Thursday, October 8, 2009

Commissioner: undocumented students need to pay county

Commissioner Bill James wants illegal immigrants to pay a county fee to attend Central Piedmont Community College. Otherwise, he says, the county may be vulnerable to a lawsuit for subsidizing the education of illegal immigrants at the state's largest community college.

He has sent a request to lawyers for the county and CPCC asking how they legally justify spending $41 million of county money (for operational and construction budgets) at a college that expects to admit illegal immigrants once a new policy is implemented.

This is kind of complicated. So stick with me.

Last month, the State Board of Community Colleges approved a new policy that will allow illegal immigrants to attend any of North Carolina's 58 community colleges, provided they graduate from a U.S. high school, pay the higher out-of-state tuition, and do not displace legal residents from classes.

James cites a federal statute that prohibits illegal immigrants from being eligible "for any State or local public benefit." The statute was the basis of an attorney general recommendation in May 2008 to stop enrolling illegal immigrants, which the community college system did. The attorney general’s office later reversed its opinion.

James argues the state gets around the “public benefits” liability question because illegal immigrants will be required to pay ‘out-of-state’ tuition, which exceeds the cost to the state and therefore is not a subsidy.

But, James says, unlike the state, the county doesn’t require repayment via tuition. He says unless CPCC charges illegal immigrants for that subsidy the county would be breaking the law.
“The county receives nothing from students, so anything we give to CPCC to subsidize ‘post-secondary education’ that benefits illegals is illegal,” he said.

In response to James concerns, Q. Shanté Martin, general counsel for N.C. Community College System responded in emails that, after further reviewing the laws, the Department of Homeland Security and the Attorney General found ‘that admitting illegal immigrants into public postsecondary institutions is not a violation of federal law.’

The attorney added:

"For a legal analysis specifically addressing any potential legal liability local counties may incur as a result of providing funding to colleges that admit illegal immigrants, the Mecklenburg County Board of Commissioners may want to seek a legal analysis from the Department of Homeland Security since the federal government is responsible for providing an authoritative interpretation of federal law."

James said he does not want to cut support to CPCC, but wants the school to track undocumented students and require them to pay a fee to reimburse CPCC and the county for the local subsidy.

The decision to admit undocumented students is not expected to cause an enrollment rush. Before last year, when many campuses admitted students regardless of immigration status, about 110 of the state’s 800,000-plus community college students were in the country illegally. CPCC says it had 19 undocumented students. Catawba Valley Community College in Hickory had fewer than five. Rowan-Cabarrus Community College had one.


Anonymous said...

This is so stupid. I know that some peoples hatred for illegal immigration blinds them to reason but here it is. If you CAN charge someone from say South Carolina this fee then you CAN charge an illegal immigrant this fee. If you CANNOT charge the person from SC the fee then you CANNOT charge the illegal immigrant this fee. I know it really chaps a lot of peoples hides but that's the long and short of it.

Anonymous said...

I prefer that the criminal illegal aliens be jailed and deported. Unlike some at the CO who think illegal immigration is just a "civil infraction" and want to turn our state and nation into a Latino and Muslim nation.

But I support the commissioner 100%. I also don't understand why the illegals get a free pass at m hospital. Some cost the taxpayers hundreds of thousands. And they laugh about it. They laugh about stealing identities and getting welfare. They laugh about getting housing assistance using these identities. I could go on and on.

DEPORT them all.

Algernon said...

"This is kind of complicated. So stick with me."

What in the world is complicated about illegal aliens?


Get them out, theY go somewhere else, they can come back when they can follow the rules of immigration process like everyone else before you.

What is so special about an illegal alien you libs feel they can by pass the law with such applauded impunity?

tarhoosier said...

Mr. James is calling to the wild Yay-hooo.

Anonymous said...

Does the county commissioner’s provide funding to UNCC? The universities in NC have been admitting illegal immigrants or undocumented students for years. Why all the hatred to community colleges?

Luke Fisher said...

Bill James is your typical nationalist Republicrat. The main reason for the influx of "illegal" immigrants is the existence of the massive welfare state. Education is not a right, not even for Americans. Yet, we heavily subsidize education and expect no one to take unfair advantage of the system. So "big government" Bill James, who refuses to question welfare statism, blames individuals rather the system. It's much easier.

Still, as more "illegals" leave the US due to the housing bubble bursting, this may become a non-issue.

Luke Fisher said...

Another question is why does mecklenburg county subsidize education in the first place?

Subsidies make everything more expensive and requires theft (taxation) to fund.

Anonymous said...

Secure the border, fine and imprison employers, detain and deport illegals. (PERIOD)

Anonymous said...

Have to give Bill James credit he bashes everyone. Equal Opportunity bigot.

Anonymous said...

Bill James continues his grandstanding, by race baiting and gay baiting, just to impress the small minded fundie base he is so in cahoots with. Will somebody for heaven's sake run against this goon or even better, can't his liver explode so we can be done with him?

Anonymous said...

Some of you better refresh yourselves on the US Constitution. The majority of law abiding American citizens are very prepared to defend it. Please choose your side wisely, as you will be given no quarter!

Anonymous said...

If the illegals and their defenders are willing to poke the rattlesnake, please be prepared when you are bitten. Don't Tread on Me!

Anonymous said...

Please be warned, the military is not on your side, lawbreakers and libs! You have no idea what you are messing with. The governor and and DC have no control over the real defenders of US sovereignty, take it to the bank.

Phil Kabza said...

Bill James is consistent and predictable. His fan base requires this. Now that blacks, women, and gays have won considerable social and political support, Bill and his fans find it safe and easy to turn on illegal immigrants for their satisfaction; after all, who defends illegal immigrants, except maybe Carlos Mencia?

I haven't heard Bill James (or Sue Myrick) rail against the North Carolina companies that rely on illegal immigrant labor to fill their jobs. Why aren't they out giving sound bites to news crews while in the background sheriff deputies arrest the presidents of construction companies and restaurant chains? Haul the boards of directors of development companies and hotel owners off to jail, and the illegal immigrants would quickly lose their jobs and go home. Problem solved without lawsuits or border walls or camo-wearing vigilantes.

Of course, good luck finding their replacements. So maybe it's in our interest to help a few of them get an education, get better jobs, settle down, and pay more taxes.

Anonymous said...

What an A-hole. This guy wants us to abide by federal law. Imagine that. Can we run him out of town?

Here's the deal. I'm gay - yeah, mr. minority. I'm sick to death of the democrats pretending to support me yet doing more damage than the republicans ever though of to gay rights. I don't want special priveleges, i want equal treatment. That said, the dem's additionally besides betraying gays, do harm to us all as americans. The anti american pc polictics they advance are killing our econony and society. We're in debt up to our eyes with no end in sight, turning to socialism when it has failed everywhere else and becoming less tolerant of one another. As a minority, I could care less of anyone likes me (as the dem's would dictate) but want equal treatment. More and more, the dem's are pitting one segment of society against the other all the while furthering the reach of government. Wake up folks. Lets defend our constitution against fundamentalist of all kinds - religious and pc.

Anonymous said...

Every individual posting that "Illegal Immigrants should be banned of College and deported", I would like to ask: Are you Indian? If not, then, shut up your mouth forever, because if you have no indian ancestors, it means that they came off to US ILLEGALLY, snaking the old Indian laws or entering without passport through Ellis Island in New York.
I guess all those anti-immigrant bashers are White Republicans,(WASP)and churchgoers; they swear they are not racists, but spitting hatred, anti-immigrant venom in every word.
Many of those humble young alien (men and women), never came to this country because they choice to come. Many of them were brought by their parents when they were barely toddlers. Many speak a better English and Culture than their bashers, and someones just speak English.
But your racism is alive, very alive and due to you can´t continue beating blacks because they learned to defend themselves now your coward racism want to discharge your nasty complex and bigotry with the Latinos. Period.

Anonymous said...

Bill James is wasting time on a minor issue, when there are so many other more important issues that Mecklenburg county needs to address. There are 890,515 of us in Mecklenburg county according to Since this issue only relates to 19 people at CPCC, it is an issue related to only 1/46869th of the population. Come'on Mr. James. Lets work on the real issues, like unemployment. With 46,438 residents in Mecklenburg county without work as of April 2009, the issue is much more relevant, though much harder to solve. Quit diverting attention from the real issues and use your office to really help your constituency Mr. James.

Anonymous said...

to anon at 1:44am -- yes most do not have an indian ancestor and came through ellis island to america -- but you d*** a that was the law then. the current illegal population is here by thumbing their noses at the laws and figuring some bleeding heart will feel bad and let them stay, take education, jobs, support, housing, etc from our citizens. Welcome to 2009 and get current with the laws!

michael dock fowler said...

The word "illegal" should be stricken from the dictionary. How many ways can you twist the truth about immigration laws? Hell'in the "old-days" illegal meant illegal! Punish the companies that hire these knowingly illegals. Our economy is out of control largely due to the employeement situation. Where are the jobs? Can you say illegal immigrants have them so they can so they can support terrorist activities and spread the anti-American motto through out the entire world. You reap what you sow. Gotta go ,I have some foreign undocumented illegal waiting for me to tell him that he can't mow my yard! "spotshot22"

zeezil said...

So, tell me again why illegal aliens who are illegally in the country and maintain their illegal presence while operating here illegally should be admitted to college eventhough they are ILLEGAL ALIENS.

Anonymous said...

>> This is kind of complicated.

Only if you don't understand English.

Vicente Duque said...

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peregrino said...

Good old Bill, I am surprised it took him this long to find this bandwagon.

To cite that pesky 14th Amendment to the United States Constitution: "All persons born or naturalized in the United States, and subject to the jurisdiction thereof, are citizens of the United States and of the State wherein they reside. No State shall make or enforce any law which shall abridge the privileges or immunities of citizens of the United States; nor shall any State deprive any person of life, liberty, or property, without due process of law; nor deny to any person within its jurisdiction the equal protection of the laws.

I am sorry to say, that "any person" means "any person." I suspect you will have to amend the constitution to get the United States to hate and fear all of the same people you hate and fear. Of course, you did get the Supremes to distort the 14th under Plessy. Maybe you can do it again.

Of course, there is that earlier document that BJ is prone to quote:
Exodus 22:21, "You shall not wrong or oppress a resident alien, for you were aliens in the land of Egypt."

Leviticus 19:34 "The alien who resides among you shall be to you as the citizen among you; you shall love the alien as yourself, for you were aliens in the land of Egypt; I am the Lord your God."

Hebrews 13:2 "Do not neglect to show hospitality to strangers, for by doing so some have entertained angels unawares."

crystalsbass said...

"I agree 100% with the Norwegians ( and Europeans ! )"

Do you agree with this European?

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Michael Binyon, UK Times

Anonymous said...

James is being is usual, self-righteous blinded, hateful self. The feds have set the bar for legal immigration so high that the vast majority of latinos cannot qualify. And so then when they do come anyway, we call them illegal. James, Myrick and other so-called Christians of their ilk want God to treat them "by grace, rather than by law" but when it comes to interacting with their neighbor, "which they can see" (to quote a Biblical phrase), then grace goes out the window. These people are evil in human flesh. I have watched them for years, and they will not change. They are a blot on the good will of the NC communities they represent.

Vicente Duque said...

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Satyrn said...

@Anonymous Oct 8, 6:16:

Just because the South Carolinian CAN pay out-of-state tuition doesn't mean the illegal alien MUST be permitted to pay it too! Where did you learn logic?

If the South Carolinian is a legal citizen, he or she has the RIGHT to enter the community college system. The illegal is not ENTITLED to ANYTHING, but deportation and a swift kick in the shorts on the way out.

Anonymous said...

I got an idea. Lets take the extra county surcharge, charter the buses, and take the back to wherever they came from. The community college system in NC was designed to provide low-cost, quality education to North Carolinians and those who live in border counties. Not those who are here illegally. Isn't the ILLEGAL part of it enough to get the point across to the rulemakers?

Anonymous said...

i will admit that there is a problem with undocumented students here in the US. but, i will also say that a good percentage of them know and speak BETTER english than a good part of the natural born americans here. also, as for the test for citizenship status, if everyone in the US took the test, the vast majority of people who are born here and have lived here their entire lives would not pass it and therefore would not be considered citizens. yes, that means that all of us who are actual citizens would not be entitiled to citenzenship. and as for undocumented workers, who do u think our country thrives on? we need undocumented workers because they are the ones that do the jobs that no one else wants. why do you think we allow so many of them to work undocumented? because we want and need them. because without them, the very foundation of our country would crumble at its knees.

Vicente Duque said...

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