Thursday, September 10, 2009

Joe Wilson's war

If you didn't know Joe Wilson before, you probably do now.

U.S. Rep. Joe Wilson is the talk of the nation today after yelling "You Lie" at President Barack Obama during his speech to congress last night. Wilson was responding to the president’s statement that illegal immigrants will not receive coverage under the proposed healthcare plan.

The S.C. Republican is getting reviled on the left. The reactions on the right vary from withering criticism to high fives. One conservative blogger questioned why "Joe Wilson didn’t throw a shoe at Obama."

Wilson apologized for letting “my emotions get the best of me,” but said he disagreed with the president’s remarks regarding the coverage of illegal immigrants in the healthcare bill.

Democrats and some Republicans took the congressman to task for disrespecting the President while speaking in the hallowed halls of Congress.

"I've never seen anything like that before," said Rep. Earl Pomeroy, D-N.D., "We do not invite the president of the United States into the House of Representatives and hurl insults."

Wilson's website crashed last night. At 11:30 a.m. this morning, it was still down from excessive traffic.

Conservative bloggers have hailed Wilson as a hero, calling on supporters to send him thank you notes, money, and push their representatives to act more like him.

“President Obama tried to lie to the whole nation tonight and a brave Congressman by the name of Joe Wilson called him on it,” Alipac wrote on its website.

Conservatives continue to raise questions about whether illegal immigrants could benefit from healthcare reform. The House version of the bill prohibits spending federal money to help illegal immigrants get coverage. They would likely be able to continue to receive emergency room treatment as they do now.

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Anonymous said...

Illegal immigrants may benefit from new health care reform bill
8. September 2009 01:45

As President Obama addresses the nation on health care reform, a new analysis by the Center for Immigration Studies estimates that 6.6 million uninsured illegal immigrants could receive benefits under the House health reform bill (H.R. 3200). While the bill states that illegal immigrants are not eligible for the new taxpayer-funded affordability credits, there is nothing in the bill to enforce this provision. Congress defeated efforts to require the use of the Systematic Alien Verification for Entitlements (SAVE) program. More than 70 other programs of this kind use SAVE.

The report is available at

Misteryamo said...

Rep. Wilson was just taking a stand, but he is just as much of the problem. This bill is an appeasement to the insurance/pharmaceutical industries, as well as the American Medical Association. The government should not be in the business of healthcare, bailouts, wars for oil, or...oh, I forgot, we do not live in a democracy, all politicians lie to us, and we are all just serfs in a feudal country ruled by the wealthy elite families of Old Europe. Why not just lower the cost and let people pay as you go? Freedom is what we need. From our government in our lives and for our own goodwill.

Anonymous said...

Just like the borders, if you don't enforce the laws for medical coverage (by requiring proof of legal residence) you are just letting everyone in for free.

And we've already seen how much respect illegals have for borders...

anonymous said...

This country has a very, very short memory.

Where was the outrage, that we're seeing now, when Bush was heckled and booed at during his speeches to Congress?


Joe Wilson called Obama out on a lie..and he was correct in doing so.

Illegal immigrants will get free health care. Please don't tell me that it's written in the bill that it says otherwise, I know this. But where in the bill will it say HOW they will ENFORCE this, and PRESENT DOCUMENTATION to qualify?

And who will enforce this? ACORN?

It would be laughable if it wasn't so sad for our once great republic.

Only 5% will be on the public option? Really?

While this may be true at the onset..but what will stop my employer, or EVERY OTHER MAJOR EMPLOYER to pay a minimum fine of 8K and drop our insurance?


Obama made good points: bankruptcy protection
no more 'pre-existing' condition clauses
insurance exchange

Outside of that...same old rhetoric!

John E said...

Rep Wilson is an idiot and a right wing freak who believes all the lies from the GOP. has debunked this myth:

Vicente Duque said...

Mr Obama has a hard and difficult task ahead explaining his Project for Health Care.

Fortunately he has a Professorial Brain, Obama is Cerebral, Rational, Reasonable, Studious, Bookish Lawyer, Attorney, Jurist and Library Man ( attention to legal detail ) ... I guess Obama was an expert in Constitutional Law at Chicago University. And he was a Great Professor.

Let's us trust in Obama's Intelligence, and his Good Luck of being the Alter Ego of "Felix, the Cat" .... I hope Obama's Bag of Tricks is as good as that of Felix.

Many Intellectuals and Historians in the Press are suggesting that Obama becomes more decisive and commanding, a strong President like Franklin Delano Roosevelt or Lyndon Baines Johnson. These two Great Presidents implemented Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid.

Let's hope that Obama becomes like Roosevelt or Johnson.... He doesn't have to be Mr Nice to everybody and his aunt. Not a president to satisfy fools.

I am gathering the articles on Roosevelt and Johnson and the importance of being strong and decisive.

Vicente Duque

Anonymous said...

Cant help but wonder if those of you who write that Joe Wilson's blurting out during the presidential address was acceptable are the same people who cant remain silent during a movie, hold a door open for a person entering behind you and/or throwing things out of your car windows.

You have a right to respectively disagree, however, please dont do away with what little bit of civility and decorum we have left in this society.

Samuel said...

I'm an experienced Emergency Department Nurse. Through all the huffing and puffing about illegal immigrant healthcare, I can't help but see the faces of the innocent children feverish and ill we take care of. They know nothing of politics, or "immigration" or even their own illegal status. I look past their ethnicity and see my own child, sick and in need of medication or treatment.

Anonymous said...

Sam, the parents who illegally come into this country with their children KNOW they are illegal. I applaud Senator Wilson for calling a spade a spade. If more politicians (and people) stood up for what is destroying this country, perhaps there may be some hope of our remaining a deomcracy.

Anonymous said...

Leave it to practically the only SC Republican NOT in a sex scandal to make a fool of himself (this myth/lie has been dubunked again and again by independent fact checkers).

No wonder the Republicans have become irrelevant - GOP stands for GRANDSTANDING OBSTRUCTIONIST PARTY.

EJS said...

Come on folks....regardless of the side of the fence you are on, Joe Wilson let his emotions get the best of him. It was wrong to disrepect the office of President. And, I think his apology recognizes that fact.

while I totally agree with him, I just think the forum was wrong for him to take a stand. However, I think it speaks volumes for the lack of confidence America has in Mr. "Hope" and "Change".

No matter how bad either side disagreed with Clinton or Bush, there was always some level of decorum and fact-based arguments.

Last night, I listened to a speech about NOTHING. I listened to outright and misleading lies...which Mr. Obama and his cabinet absolutely know are incorrect. I listened to fairy tales about adding nearly a Trillion dollars of benefits, but not raising any taxes or costs??????

More important, I watched two parties declare war on one another. Obama dug in and declared no "giving in" to Republicans. Wilson voiced the oppositions battle cry.

This is gonna get even uglier. And, while I blame ALL politicians for this melee, I gotta put the biggest blame squarely on the President. His job is to "united" the country, not "divide"....and nearly every move his cabinet advices is a huge mistep.

Well....just one observers view of a sad and pathetic commentary on the current state of our nation and our politics.

Anonymous said...

One to whom the interests of a part seem superior to those of the whole. The dupe of statesmen and the tool of conquerors.

From "The Devil's Dictionary" by Ambrose Bierce

Obama's illegal aunt said...

So I'm gussing that if illegals won't get health care, then, Obama's illegal aunt won't get it either?

Anyone?... Anyone?...

Anonymous said...

@EJS "No matter how bad either side disagreed with Clinton or Bush, there was always some level of decorum and fact-based arguments." Why do you think this is the case? Do you think Obama has told MORE lies than either Bush or Clinton? Do you think Obama has been MORE of an abuser of the office of POTUS than Bush and Clinton? I think the difference between Obama and either Clinton or Bush (besides the obvious one of race)is that he doesn't just IGNORE the 500 lb elephant in the room. We HAVE to do something about healthcare...rather than heckling and rabble rousing it would be nice to see both parties come to some type of consensus...shelving it altogether (which seems to be what Republicans want) is not the answer. Nor is shouting down the POTUS.

Anonymous said...

George Bush did not want to enforce the immigration laws because he said these workers are necessary.
First we want our Border Patrol agents chasing crooks and thieves and drug runners and terrorists, not good-hearted people who are coming here to work

Anonymous said...

YES...I do think Obama has told more lies in 10 months than either Clinton or Bush! And, I fully expect 3 more years of lies. The man will say anything his Cabinet tells him to say....and unfurtunately, he forgets his own lies.

And, NO....we do NOT need full-scale health care reform. We need to fix Medicaid and provide incentives for insurance companies to insure the only 3% of americans that currently do not have access to health insurance. (NO...the number is NOT 47 million uninsured as Obama wants us to believe).

We also need to prevent illegals from access to our health care system, but Obama won't do that, cuz ACORN needs all those illegals for the next election.

Anonymous said...

"Obama is Cerebral, Rational, Reasonable, Studious, Bookish Lawyer, Attorney, Jurist and Library Man ( attention to legal detail )"

are you the official presidential Preparation H applicator or what?

Anonymous said...

He was out of line to do what he did. I also have to point out that he and his family get free health care (TRICARE) from their time in the service.

"What does that mean? Nothing─except that Joe Wilson was against government-run health care before he was for it. And now he's against it again. Just not when it comes to his own flesh and blood."

Vicente Duque said...

I am astonished by the Vulgarity and Grossness of Joe Wilson and his action.

But it helped me to find a jewel and treasure of lexicography, dictionaries, etymologies, etc ..

I asked the dictionary for Heckling and I found this :

to heckle
1. To try to embarrass and annoy (someone speaking or performing in public) by questions, gibes, or objections; badger.

2. To interrupt (a public speaker) with comments, questions, or taunts

3. verb jeer, interrupt, shout down, disrupt, bait, barrack (informal) boo, taunt, pester

to barrack
1. Chiefly British To jeer or shout at a player, speaker, or team.
2. Australian To shout support for a team. Chiefly British
To shout against; jeer at.

The word "Barrack" reminds me of the Military and Militarism.

Then I think of Military Coups, Military Gorillas in power, Military Juntas, Military Despots and Tyrants.

And Militarism is very useful in Demagoguery .... Alcibiades, a Demagogue convinced the Athenians that invading the Island of Sicily and dominating the Sicilians was a piece of cake.

He led the Athenian Army to ruin and death in Sicily against an enemy of Great Courage and Intelligence. .... Alcibiades helped to destroy the Athenian Maritime Empire, great cost in human lives, ships, weapons, money, taxes, treasure of Goddess Athena, etc ........

Militarism is very closely linked to Demagogy and to Imbecility.

Perhaps Hecklers don't like free speech and their poor brains are only good to interrupt and obstruct the speaker.

Vicente Duque

Anonymous said...

Enough is enough. I think most Americans are sick of Obama's harsh tone when he doesn't get his way. His plan has hidden loopholes, and he has not been honest. I applaud Joe Wilson for speaking up, and standing up for what I think most of us American's opinion on the matter is.

Anonymous said...

You go Joe Wilson...Piss on Nobama!

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Forget the frivilous Wilson outburst the media is using as canon fodder. Bama is proving to be the 3rd term of zeocon puppet Bush in every way as has been stated a zillion times.

Wheres the difference? Bush was a big govt big spender war monger liberal Lincolnite Marxist Republican. Obama is a liberal big govt big spender war monger Lincolnite Marxist.

Both Bush and Bama are the biggest spenders in world history.

Bama needs to ditch Biden in 2012 and add Bush as his VP since they are 2 peas in a pod. Bama messiah is appreciative of Bush the baptist anyway for without him he would never be prez.

The stupidity and ignorance of America thinking they have a political choice is laughable at best as DNC prez candidate Gov Wallace stated in 1968 "theres not a dime of difference between a Democrat and a Republican".

Vicente Duque said...

The Two Silver Bullets against the Werewolf of Racism - Human Cloning - Anna Nicole Smith - Why the Wealthy don't like Werewolves

Werewolves are also known as lycanthropes, they are anthropomorphic shape-shifters and show up with the appearance of the full moon or a depressed economy.

Werewolves are believed to have extra-human strength and they themselves believe to be very strong, but Werewolves are under a horrible curse. A Curse of Failure, Losing in Love, Sex and Business, werewolves are notable losers and failures, and are loaded with subconscious inferiority complexes, of which they may be not aware.

By being werewolves they believe to achieve superiority in the ladder of evolution, reaching the last ladder echelon in the taxonomy of Beasts and Monsters. But their pact with the Devil may backfire.

The Super Rich and Wealthy don't like werewolves, they need prosperity for their businesses. They need consumers, clients and births to resupply the human stock of consumers that fuel demand.

Werewolves are notoriously infertile, and they don't want to clone themselves with professor Dr. Panayiotis Zavos, the leading authority in Human Cloning. This guy has the honor of having the same birthplace as Goddess Afrodite : The Island of Cyprus, he works for his Goddess producing beautiful embryos of Cloning Love.

The vulnerability to silver bullets :

The two silver bullets that kill these werewolves are Economy and Youth. The Super Rich want a prosperous economy. But Racial Riots, Racial Strife, etc .... weaken the Economy.

On the other hand a Progrom, or eviction of any people weakens the Economy. There is a great need of consumers, to increase demand. Without Consumer Demand you only get a Depression.

So the Chambers of Commerec, the Associations of Industrialists and Producers, the Lobbies with Deep Pockets, the Agriculturists and Producers of Ham, Beacon and Poultry, they need people to eat their produce and their delicatessen, pastries, hamburguers, hot dogs and big whoppers.

The same for milk shakes and candy .... We need children ....

And without Children and Youth, which nation has a future ??

Do you want a lot of old folks like the Extremely Old Guy in a Wheelchair, the husband of Anna Nicole Smith, looking to Anna's beauties but powerless ?? .... His beloved rosies ???

Let's us kneel before all those brave Women that have Babies - Let's thank these noble Ladies for helping us with their horrible pains of childbirth. Women are braver and more courageous than Men,

Not to mention that having a baby is a big risk of begetting a fool, a village idiot to be manipulated by Glenn Beck or to elect a future George W. Bush.

Babies, Youth and People .... That is the wonder of an Economy ... They are the future doctors that will help us when old ( 90 or 100 years ) with the Anne Nicoles of this World.

They are the future Engineers, Scientists, Artists, Nurses, Consumers, Customers, our Clients .... our buyers, and our targets for marketing.

God Bless all People ( in case that God exists ! ) of any color, texture and shape. God Bless all Races that give beautiful diversity and Genetic Richness.

The people that we despise may have the solution to our Health Problems inside their DNA and genes. The people that we dislike may have the solution to our political problems.

These Children and Youngsters may solve our problems in the future : Health and Politics.

The nations that start Progroms, Evictions, Expulsions, Dispossessions and Dislodgements proceed against their best Economic and Cultural Interest. They are mad and throwing themselves off a cliff, like the famous suicide rodents called lemmings.

Vicente Duque

Anonymous said...

The more Nancy Pelosi and her gang keep pushing to have Wilson apologize on the House floor or try to order him to the House the more attention they bring to the fundemental issue; there is absolutely nothing that prohibits illegal immigrants from participating in Obamacare. Mr. President -- MAYBE you did not lie, but you sure are playing one heckva shell game because no one can tell where you are hiding the pea.

Anonymous said...


Vicente Duque said...

Madness, Always Forever
Glenn Beck, the New Caligula, Emperor of Helter Skelter

I have been watching a series about Henry VIII, it is a Super Great TV Series "The Tudors".

I am astonished at how wicked the human heart can be .... The King Henry VIII was a sex monster, however he seemed to believe deeply in his Personal Religion ( Catholicism without the Pope ) and enjoyed burning the Protestants, even if he was Heretical Number One.

The people that surrounded Henry VIII couldn't be more despicable in their sycophancy and fawning over the despot. Women were deceived into believing that having the King as a lover was a boon, a blessing, a good fortune. But sometimes they lost their heads in the Tower of London.

The People that we despise could be our best friends and even have the solution to our problems. ( Inside their DNA, or inside their brains, or because of the Excellent Will to Work ). It is a better idea to be tolerant and not an idiot of Intolerance and Hate.

This is not the first time that the World sees "Helter Skelter" .... Let's remember Charles Manson preaching that there was going to be a Racial War ( initiated by him ) with millions dead, and that he would control the Victors with his Great Supernatural Powers and Super Intelligence.

After the Great Masscres, Charles Manson was going to be an Emperor of the World. A second coming of Jesus !!

People in the Middle Ages danced wildly until they died of exhaustion. And some villages were terrorized by Witches, Demons, Succubus and Inccubus, until the Witches were burnt.

In more modern times, other people killed themselves while fleeing from the Invading Martians, and millions of village idiots marched like robots, or automatons before the Most Cruel Despot, and Madman, and doing a "Sieg Heil" salute while swearing eternal allegiance to the Tyrant.

Remember those that commit suicide by the hundreds to go to Heaven, or to board a comet.

And how about those Super Idiots that exterminate the people of a Nation in order to make them happy. Mechanized and Computerized Mass murder for beautiful ideals. You win the war when everybody is dead and there are no more people to kill !!

And are we surprised because Millions of Fools march following the orders of a Poor Racist and Jingo Imbecile called Glenn Beck ??

Vicente Duque

Anonymous said...

You George Bush loving racists from S.C. will stop at nothing with your bigotry. This sorry SOB should never be allowed to attend another Presidential address - EVER. Keep his sorry ass down in Columbia and let him rot. Post all the FOX NEWS generated trash links you want trying to call someone a liar, but it won't do any good. You stink of rich white trash and we are all sick of you and your Bush loving politics. I wish Nancy Pelosi would have slapped his damn face afterwards for yelling out like that and disrespecting our President. Joe Wilson is finished. We won't stand for this trash. S.C.: You can take this GD fool back and maybe he could be the mayor of the gay-hating Myrtle Beach!

Fed Up said...

Health care and/or insurance for illegal immigrants should not even be considered because ALL ILLEGAL IMMIGRANTS SHOULD BE DEPORTED AS SOON AS POSSIBLE! Medical costs and the need for medical treatment has increased because they continue to bring disease across the border and most of our government officials don't really give a damn! Many seek the vote of the Latino and Hispanic communities - legal and illegal. Oh you say, illegal immigrants can't vote? I don't remember anyone checking my id at the voting poll ever!

Why why why does our government continue to allow this great country to be run down by the ever increasing influx of illegals???

Anonymous said...

It's obvious that you are referring to latinos and Mexicans. Apparently you don't have the gall to come to the Walmart on Eastway Drive and see that almost the entire store is filled with nothing but Mexicans. There are so many eletist racists in south Charlotte that they don't even realize what a large part of the population is that is currently living here. The problem is that most of them are not here legally and they are having tons of chilldren. The aisles of Walmart are filled with them. If the babies are born here, then they are automatically US citizens. So, they are having them at an alarming rate. Pay a visit to our Walmart and you will see for yourself. Don't be like these sorry soccer mom whores of south Charlotte who are blind and eletist.

Anonymous said...

"Sorry soccer mom whores"? Do you realize any point you were trying to make was nullified by your vile, hate filled comment.

Anonymous said...

No I don't. Nothing is nullified after the blasphemous statements they made against President Obama. God bless him.

Vicente Duque said...

Is Mr Obama a weakling ?? - A Sissy to be beaten up by the Republican Bullies - Perhaps not - Obama Analysis - Psychoanalysis of Politics

Many people complain that Mr Obama seems very weak before his enemies, that he seems very detached from Reality, that he lacks certain strength of Franklin Delano Roosevelt, or Lyndon Baines Johnson ... These two mentioned presidents were the main architects of Social Legislation in U. S. Twentieth Century History.

They had many powerful enemies in their times ( Republicans and Rich Corporations ) but they showed Great Strength and Force of Character to succeed in Legislation.

Perhaps the people that fear that Mr Obama is a Little Sissy to be beaten up by the Republican Bullies are wrong.

To analyze the personality of Mr Obama, we have first to understand the he is half "Black" and half "White" ... we should paint ourselves with these two colors before wearing Obama's shoes.

The condition of being the "Weird", "Foreigner", "Stranger" and "Other" in a Hawaian School and later in the U. S. Continent has to have an impact on Obama's Soul. This has to produce a reserved and interior personality, more introverted than extroverted, in order to survive or to improve his standing in every situation.

We can not expect Mr Obama to be a buoyant Teddy Roosevelt, or a Franklin Roosevlet from Money and Society Nobility .... Or a Big Texan like Lyndon Johnson. ... Obama comes from the World of Underdogs.

That requires "Survival by Shrewdness", "Quiet endurance of harsh conditions", etc .... be quiet and avoid useless revenge for small nuissances.

So Obama is an occult and hidden personality, but "Filth that doesn't kill you makes you stronger", so Obama may have become stronger with all the Dirt and Filth of Society.

Every new king, ruler or president has to be very prudent when he reaches the throne.

It is reported that Caligula and Nero were welcomed as very Human, Civilized, Kind and Polite, during the first years of their Emperorships.

Obama is not a Caligula or Nero, not even a Tiberius. Obama has little in common with Julius Caesar ( a scion of the Julian Nobility ) but Obama may have an ounce of Augustus ( Diplomacy, Politics ) a gram of Trajan ( Great Builder ) and a pound of Claudius ( Shrewdenss, Intellect, Understanding )

"Felicitor Augusto, melior Traiano" was a ritual formula to greet the Roman Emperors when they arrived to a new city. "Be luckier than Augustus and better than Trajan"...

Be more happy and lucky that Augustus and build more good things for the Empire than Trajan.

Mr Obama may have hidden strengths and reserves of Psychological Strength.

He may be "Quiet "Waters" : in many countries there are rivers and lakes of incredible danger, because they may have hidden currents, whirls, spins, fast rotations that are not apparent in the surface.

So the expression "Quiet Waters" may mean "Hidden Dangers", and as applied to a person, it may mean that under a Quiet and Tranquil personality there are hidden currents of energy and strength to face enemies.

That Mr Obama seems very "Republican" in Afghanistan and other policies, may be buying time to gain strength or to study a situation. ( Perhaps he is not a strong believer in some of his temporary policies )....

Mr Obama is Professorial, Rational, Reasonable, Intelligent, Shrewd, Calculator, Cold, Historian, Bookish and Librarian Like, but he may have a hidden maelstrom of energy and strength.

Vicente Duque

Anonymous said...

Franco -- I don't mind you writing about immigration -- I am the granddaughter of immigrants. WHat I am sick of is your writing about ILLEGAL immigrants. Get it through your head -- they should be DEPORTED. They are taxing our systems and taking jobs Americans -- yes, unemployed Americans need and want. We must get rid of these parasites and send them back where they came from!

Anonymous said...

They are not getting deported, definitely not from Charlotte. Come to the east side! You'll see.

Vicente Duque said...

Joe Wilson's action is not only "dastardly" motivated as Ex-President Jimmy Carter said, but also bastardly motivated.

Those one hundred plus Republicans that voted in favor of Joe Wilson inside the House or Representatives are in solidarity with Bastard and Scoundrel Behaviour.

Think of this : each time that the President of the USA speaks to a joint session of Congress, then a group of scoundrels can yell and shout whatever obscenities and bastardies. Will that be the behaviour for the Future ??

It is a better idea to condemn this Filth and Dirt of Republican Bullies. I have heard few voices of condemnation coming from that Party.

Joe Wilson was presented as a Hero in Fox News. I immediately changed the station.

I don't like scoundrels as heros.

And Yes !! ,... .. all those Republican votes for Joe Wilson inside the House of Representatives are sheer Hyperdistilled Racism.

Vicente Duque

Anonymous said...

Amen to God. May Joe Wilson burn in hell, and take Fox News with him.

Steve said...

Wilson's just trying to get some publicity so he can be Sarah Palin's running mate in 2012. He's definitely vice-presidential material.

Vicente Duque said...

All this Hysteria and Madness is directed to torpedo Obama's Legislation.

Many People Racist or Not want Mr Obama to fail, without realizing that they may pay the consequences of that failure in later years, when they are old gaga people ( 90 or 100 plus years old ) in wheelchairs and without adequate insurance. And with their brains invaded by Alzheimer.

Nobody to clean the "derriérs" of the Tea Baggers when over 90 or 100.

Long Live the Tea Baggers !

Some Organized Information on the History of Health Care and Social Legislation :

Vicente Duque