Thursday, October 22, 2009

'Illegal Alien' costume goes viral

By now, you've probably seen one of the many stories about the controversial 'illegal alien' costume that has drawn the ire of immigrant rights groups. The story has been covered in most major news outlets, including the Washington Post, USA Today, CNN, MSNBC, among others.

The costume is an orange jumpsuit with the words "ILLEGAL ALIEN" on the front, a space alien mask and a plastic green card. There is also an alternative mask of a space alien with a droopy black mustache.

Target was one of many retailers that pulled the costume from its website and apologized following complaints. The NC-based Americans for Legal Immigration PAC, which advocates for greater immigration enforcement, meanwhile called on supporters to go out and buy the costume as a statement to “stand up to censorship.”

Richard Zagone, a Chicago mask designer, told USA Today he was trying to be ironic when he and his brother came up with the idea. Little did he know the stir he’d create when people started complaining about the costumes being sold on major retailer websites like Walgreens, Amazon and others.

Most quit selling the costume after complaints by groups such as Coalition for Humane Immigrant Rights of Los Angeles, whose director called the costume "distasteful, mean-spirited, and ignorant of social stigmas and current debate on immigration reform."

Joshua Thomas, a spokesman for Target, told the Associated Press, that the stores never intended to sell the outfit but included it in its online offerings by mistake, he said.

William Gheen, executive of ALIPAC, put a costume on eBay, according to USA Today. Bids went to $116 before eBay pulled it.

"This is a spooky Halloween because, apparently, I no longer live in a country of free markets, free speech or free political expression," Gheen said.

You can still pick up the costume in Charlotte. According to Fox Charlotte, Morris Costumes on Monroe Road has seen a surge of sales of the costume since controversy spread.

Owner Philip Morris told Fox he hasn’t had any negative feedback yet and continues to sell the illegal alien gear.

"It's all in a sense of humor, we're looking at our own selves and laughing," Morris said.

(AP Photo/J Pat Carter)


Anonymous said...

That is hilarious. I should have bought one.

Anonymous said...

I want one with a sombrero and a mustache!

JAT said...

And yet still nada on Tighty Whitey, which seems scads narrower in its cultural send-up.

Anonymous said...

Is Halloween, get over, I'm an Immigrant, nothing to be offended is just for fun

Anonymous said...


Raymone said...

Gotta coddle to that ever-growing Highspanic population! That's where the dinero is, yo!

Minorities need to get over themselves. Seriously.

Anonymous said...

Geez if you do0nt like the way the country is, leave

Anonymous said...

Some people might be a little uptight about it, but I think it's brilliant and funny. Heck, they have Obama masks and other silly stuff like the Mexican Ninja. These people that can't take a joke are probably the same people that give apples to kids on Halloween.

Anonymous said...

"Geez if you do0nt like the way the country is, leave"

Exactly right.

It is as though all these illegal aliens and their supporters think we owe them something extra, something special for breaking the law and invading the country.

Anonymous said...

I love the "those who invaded the country" comments..... does any one still think that we were invited to go to Iraq or Afheganistan??? Didn't we invade Mexico (aka Texas and California) in the past centuries? Come on give me a break... but the costume is a fun but bad taste joke, like Halloween itself.. so did not expect too much anyways

Anonymous said...

I love it .. Wish I could have got one.

Anonymous said...

I need to get over to Morris Costume and get one of these costumes. This was a great idea!! Too bad it didn't come with handcuffs and a deportation notice instead of green card.

Anonymous said...

To quote a movie,
Some people are "so tight, if you stuck a lump of coal up (their) ass, in two weeks you'd have a diamond."

Rick said...

"William Gheen, executive of ALIPAC, put a costume on eBay, according to USA Today. Bids went to $116 before eBay pulled it..."

William Gheen...gosh, I haven't seen that lowlife's name in several years. Somehow, I must have ended up on his email list...a few years ago, I was continuously getting spammed by him with the most disgusting, the most hateful, the most lie-filled emails I've ever received.

I demanded that he stop emailing his bogus crap to me, and he finally sent me some sort of petulant spoiled-brat response, but at least he took me off of his email list.

What a loser.

Vicente Duque said...

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Anonymous said...


your soap box has been catering to crickets long for even you to recognize the absurdity.

Anonymous said...

You can still buy it here:

Anonymous said...

Rick needs to chill. Whatever he feels about Gheen does nothing to limit Gheen's rights. Halloween is a time for funny and silly costumes, and anyone who gets offended needs to remember the holiday and calm down.

Anonymous said...

"Geez if you do0nt like the way the country is, leave"

"Exactly right".

I agree!....What do `dont understand about Illegal? The costume spreads the word which is good....More "Liberal Cr@p to protect the ...ILLEGALS by banning the costume!

vamoose said...

I am so sorry that few get a joke. The only ones who should be very upset are the illegal SPACE aliens that did not bother to stop at our embassy on Mars to get the proper visa before coming here.
All this ruckus is doing is pointing out how petty the pro-illegal amnesty groups can get. I also think the ruckus is an admission of knowing they support violating laws of this sovereign country.
Get a grip!

vamoose said...

Rick, what a pathetic comment. William Gheen would probably welcome a debate, but calling someone a low-life for their opinion on a subject, an opinion which you apparently disagree with, is a pretty cheap shot.
So exactly what would be your opinion about this space alien costume--and please reply without disparaging people you do not know.

vamoose said...

Vicente, I have to ask you what a Halloween costume has to do with the pundits spouting about foreign wars. Please explain, as it seems one cannot squeeze oranges and expect apple juice.
Okay, Americans invaded Mexican territory, and we ended up paying Mexico for the property. Read history.
We ended up with Florida, as Spain, not finding any riches let the English have it--the English gave it back. And it was finally ceded to this country as the Spaniards did not want to mess with an indefensible peninsula.
All be told, that above has absolutely nothing to do with a debate about a space alien costume.

mark said...

Maybe I should just make my own Halloween Costumes like this!

candy said...

No sense of humor is right, over 2 centuries of Americans being able to laugh at them selves and their families heritage and now he have so many people that want to turn OUR country into the one they are fleeing.

Think about it, it is the perfect opportunity for an illegal alien to dress up and come out of the that would be funny!!LOL

It is no wonder Americans are fed up with people who come here and want to change our beloved country!

Vicente Duque said...

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Anonymous said...

You have got to be kidding me. Halloween is the time to make fun of and parody everything. Every year there's some joke regarding something in popular culture. Some in bad taste, some not. There is always a funny mask of the current or former president. I guess next, retailers will have to remove those, too. Especially those of Obama - because we all know that anyone who would wear an Obama mask would only do so because they are racist. And anyone who dresses up like a witch are obviously anti-witchimic. And don't even get me started on those people who make fun of clowns. You know Reid and Pelosi can't help it and will be offended.

Anonymous said...

This is a racist costume. I hope you George Bush loving ballantyne dwellers burn and rot in the pits of hell fire. Keep your sorry asses down at southpark and don't come to the metro area with your racism and eletist views.

Anonymous said...


Vicente Duque said...

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Deport Vicente Please! said...

Vicente Duque you are so OFF TOPIC!!!

Please find some other place to spew your blabber.

I agree with an earlier poster who commented that it is too bad the costume didn't come with handcuffs and deportation papers.

I don't feel that the costumes should be censored. Merchants that pulled the costumes under pressure from illegal immigrant supporters should be boycotted.

Anonymous said...

Anyone get the notion that duque is really Ordonez posting anonymously?

Algernon said...

"It is as though all these illegal aliens and their supporters think we owe them something extra, something special for breaking the law and invading the country."

accurate statement

Anonymous said...

What's the big deal? If you're illegal you are not entitled to bitch. If you are legal, what are bitching about? If you support the illegals what are you bitching about? The costume does not depict Mexican, Hondurans, Chileans, Columbians, Philipino, Indian, Iranian, or anyother. Get the hell over it. This nation is starting to be full of pussies. Hard to believe we are a nation of pussies, run by pussies, for pussies. I'm going to buy 2. One for halloween and the other to give away to a trick or treater. possibly an alien.


Ross Bain.

Vicente Duque said...

I watched this story unfold in the National Geographic Channel : a Happy Birthday, Multinational Birthday Party trough the Border Fence. Two worlds apart, and a cake is divided for the guests.

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