Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Commissioner's request for investigation of undocumented students denied

The Mecklenburg County attorney will not investigate whether the county is vulnerable to a lawsuit for subsidizing the education of illegal immigrants at Central Piedmont Community College unless directed by the full board of commissioners, County Manager Harry Jones said today.

That is not likely to happen.

And in response to a request from Commissioner Bill James, commission Chairwoman Jennifer Roberts stated in an e-mail that she did not plan to seek an opinion from the Department of Homeland Security on this issue.

“In addition, since out of state tuition is greater than the per pupil cost of educating students at CPCC, those few undocumented immigrants who might be able to afford it will be subsidizing the education of other students,” she wrote.

We reported last week that James wants illegal immigrants to pay an additional county fee to attend CPCC. He said he’s concerned the county may otherwise be vulnerable to lawsuit based on a federal statute that prohibits illegal immigrants from being eligible "for any State or local public benefit."

The county gave CPCC $41 million for operational and construction budgets. Last month, the State Board of Community Colleges approved a new policy that will allow illegal immigrants to attend any of North Carolina's 58 community colleges, provided they graduate from a U.S. high school, pay the higher out-of-state tuition, and do not displace legal residents from classes. The new policy won't take effect until next academic year, at the soonest, pending administrative review.

James argues the state gets around the “public benefits” liability question because illegal immigrants will be required to pay ‘out-of-state’ tuition, which exceeds the cost to the state and therefore is not a subsidy.

But, James says, unlike the state, the county doesn’t require repayment via tuition. He says unless CPCC charges illegal immigrants for that subsidy the county would be breaking the law.

James accused Roberts of “taking an ostrich approach of ‘don’t ask as we don’t want to know,’” but that he did not plan to force the issue by putting it on the commission agenda.

“I think this is not the best approach because it will create animosity and bring out folks on both sides, something that can’t accomplish much except ratchet up tension on an issue that already has way too much,” James wrote in an email.


Vicente Duque said...

Let's ask this question : these potential students are going to be expulsed of the United States ??

In the eight years of Mr Obama ??

Yes or No ???

If the students are going to remain in America, then they should be educated.

Because Educated Youth is an asset and plus. Uneducated Youth is a minus for the Economy, For Growth and Further Development.


Some thought pills about the Census of year 2010 - Legal and "Illegal" Immigrants, H1B Greencard Workers

I love numbers, statistics, demography, and economic matters.

So I prefer the census to be reliable and well done, even if some data can not be obtained ( How many Legals or "Illegals ).

It would be wonderful if we can have information about the Hispanics and other Immigrant Populations, Legal or "Illegal", but the Census should not be used as a tool for evictions, expulsions and progroms.

Guns have safety devices, so that the weapon is not shot accidentally. I wonder if there is a possibility of the Census triggering a big progrom. ( perhaps not with Mr Obama and the Democrats )

The Economy and Foreign Trade are also important matters and people are usually EXTREMELY IGNORANT of these numbers, and matters of trade, quotas, taxes, fees, custom duties, etc ... And they link these matters of Trade Agreements to liking or disliking Immigrants ( Legal or Illegal ).

Let's study all the Implications, Numbers, History, etc ... of Immigration, Slavery and Indentured Servants ..... and the "Safety Devices" of the Census.

And don't forget the H 1 B "greencard workers", since some people complain of abuses or explotations against these workers.


Vicente Duque

Algernon said...

Let's ask this question

If we as a society are asked to forgive the crimes of a select group of people, that would be the ILLEGAL ALIEN presence, is it not just as fair to forgive other law breakers such as bank robbers, and murderers and even lil ol' Bernie Madoff?

Tell me again why certain folks deserve to be allowed to break the laws unpunished and others do not?

Of course obama won't do the right thing and send the illegal aliens on their way, he knows he is going to need their vote come 2012.

Anonymous said...

Vicente Duque always has very lengthy comments that do not say a whole lot of anything and then ends with his website. Why doesn't he just take out an ad if he wants to draw people to his website???


Fed up with Illegals said...

I really really like that Bill James. He's not afraid to talk about the reality of a situation. Thanks for being so straight forward Bill James.

Anonymous said...

Bill James is full of hot air. This is a very complex issue and he knows when to back off.

zeezil said...


What are the unelected bureaucrats sitting on the NC CCS board who are actually public servants and are paid through our hard earned tax dollars thinking? Or, perhaps the better question would be…are they thinking of the welfare of the American citizen and the legal residents of North Carolina? Or, are they insulated elitists bending to the will of destructive special interests? We have 11% unemployment and climbing in North Carolina. WHY ARE THEY NOT FOCUSING WHAT STATE RESOURCES ARE AVAILABLE FOR EDUCATING AND TRAINING UNEMPLOYED CITIZENS FOR JOBS INSTEAD OF FINDING WAYS TO FACILITATE PLACING ILLEGAL ALIENS INTO OUR COMMUNITY COLLEGE SYSTEM?

It is beyond the pale that citizen taxpayers are already forced by a miscreant Supreme Court decision to educate illegal alien children through high school and you want to extend educational benefits to illegals in college! Don’t even begin the argument that they will pay their own way because that is absurd. Don’t forget, illegal aliens are called illegal because they are illegally present in the country. Providing educational benefits to illegals only begets more illegal immigration just as providing free medical services, employment, and anchor baby citizenship that opens our entire welfare benefit system to the family.

As a citizen of North Carolina, I am appalled by the State Board allowing illegal aliens to attend our community colleges. It is violation of law that illegal aliens are allowed into colleges at all. I would argue that it is in violation of the 'aiding and abetting' statute in the 1986 IRCA (Immigration Reform and Control Act). Even if illegal aliens were to pay out of state tuition, it would not cover the entire cost of their education because of capital costs, often not figured fully into the total cost calculations per student. Therefore, taxpayer subsidization of illegal aliens would occur. Also, why would the Board allow an illegal alien to take a seat in college from a deserving American citizen or legal immigrant? Seats in all of our post-secondary facilities are a limited and highly coveted resource, so why would you put an illegal alien into one? Why should we be in the business of educating and training a group of people who are illegally here and cannot legally be employed? Could they unequivocally state and prove that not one single tax dollar would be used and not one single citizen or LEGAL immigrant would be affected by illegal aliens attending our community colleges? This decision flies in the face of the rule of law. Instead, we should demand that that illegals are not entering the system by requiring the use of verification tools. I recommend mandating the use of the S.A.V.E (Systematic Alien Verification Entitlements) System to certify all applicants are legally present in the U.S.

Furthermore, the people of NC are opposed to allowing illegals to attend community college, as illustrated by the Civitas Institute Decision Maker Poll Results of NC voters:
- 68% of N.C. voters oppose allowing illegal immigrants to enroll in community colleges (February 2008).

Another poll just released this week by the American Council for Immigration Reform (ANCIR) indicates that 78% of Americans are against amnesty for illegal aliens with the same percentage stating that they believe illegals have had a substantial negative impact on the quality and cost of our health care system. Obviously, you can infer that Americans do not want illegals in our educational system beyond which we are already federally coerced to do so.

zeezil said...


The statements you hear from advocates for illegal aliens in favor of them having access to our colleges generally flow around their claim that better educated illegals will be more productive and will assimilate better into our society. This is not only fuzzy thinking, it is faulty logic. It’s very precept is that the illegal gets additional benefits to what they have already enjoyed by illegally remaining and operating here and gives a segment of them what they want – unfettered access to our higher education system (in addition to our primary and secondary education system that they have already utilized). This, of course, will be costly to the American taxpayer whether the illegal pays out of state tuition or not. It also deprives a deserving citizen or legal immigrant of the seat that the illegal would occupy. Another marketing campaign is that a child should not be penalized because of the ‘sins’ of their parents. Allowing access to higher education, however, allows the child to benefit from the fact their parents broke the law and continue to remain here illegally.

I take exception to NCCCS reporting that ‘only’ a hundred or so illegal aliens are currently enrolled. This is a false and hollow number because it relies on self-reporting and not many illegal immigrants are going to truthfully report their immigration status. I do not believe the admissions office takes any action to investigate or determine status. The number is much larger than what they are officially reporting, and likely numbers in the thousands.

Admitting illegal immigrants to our community colleges is a slap in the face and a hit in the pocketbook to citizens, legal immigrants and their children. It is apparent that the NC CCS board is willfully unwilling to stand up for the rule of law and the LEGAL residents of North Carolina. They obviously have no concept of the definition of “illegal” when coupled with the term immigrant in rendering their egregiously infuriating decision.

Vicente Duque said...

Is Obama shrewd ? -- Will he be reelected ??

Pampering the "Swing States", spending the Stimulus Package in the Contended States, the Toss Up States, some data.

My friend Leo L. in Gather.com provides some data on the effect of the "Stimulus Package" or Congress Bill on the Economy and the Jobs created in various States. See link at the bottom of this comment.

I have read articles in the past, saying that Presidents always favor with visits those states that will be "Contended States" or "Toss up States", "Decisive States" in next Presidential elections. Where margins of victory or loss are very small for the president.

To what extent is Mr Obama being shrewd by visiting the "Swing States" or "Dangerous States" ...And what about spending in "Swing States" ??

Colorado, Florida, Georgia and Ohio are superb "Swing States" and are on top of the list. Texas and Arizona have demographies that point to future "Blue" states, voting for Democrats. Also on top of the list.

Virginia and New Mexico have to be pampered. Virginia has recently left the Red "Confederacy" and became Blue Democratic.

All these states have seen beautiful increments in employment.

Stimulus bill slowly working
October 21, 2009
By Leo L.

Stimulus bill slowly working


More Economic Information :


Vicente Duque

zeezil said...

Civitas Institute Decision Maker Poll Results of NC voters:

- 69% of N.C. voters oppose providing education benefits to illegal immigrants (August 2005).
- 68% of N.C. voters oppose allowing illegal immigrants to enroll in community colleges (February 2008).

Its far beyond time that the NC General Assembly abides by the will of the NC people in this matter. Attendance at any institution of higher education in NC should be reserved for citizens and LEGAL immigrants.
South Carolina and Virginia have already taken action and passed legislation denying illegal aliens attendance in colleges in their state. NC needs to follow suit.