

Anonymous said...

Mary said...
That Massachusetts health insurance looks like a success.

Yeap, great success. "Only" 60% over 2006 cost projections and $9 billion in red.

Vicente Duque said...

I want to add two words : Economy and Youth.

The antis are extremely irrational and they don't think of the Economic Effects of Excluding Immigrants from American Society and American Benefits or American Rights.

Some of them want Big Progroms against Latinos.

The economic consequences can be very grave, you are evicting, dislodging and dispossessing consumers, Latinos being very ready to spend. This is an excellent way to harm any Economic Recovery or a way to depress demand.

On the other hand Latinos are very young. Youth is the Greatest Treasure that a nation can have.

I can not imagine a Greater Mistake than harming Youth. By eviction, expulsion, or by denial of services like education and Health Care.

Youth without education may become delinquents and criminals. If evicted to another nation they will benefit the receiving nation. And they will be a missed opportunity of having excellent, scientists, artists, teachers, businessmen, entrepreneurs, engineers, etc ...

So this is a Witches Party of Unnecessary Hatred and Fear.

Vicente Duque

Parnass said...

domo arigato