Sunday, December 19, 2010

Local advocates saddened that Dream Act blocked

Vianey Hernandez was crushed.

The young advocate with Action NC's youth group, Dare To Dream, was among the many supporters of the Dream Act hurt yesterday when Senate Republicans blocked an effort that would have given hundreds of thousands of young illegal immigrants a path to legal residency if they enrolled in college or joined the military.

“It breaks my heart, that my best friend and my little sister are being denied a future. We were all brought here when we were little and this is all we know.”

Jose Canales said “this makes me mad; just because I’m a U.S. citizen I can go to college and friends I’ve known my whole life can’t.

Hector Vaca, a community organizer with Action NC, said the hopes and dreams of millions of youth around the country were crushed as the United States Senate voted 55 to 41 to limit debate and bring the Dream Act to a vote.

"These are not the actions of public servants who claim to represent the will and interests of the American people."

He and other North Carolina advocates were particularly disappointed that Kay Hagan, a Greensboro Democrat, voted against the act. She was among five Democrats who joined 36 Republicans in blocking it.

Canales however said this will not discourage him.

"I will work harder to make their American dream come true too. 2011 is the year we make those old politicians in Washington care about us young people.”


Larry said...

I commented yesterday that the Observer would not dare let anyone but Franco do this story.

Maybe this will inspire people to do the right thing and go back and reenter the country legally as millions have done over these centuries.

Those of you who have worked hard and done it right will serve as a great example and we welcome your comments to those Franco write about here.

Anonymous said...

I'm pretty tough on my views of illegals in the country. However, we need a plan and a path that allow these kids who essentially are "in between' to become productive citizens. Having said that, there needs to be a date etched in stone that essentially says, if you entered after (insert date) it is your family's problem and you will be deported. Someone has to say enough is enough and stop the insanity of allowing our resources to be spread so thin. I have no problem with a mandatory couple of years of military service for all sexes as a step toward this process. There has to be something in it for the public that has paid millions to support so many. TTL

wiley coyote said...

Typical Ordonez "reporting".

Hey Ordonez, when are you ever going to report on the ILLEGAL side of immigration?

It's a very good thing this "dream" died.

Secure the border, separate the illegals here who at least have an expired visa or green card, process them to remain in this country and work towards permanent status and kick the rest out.

Reform the immigration process and have those kicked out apply to come through THE FRONT DOOR!

The US shouldn't demand anything less.

Rick said...


November 6, 1986 of the last amnesty signing...

Anonymous said...

A bunch of advocates how have no idea what they are talking about. Why am I shocked? Jose, your friends can go to college. Maybe the American taxpayers aren't going to foot the bill, maybe they can't get scholarships or loans, maybe they can't get in-state tuition, but they CAN go to college. I severely doubt Jose went/is in/is going to college, so I doubt he's the guy to be talking about going to college.

c3pico said...

Under the terms of the DREAM Act:

• An undocumented high-school graduate or GED recipient would be eligible to adjust to conditional lawful permanent resident (LPR) status if they have been physically present in the United States for at least five years and were younger than 16 when they first entered the country.
• This LPR status would be granted on a conditional basis and valid for six years, during which time the student would be allowed to work, go to school, or join the military.
• The “conditional” status would be removed and the person granted LPR status after six years once the student has either completed two years in a program for a bachelor’s degree or higher degree or has served in the armed services for at least two years and, if discharged, has received an honorable discharge.
• DREAM Act students would not be eligible for federal education grants. Students would, however, be eligible for federal work study and student loans, and individual states would not be restricted from providing financial aid to the students.

c3pico said...

My above comment shows that this is not a free ride. The kids would have to earn it. In order to qualify, they would have to work for it. This is fair. These kids should not have to be penalized for the actions of their parents. They want to contribute to the country where they have lived their whole lives. Isn't that what we want from people. . . to work and contribute to our great nation?

wiley coyote said...


All of your comments are moot?

Know why?

They are here illegally to begin with.

The Observer did a story on an illegal that graduated CMS and how proud everyone was of her.

She should have been deported as she was NOT born here, not an achor baby, but rather pulled into the US at age three by her mother.

Illegal means illegal.

c3pico said...
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c3pico said...

wiley coyote your point makes no sense, since being here undocumented is not criminal offense. It is a civil offense.

The term "illegal" is used, in order to generate hatred and a sense of "the other". It is used to create a separation between people. Conservative politicians use it to divide a population.

The more accurate term is "undocumented", since these people do not have documents. Illegal is not an accurate word, because an action can be illegal, but a person cannot be and as I said earlier, being here undocumented is not a criminal offense; it is a civil offense.

John said...

>> The more accurate term is "undocumented",
>> since these people do not have documents.

Aren't the people who refer to "documents" as in "undocumented" the same people who are against requiring documents (i.e. photo ID) to vote?

Kevin & Ginger said...

I wish someone would write an article breaking down the cost of illegal immigration to the US via government entitlement programs such as food stamps, WIC, subsidized housing and Medicaid. Also the cost of public education for these children and the increase cost of adding more police on the streets due to the influx of crime and drugs brought into our country from Mexico. Everyone seems to want to focus on the "I have a dream" angle while sugarcoating the actual cost of entering the country illegally.

Kevin & Ginger said...
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Jim said...

Vianney was "crushed", was he. Well, Ol Baldy was ELATED!

CRiS said...

It is truly sad that the actions of their parents will limit opportunities for these kids.

c3pico said...

In response to Kevin & Ginger:

According to the U.S. government's Congressional Budget Office, it is estimated that the Senate version of the DREAM Act, "would reduce deficits by about $1.4 billion over the 2011-2020 period."

Also, these kids would also generate a lot for the economy. According to a 2010 study by the UCLA North American Integration and Development Center estimates that the total earnings of DREAM Act beneficiaries over the course of their working lives would be between $1.4 trillion and $3.6 trillion. This is money that will be spent to stimulate our economy.

Latino and Asian entrepreneurs and consumers add tens of billions of dollars and tens of thousands of jobs to North Carolina’s economy.
␣ The 2009 purchasing power of North Carolina’s Latinos totaled $12.8 billion—an increase of 1,424.0% since 1990. Asian buying power totaled $6.0 billion—an increase of 743.2% since 1990, according to the Selig Center for Economic Growth at the University of Georgia.17
␣ Spending by Latinos in North Carolina generated 89,600 spin-off jobs and an additional $2.4 billion in labor income, $455 million in state tax revenue, and $661 million in federal tax revenue in 2004, according to a study by researchers at the University of North Carolina- Chapel Hill.18
␣ North Carolina’s 13,695 Asian-owned businesses had sales and receipts of $3.5 billion and employed 32,759 people in 2002, the last year for which data is available. The state’s 9,043 Latino-owned businesses had sales and receipts of $1.8 billion and employed 11,615 people in 2002, according to the U.S. Census Bureau’s Survey of Business Owners.

c3pico said...


␣ Immigrants comprised 9.1% of the state’s workforce in 2008 (or 436,889 workers), according to the U.S. Census Bureau.21
␣ Unauthorized immigrants comprised 5.3% of the state’s workforce in 2008 (or 250,000 workers), according to a report by the Pew Hispanic Center.22
␣ If all unauthorized immigrants were removed from North Carolina, the state would lose $14.5 billion in economic activity, $6.4 billion in gross state product, and approximately 101,414 jobs, even accounting for adequate market adjustment time, according to a report by the Perryman Group.23

Immigrants are integral to North Carolina’s economy as students.
␣ North Carolina’s 12,220 foreign students contributed $276.6 million to the state’s economy in tuition, fees, and living expenses for the 2008-2009 academic year, according to NAFSA: Association of International Educators.24

c3pico said...
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c3pico said...

Also according to a study conducted by the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, the crime rate in NC has been going down as the immigrant population grows. According to the same study, Americans are 5 times more likely to commit a crime than an immigrant.

Also, over 86.7% of immigrants processed in NC were arrested for misdemeanors as opposed to 13.3% for crimes.

John said...



Gary said...

This one sided propagandist reporting is quite troubling. We aren't we talking about how much tax money it costs to educate illegals? Or about increased competition for those spots for legal residents and of course citizens. Nevermind the reporting on mexican gangs that are in Charlotte now or the Border ranches that live in fear for their lives and a government that has turned its back on protecting them? Where are those heart stories, Franco??

Or how about a news story about the draconian immigration laws of Mexico. They bar foreign ownership of anything within the country and if you're illegal there then you're going to jail... ask the Guatemalans who've tried that. So how about we fix xenophobic Mexico and their prosperity will rise, thus keeping their citizens at home.

Timothy Whitson said...

Well, I was born here and I am still sensitive to what are basically innocent children who were brought here when they were young and really don't have the day-to-day survival skills to make it in a latino culture if they were to be sent back. Their entire knowledge base is rooted in American skills; how to find a job, financial transactions, laws. I say we need to cut these kids a break. Some comment "send them back and let them reenter legally". These kids were 2 and 3 when their parents marched them across. This ia all they've ever known. I don't think we need to hold children (even if grown) responsible for the sins of their ancestors.

c3pico said...

John, you are confusing the issue. It is not that undocumented people take jobs. It is that corporations won't raise wages for American workers. In a majority of industries where you find immigrants, it is because the employers won't raise wages and many americans feel it is beneath them to work those jobs for so little pay. The company then brings in immigrants to work those jobs at the depressed rates.

In order to help more Americans find good jobs with decent wages, we have to push American companies to stop sending jobs overseas and to stop holding wages down.

If wages were to go up, many Americans would take those jobs and more people would be employed and we could stimulate the economy. Since those jobs would be taken by Americans, there would be no need to import immigrants.

Plus, the United Farm Workers union has a campaign now called Take Our Jobs, where they invite Americans to come and work in the fields with them. They are offering jobs to Americans. To this date, almost no one has taken them up on this offer.

ThaQueenCity said...

Franco, glad it didn't pass! America is hurting enough from all our care giving as it is now!

We need to focus on Americans not criminals and illegals. I am sorry they chose to come here illegally, but WHY should we be forced to reward them for doing so? They get benefits legals can't get!

Do I understand why they came here, yes, but there is a right way and a wrong way. And before ANYONE quotes the bible let me:

Romans 13:1-10 addresses our responsibility to the authority of human government and to the law of God. When we obey the governing authorities, we don’t have to fear punishment, and we gain a clear conscience by doing what is right (vv.3,5).

Paul urged the followers of Christ in Rome to give the governing authorities what was owed them, whether taxes, revenue, respect, or honor (v.7).

It is our duty to obey man’s law and our privilege to fulfill God’s law by loving others. And His law is “the perfect law that gives freedom” (James 1:25 NIV).

I have no hate towards anyone, but enough is enough. LEGAL Americans are hurting right now and it is time for our government to put its citizens first and illegals second! NOT the other way around. I am glad someone in congress realized this. Citizens are treated like like illegals...THAT is wrong!

Here in NC alone we could save MILLIONS every year from the illegals receiving welfare and from their criminal activities, which is quite extensive.

Let's not forget they came here for something better, but all I see is America looking more and more like Mexico everyday! Just look at California! Over run by drug cartels and gangs....THIS must STOP!

ThaQueenCity said...

TO Kevin & Ginger:

Go here for answer to your questions regarding how much illegals cost us not only in welfare, but crime as well:

c3pico said...

I am amused by conservative christians that attempt to use the bible as a way to justify hatred.

Jesus was loving caring man who accepted all people, regardless of who they were, where they come from, and how they got there. He preached love and compassion.

He also fought the love of money over God and preached that self love is bad and a love of God and of caring for your brothers and sister as good.

Plus, if we are going to talk about the holding accountable the descendants for the actions of those that came before them, we need to hold people of European descant accountable for all their sins in this country. . . imprisonment of Japanese Americans during WWII, the rape of the natives of this country by the Europeans and the theft of their lands in the name of christianity. Christians also have a history of killing those that won't convert to christianity (Christopher Columbus, the Pilgrims. . .).

The truth is that we are not the same as our ancestors and should not be held guilty for their actions. The same holds true for these youth that have lived and worked here and want to continue contributing to our great nation.

ThaQueenCity said...


I am sure your heart is in the right place, but right now Americans (LEGAL) ones are hurting and illegals are costing us billions each year in welfare, jobs and criminal activities!

NO MORE of this madness! Get legal or get OUT, either way our tax money should NOT go to support illegals!

Good luck on your fight, I will be on the other side fighting for MY rights AS an American Citizen.

Larry said...

While I could use various sources which use more expensive numbers I felt to use the ABC New Story which shows that after the income and outlay along with the benefits it seems the costs of Illegals in this country are around 100 billion a year.

That adds up even more when we have a downturn and that is why we feel it even worse now, which is why it is growing exponentially in cost to us.

So yes it is worth it to us to save our country to remove all illegals as has been done before by a previous Democratic President.

The link to the ABC story is

ThaQueenCity said...

C3pico: No we don't need to talk about history, get real...we are talking about here and now!

FYI: As a Native American our people have moved on, we don't like to sit in or blame the past for present or future, unlike some! So forget your histrionics.

Stick to the here and now.....

Larry said...

Franco: Can you do a story on just how long overdue a Nationwide discussion and vote is on an over 100 year old law that was intended to help Slaves who had family members who had died for the right to be citizens, should now be used for those who just happened to cross over the border as genetic material today?

We really need to get that updated so that if you are a citizen you have worked for it.

ThaQueenCity said...

And I am not a "religion" freak, I am actually a Nature spiritualist, by Indian standards....I quoted the bible because I knew someone would bring it up!

As I said before I have no hate, but when my rights are denied over illegals something is not right.

I have to have ID, they don't;
I have to have a SS#, they don't and STILL get benefits & a job?
I have to prove who I am everywhere I go, they don't;
They steal ID's & SS#'s and get deported (no criminal time) only to come right back;
They bring not only their kids but their drug, gangs and cartels too! We have enough of our own without adding to it with theirs!

My rights should come first as a LEGAL Citizen!

Not going to stay here and argue, not worth it because the nightmare act DIDN'T PASS THANK YOU CONGRESS!

John said...

Jose Canales said "just because I’m a U.S. citizen..."

Here is a message from one who served in the US Military to protect and defend your rights as a U.S. citizen:

If you can say "just" and "U.S. Citizen" in the same sentance, you weren't worthy of my, or my fellow soldier's service! Why don't you just renounce your citizenship and find out what it really means to NOT be a U.S. citizen!

While I favor compassion and a route to citizenship, your comments Mr. Canales serve only to make it harder for that to happen!

Anonymous said...

Immigrants are integral to North Carolina’s economy as students.
␣ North Carolina’s 12,220 foreign students contributed $276.6 million to the state’s economy in tuition, fees, and living expenses for the 2008-2009 academic year, according to NAFSA: Association of International Educators.24

That money can be replaced easily. IF the UNC system admitted out-of-state students instead of immigrants, they'd get the same fees.

ThaQueenCity said...

Jose Canales said “this makes me mad; just because I’m a U.S. citizen I can go to college and friends I’ve known my whole life can’t.

Don't blame America for what your THEIR parents did! Blame their parents for bringing them here illegally.

Do you think if I went to Mexico I would get ANY help, esp benefits!! No WAY, I would be thrown in jail for 2 years!

Why should we reward anyone for breaking OUR laws?

Archiguy said...

Well, this is just silly. Everybody who's a REAL American knows that you can't get any legislation moved through Congress, especially with Republicans, unless you hire a million-dollar lobbying firm and promise a few key politicians a bushel full of campaign "donations" and maybe a high-paying gig once their "service" is over (i.e. when they lose their next election).

Idealism is dead, along with the American dream and all that it once represented. We're now lagging behind the rest of the world in nearly every significant category except tax breaks for hedge fund managers. It's all up for sale now.

We'll close up the borders and insulate ourselves from all those evil Latinos crossing the border illegally and doing jobs no American would do. Hope all those self-righteous conservatives that love to vilify Hispanics learn to enjoy harvesting apples, trimming lawns, cleaning office buildings, and cutting chicken parts.

Oh, you mean they wouldn't stoop to such disreputable labor? It's beneath their god-fearin', lib-rul hatin' selves? Gosh, who woulda' thunk it?

ThaQueenCity said...

TO: Archiguy, tell what then YOU pay for all their healthcare, babies, food, housing, and crime then maybe the rest of America might agree with ya, but until then AMERICAN KIDS AND FAMILIES SHOULD COME FIRST!

Ghoul said...

Franco, when will we see your story on the Border Guard killed by illegal alien bandits in Arizona this week?

c3pico said...

TheQueenCity said:

"No we don't need to talk about history, get real...we are talking about here and now!

FYI: As a Native American our people have moved on, we don't like to sit in or blame the past for present or future, unlike some! So forget your histrionics.

Stick to the here and now....."

You are right. That is the point I was trying to make. We need to stick to the here and now and not harp on the past on what was done. The point I was making is that we all got past the actions of people in the past and we must do the same with this issue, in terms of these kids. The same way we don't hold people accountable for Christopher Columbus' and the Pilgrims actions now, we should not penalize these kids that just want to contribute in the only country they know and love.

I totally respect your right to your point of view, the same way you said you respect mine.

I come from a family that did it the so called right way and my dad was still messed over by the U.S. government.

c3pico said...

John, if you believe that there is only one way to be a patriot then you are mistaken. The U.S. was founded by people that disagreed with their government. Dissent is even a part of our declaration of independence and our constitution. It is an important part of our past and our heritage. No democracy can really function without differences in opinion.

To attack Jose for feeling for his friends is to show your own weaknesses. Jose is showing compassion and he is entitled to feel pain at the way his friends are treated, the same way we would all feel pain if we felt any of our friends are being treated badly.

John said...


I'm sorry that you're a disciple of George W. Bush of "jobs Americans won't do" infamy.

The reality is that illegals and employers do business because the illegals take cash and thus the employer avoids SS and unemployment taxes.

Without illegals, the employer would still need to get the job done, and thus would hire legal Americans. A smaller profit beats no profit!