Thursday, September 17, 2009

Community colleges panel says admit illegal immigrants

A committee of the state Board of Community Colleges this afternoon approved a policy that would admit illegal immigrants to the state's 58 community colleges, according to our partners in Raleigh, the News & Observer.

The full board will vote on the measure Friday.

We reported yesterday that community board members were expected to vote on a new policy that would admit undocumented immigrants and require them to pay higher out-of-state tuition rates. The policy also stipulates that U.S. residents would be given priority for admission when classrooms are full.


Anonymous said...

What has happened to this country?

zeezil said...

Perhaps the elitist snobs on the Community College Board can tell us all how admitting ILLEGAL aliens does NOT violate the 1986 Immigration Reform and Control Act (IRCA) and the 'Aiding and Abetting' statute.

Furthermore, what's in if for them? Who greased their dirty hands? What were the special interests (we know for sure that immigration lawyers are one) that patted their fannies.

zeezil said...

It costs $8,150 each year in NC to educate a public school student. That's taxpayer money, folks. So for K-12, it costs us $105,950 to educate each illegal alien child. Overall, it costs us $975 million each year to educate the children of illegal aliens. WHO HERE ON THIS FORUM IS IN SUPPORT OF THAT? And, now after being forced by a miscreant Supreme Court decision to provide primary and secondary education to illegals, we have the elitist donkeys on the NC community college board deciding against the will of the vast majority of the people to gleefully admit ILLEGAL ALIENS to community college!!!! If you aren't furious with this, then you’re an illegal alien, a mentally deranged liberal or you just aren't paying attention.

Vicente Duque said...

Some Elementary Economics :

"Youth, Divine Treasure !"

Human Beings are the best Treasure of a Nation.

Youth is a Great Treasure for the United States or any nation.

All ages are an asset for a nation. Even Old People are an asset because of Experience, Culture, Advice, Counsel, Knowledge, Wisdom, etc ...

Children and Youngsters are particularly important. They are a Super Capital that has to be educated and trained.

For any American that thinks as a Mathematician, without Racial Biases, without Ethnic Prejudices, then it is crystal clear that All American Youngsters should be educated the best that America can.

The Nations thar resort to Expulsions, Evictions, Dislodgements, Dispossessions always self inflict damage to their Economies and Cultures.

The Progroms of the Spanish and Russian Empires did horrible damage to the Soul of those nations before grave crisis, like Big Enemies, Wars, Revolutions, etc ... When the crisis struck the Empires were weak.

Not to educate youngsters is the gravest economic mistake. They are potential Engineers, Scientists, Doctors, Nurses, Psychiatrists ( very necessary now ), Psychologists, employees for hospitals and madhouses.

They are the Future Economists, Politicans, and Presidents of the USA. Not to educate is very grave.

Imagine that Mr Obama was denied education in Hawai and the Continent. A Great Asset would have been lost.

You don't stimulate an Economy by diminishing the customers or clients, by killing demand, or by denying education to the Potential Economic Human Powerhouses.

And increasing troops and escalating wars at the same time that you kick out people is the ultimate in Madness !!

Some Numbers, Figures, Statistics, Demographies, Polls, etc :

Vicente Duque

zeezil said...

Vicente -

Get a grip on reality. Illegals cost the American taxpayers in exesss of $100 billion every year. Furthermore, thousands of Americans are murdered, raped, robbed, killed, assulted and accosted by illegals every year. Not one of those crimes would have occurred if our borders were secured and our immigration laws enforced.

There is you human treasure.

zeezil said...

Illegal is illegal, I don't care who you are, your nationality, your age upon entry, whether you came on your own or were brought by your parents, your level of education, how much money you make and whether you became illegal by entering the country without a visa, border jumped, or overstayed a visa you had from legal entry. Giving benefits, amnesty and rewarding illegal behavior (such as granting them admission to NC community colleges) is not the way to build a good system of law and order. Anything short of deportation is amnesty. ALL illegals must return to their native land where they hold citizenship and, if they wish, they may then begin the LEGAL process of immigration to the United States. That's right... go through the legal process whether or not they feel that process is "hard", cumbersome, lengthy or rigorous.

Anonymous said...


Vicente Duque said...

Mr Obama is not a failure - Big Wall Street Recovery during his Government - Dow Jones almost reaching the 10,000, etc ..

Today Tuesday, September 22, 2009

The Dow Jones is almost touching the magic number of 10,000 ...

Dow Jones is in 9829.87

The Nasdaq is in 2,145

The Standard & Poor's reaches today 1,071.66.

Mr Obama is going to be Judged mainly by the Economic Recovery. The Economy was falling in a horrible depression with Mr Bush.

The Recovery of Wall Street is a necessary precondition for the creation of Jobs and the prosperity of the General Economy.

Vicente Duque

zeezil said...

VICENTE - get off your space ship and out of your Buck Rogers outfit and get back to reality:

Obama Promised 600,000 Jobs This Summer-- Lost Nearly 1 Million Instead (Video)

Back on June 8th Barack Obama promised to speed up the Stimulus projects over the summer and to "create or save" 600,000 jobs.


The AP reported: President Barack Obama is promising to speed federal money into hundreds of public works projects this summer, vowing that 600,000 jobs will be created or saved. (June 8)

The US lost 443,000 jobs in June.
The US lost 247,000 jobs in July.
The US lost 216,000 jobs in August.

Instead of creating or saving 600,000 jobs this summer the US lost 935,000 instead.

Thanks Barack.... We've lost 2.5 million American jobs since you took office. You are on your way to quadrupling the federal deficit.

What is it about these things the libidiot progressives don't understand?

zeezil said...


Contrasting Bush and Obama

During the Bush years, despite the 2000 Recession, the attacks on Sept. 11, the stock market scandals, Hurricane Katrina and wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, the Bush Administration was able to reduce the budget deficit from 412 billion dollars in 2004 to 162 billion dollars in 2007, a sixty percent drop. In 2004, the federal budget deficit was 412 billion dollars. In 2005, it dropped to 318 billion dollars. In 2006, the deficit dipped to 248 billion dollars. And, in 2007, it fell below 200 billion to 162 billion dollars. During the Bush years, the average unemployment rate was 5.2 percent, the economy saw the strongest productivity growth in four decades and there was robust GDP growth. These were amazing accomplishments considering the unexpected challenges. You certainly didn't read much about this in the press.

But, things changed in 2007. Democrats took over Congress, gas prices started to rise, and at the end of the year and into 2008 several financial institutions started to crumble as the housing bubble began to burst. Of course, it should be noted that President Bush publicly called for the reform of Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac 17 times in 2008 alone before Congress acted. Democrats, on the other hand, blocked reform numerous times. It was later reported after the 2008 election that Bush had nothing to do with the financial crisis. Hoover Institution visiting fellow Scott S. Powell wrote in Barron's in February of this year that the present crisis began in the 1970s, during the Carter administration, with passage of the Community Reinvestment Act to stem bank redlining and liberalize lending in order to extend home ownership in lower-income communities. This risk was acknowledged in the Bush administration's first fiscal-year budget, released in April 2001. Sadly these warnings were ignored by Congress.

But, this didn't stop Barack Obama and other liberals from blaming George Bush for the market meltdown last year....

The truth is that Obama inherited a 2008 budget deficit of 459 billion dollars. He voted for the 700 billion dollar bank rescue in the fall. He was left 350 billion from this spending bill when he took office. He then spent 787 billion dollars on a Stimulus Bill, 33 billion dollars on the SCHIP bill, and 410 billion dollars on his record-setting Omnibus Bill. Karl Rove explained that if Obama didn't like the banking bailout bill he could have refused to spend the 350 billion dollars that Bush left him but he didn't. Obama went ahead and spent it anyway.

The CBO estimated that the Obama budget deficit will total an astounding 13.1 percent of GDP this year. As a comparison, under George Bush, the federal deficit for 2008 was 3.2 percent of GDP. The deficit for fiscal year 2007, in the last budget adopted when Congress was controlled by Republican majorities, was 1.2 percent of GDP. Obama's deficit will force the United States to borrow nearly $10 trillion in the next decade and that figure doesn’t include the cost of his Obamacare (Obama’s socialistic nationalization of our heath care industry).

Obama has spent more in just a few months in office than all the previous presidents in U.S. history from George Washington through George W Bush combined.

Vicente Duque said...

Great Love for the Family in the White House. Mr Obama will surprise us with his Resilence and Endurance under stress. Great President

I have always been a Great Fan of Mr Obama. I have always predicted that he will be a Great President. And I am sure that he is performing very well with some of his caution and prudence.

Mr Obama is not a bigot to continue the two wrong wars forever ... He is professorial, rational, cerebral, reflective, brainy, brilliant, intelligent, studious, he is knowing, he knows.

Being a Black in America may in many cases favor an introverted personality when dealing with all the other Races. I think that Mr Obama may have some introverted, controlled, contained and reserved personality.

And that means Psychological Reserves for crisis, endurance, resilience, etc ...

I think that Mr Obamas has the ability to recover quickly from bad events, bad changes, or misfortunes. ... He can withstand hardship or stress.

Mr Obama will surprise us !!

I am a believer in Mr Obama and his beautiful family. Lots of Love for Michelle Obama and the two beautiful daughters.....

Vicente Duque

Paul said...

I think allowing anyone to further their education and pursue a higher education is an excellent idea. This will only serve to further benefit our nation. More students in schools means more money going to the schools and more jobs for educators and staff. Allowing undocumented students the chance for a higher education will only benefit our economy by producing more educated people who will go on to make positive and professional contributions to our economy and to their communities. Rather than being concerned about the documentation status of bright and capable students, we should be more concerned about the many U.S. citizens who ignorantly choose to dropout of high school, dooming themselves to a life of low income and a marginal existence, ultimately becoming a burden on tax-payer funded social services. More educated people are better for everyone overall. It is morally wrong to deny a person access to education if they are capable and have the means to pursue it. I'm glad the NC state board is allowing undocumented students to pursue higher education.

zeezil said...

Let's put some numbers to the illegal alien problem in North Carolina:

A recent study by FAIR at states it costs NC $1.3 billion annually for just incarceration - emergency medical care - education services to illegal immigrants ($975 million for education alone). That figure does not include English instruction, law enforcement/courts, translators, assistance for public housing, food stamps, welfare payments, etc. Other factors not considered in the reports are job losses by citizens to illegal aliens and the depression of wages in the construction, landscaping, assembly, food processing and service sectors that most illegal aliens are employed in.

Additionally, $1.2 billion annually in remittances is sent from North Carolina to Mexico by illegals. Nationwide, $26 billion in remittances is transferred from the U.S. to Mexico. This is money that is permanently transferred from our economy to a foreign country due to the lack of border control and non-enforcement of hiring laws.

Furthermore, FAIR points out that the cost of educating a public school student in NC is $8,150 per year which translates into an annual expenditure of $975 million for illegal aliens and the U.S. born children of illegal aliens in our state. Is this alone not an outrage? Just think, using that $8,150 cost and multiplying it by 13 (K – 12 school years) produces a cost of $105,950 over the term of the illegal alien child!!! That is money forfeited by taxpayers to educate them and now our NC CCS wants to welcome illegal aliens in with open arms!!!

Paul said...

Zeezil: Of course you would only use statistics from FAIR to back up your argument because FAIR is a notoriously anti-immigrant organization. It is far from non-partisan and has a strong anti-immigrant agenda. So naturally their statistics are skewed to fit within their agenda. In fact, FAIR advocates changes in U.S. immigration policy that would result in significant reductions in immigration, both legal and illegal. Its founder, John Tanton, is also the founder of a number of other anti-immigrant and xenophobic groups. They produce policy rhetoric that is often inflammatory, clearly anti-immigrant, and partisan. FAIR is also listed as a hate group with the Southern Poverty Law Center. Its representatives have long expressed controversial anti-Latino and anti-Catholic attitudes, and some key officials are members of white supremacist groups. So that is there agenda. You really should stop relying on infotainment such as FAIR, Lou Dobbs, Glen Beck, etc., for your information, and start relying on real data gleaned from scholarly and empirical research.

Paul said...

Zeezil: Regarding your previous query as to why students should benefit by receiving a higher education (and ultimately why we all would benefit from having more educated people in our country) here are a few items:
-Every year, thousands of undocumented immigrant students who were brought to the United States as children graduate from high school. Many graduate at the top of their class, yet higher education remains an elusive opportunity. Due to their status, they lack access to loans, federal grants, most private scholarships, and they typically have to pay out-of-state tuition rates regardless of how long they have resided in a state. A large number of otherwise highly qualified undocumented immigrant students drop out of high school due to the lack of opportunities available after high school, exacerbating an already significant dropout crisis among American students in general. Undocumented immigrants students who might otherwise have gone on to become highly productive and contributing members of society are forced to remain in a marginal existence. That's wrong for them and it's wrong to deny their contributions to America.
-It's cruel and wrongheaded, as well as morally wrong and unethical, to deny undocumented students higher education and an opportunity to obtain legal status.
-These students would ultimately pay more taxes and make greater contributions as professionals and citizens rather than be reduced to a life of poverty relying on social services and government handouts like many other American citizens who choose not to pursue higher education.
-At the end of the day, the American people will eventually realize that undocumented immigrants are a valuable national resource of additional human capital that should be tapped for reasons of pragmatism, equity, civil rights, and humanitarianism rather than rejected.

Paul said...


Tamar Jacoby of Immigration Works USA, states:
"These youth are special, and they deserve special consideration. They’ve committed no known crime and have struggled against long odds, often with impressive results. For our sake as much as theirs, it makes sense to welcome them into American life — to allow them to finish their educations, serve in the military, begin careers and realize their rich potential.
But the legislation and its beneficiaries also teach two larger lessons — lessons that apply beyond this small group.
First, immigrants – the vast majority of immigrants — bring drive and skills to America. The Dream kids are stars — strivers of special promise. But they’re far from the only immigrants, legal and illegal, who help make the country prosperous and vital. Two-thirds of the students in U.S. university computer science and engineering programs are foreign-born. So are 25 percent of doctors and nurses. Immigrants hold a quarter of U.S. patents.
And even at the bottom of the economy, foreign workers’ willingness to take any job, anywhere, helps the economy run more efficiently. Because they are different than most Americans, either more or less educated, immigrants complement rather than compete with us — which makes us more productive and grows the economic pie for everyone.
Second, immigrants are assimilating, and we ought to reward them for it. The kids who would be covered under the Dream Act have mastered English. They’ve graduated from high school, often in families and neighborhoods where that’s difficult and discouraged. They’ve learned enough about America not just to fit in, but to succeed here. And many are willing to risk their lives for their new country.
But millions of newcomers, legal and illegal, are taking similar steps — although we do virtually nothing to help or encourage them. On the contrary, if they entered the country illegally — responding to our mixed signals, half-forbidding but half-inviting them to come do work we need done –- we bar them from the very steps we say we want most from them: moving up the socioeconomic ladder and becoming fully participating members of society.
The lesson is obvious: Our fear and misplaced moralism are blinding us to our own interests."

How can having additional educated people in our county be a bad thing?

Anonymous said...

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