Monday, June 22, 2009

Advocates: Watch out, judges 'will block' enforcement

Compromise is key to passing immigration reform, but some advocates believe promises by the pro-legalization movement to accept enforcement measures ring hollow.

They say the "dirty little secret" is immigrant rights groups know such promises won't actually happen because judges will block any agreed upon enforcement.

The Center for Immigration Studies presented a report earlier this month on what they characterized as an attack on plenary power, a 19th century doctrine that gives the legislative and executive branches of government power over immigration regulation.

The center says there is a movement by immigration attorneys and others to erode this power in favor of a judicially administered immigration system.

Mark Krikorian, executive director of the center, said this will allow judges to block enforcement measures such as mandatory use of the E-Verify system, which checks the Social Security numbers of job applicants, or more cooperation between local police and federal immigration authorities.

“If there’s no guarantee of enforcement measures actually making it through court, then the whole concept of a deal is completely undermined,” Krikorian said.

Krikorian, citing the 1986 amnesty, says history shows that promises of legal status for tougher enforcement may not be held up.

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Anonymous said...

It will be nice when the last 4 people that buy this paper leave the construction site and this "newspaper" goes completely out of business. Just rip the band-aid off - the slow pull hurts more. Putting pro-illegal musings on the front page in an area that doesn't want illegals - great business plan. Bye bye Observer. Hope you all find jobs w/Barack's new gov't.

Anonymous said...

With all due respect and purely as
a matter of trying educate myself on the issue.

Why is the fact that a group of people have been allowed to break the law by entering the country illegally, and exist in the country illegally been so blatantly overlooked?

Is it not the duty of every elected official and members of law enforcement to actually enforce the law?

What is so special about all of these "illegal immigrants" that they get such preferential treatment and a get out of go through the legal immigration process free cards?

Obviously "judges" are already derelict in their duty by enabling
such a large population of illegals in the first place.

I really would like someone, blog author perhaps, to speak up and let us all in on something we may be missing?

Anonymous said...

Forget passing immigration reform. Deport all illegal immigrants and their offspring and enforce current immigration law. Enough already!

Anonymous said...

What freakin lunacy and pure bravo sierra

The power to determine immigration laws has always resided in the legislative branch you idiot. Congress MAKES THE LAWS

It was not until activist, left wing judges decided to play God and impose their will and subvert our Constitution by legislating from the bench

So little frankie ordonez is once again rallying for the criminals BFD

I wonder if the author is a legal citizen

David I said...

Let me first start out by stating I am all for LEGAL immigration. ILLEGAL immigration is a completely different matter. So I ask this.

Why is it that the simple answer is always overlooked? Some say we should deport illegal immigrants. Not going to happen simply due to the cost associated with it. But why not require every service to demand proof of citizenship? If you want your child to be enrolled in public schools, you have to be verified as a legal citizen. You want to go to the hospital, get verified. Benefits of any kind, get verified. Rent a place to live, get verified. Obtain a driver's license, get verified. Etc...

If it wasn't so incredibly easy for illegal immigrants to get services, they'd leave on their own. There is no need to deport anyone.

I bet all those jobs people used to say Americans wouldn't take, would be grabbed up in a minute these days. (Never believed that myself, just stating)

Anonymous said...

So we should deny services to children of illegal immigrants who had no choice as to whether or not to come to this country? Are you human? Do you have a conscience? Try teaching in the public schools and tell me that the immigrant students don't work harder and try harder than "American" students. I teach children of illegal immigrants every day, and I they are often better students than our legal residents. They DID NOT HAVE A CHOICE in coming here. Why punish the innocent? All "Americans" that are not Native Americans are technically illegal immigrants, if you trace lineage in history. What would happen if we deported everyone whose relatives were illegal immigrants. I could go on and on, but please speak intelligently if you are to speak on this subject at all!

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said: "Putting pro-illegal musings on the front page in an area that doesn't want illegals - great business plan. Bye bye Observer. Hope you all find jobs w/Barack's new gov't."


Ignorance reigns for this anonymous poster!

Anonymous said...


Your CAPS button is stuck. What branch of gov't do you work for? Or are you making $ off illegals as a lawyer or say...columnist?

Anonymous said...

Look at the bleeding hearts coming out.... forget the law, its about the CHILDREN!! Waaaahhhh!

Anonymous said...

Many of you have been blinded by the evening news showing some mexicans climbing the fence or wading across the river.

A large number of the so called 'illegals' came into this country legally with student or work visas and stayed after their visas expired which makes them "illegal". I recently heard a local Congressman put this number at 40 percent. The New York Times estimates that there are more than 1 million "illegal" Russians in New York City alone. A large number came here for political asylum and it takes twelve to twenty years for a judge to make a decision.

The accepted number of undocumented ("illegal") immigrants is said to be 12 million. I have heard estimates at twice this many. The problem is we have no idea.

For those of you that say enforce the law, read up on our immigration law sometime. It is a joke. We must have Comprehensive Reform to secure our borders.

Anonymous said...

Immigration has nothing to do with humanity. Stop trying to levy guilt on those people who rightfully applied for their citizenship and paid their dues. Everyone who is not a Native American is an immigrant. There IS a process you MUST endure if you wish to be a citizen of these United States. Citizenship is like a membership. You simply don't let anyone into your club unless they apply. You say it's inhuman... the children suffer... they perform the jobs no one wants... Stop the pandering. If the country prohibited immigrants from applying for the right to become citizens, then yes, you have an argument.

How about we turn a blind eye to others that break the law simply because it's the human thing to do? Doesn't feel good to have that cheek turned, does it? The registered sex offender wants their name taken off the lists so they can have their right to privacy back? How about the drunk driver who's had their license privilege permanently revoked? They have a need to drive to work to support their children.. Their Children.. they'll suffer if their parent can't work or get to the store for their food... Where's the sympathy?

Open your doors and windows to your homes every day; do not close them for there are hungry starving people with little to their names who want to benefit from what you have worked hard for. You say that's ridiculous and makes you fearful, yet that's what you're asking us to do with our borders.

Must be nice to have your cake and eat it too.. Hypocrites.

Anonymous said...

Hi, kids. Here's an interesting story from the N.Y. Times about the impact of illegal immigrants on Long Island schools. It's wonderful that Latino gangs now "control" various public middle schools and high schools. That's something to look forward to, is it not?

David I said...

Anon 9:23pm - By your argument, do you also feel we as the tax payers of this country should support every child that is in a bad situation? You appear to place no responsibility on the parents of said child. American citizens can't simply go out and break laws of this country and get rewarded for it.

From your opinion of students, I'm very glad you aren't my child's teacher. You honestly believe American students are less serious about their education than illegal students? That's a very broad statement by you.

Your comment of, "All "Americans" that are not Native Americans are technically illegal immigrants, if you trace lineage in history", is simply absurd. You seem to be forgetting that Native Americans actually migrated over here from Asia. By your line of thinking, only animals should be here.

If you're so "for" breaking laws and looking the other way, do you also think robbers should get a free pass? After all, illegal immigrants are robbing our services by not paying for them. Is it alright with you that legal citizens in this country have to deal with over-populated class rooms? Financial Aid not being available to as many legal citizens as should be.

No one is stating you can't pay for all the illegal immigrants in this country. But for you to think everyone should pay for it is downright ridiculous.

And please, if you post again, be adult enough to provide a name instead of simply hiding behind the Anon tag. It's very simple. Just click on Name/URL and type something in. At least then you can act like you stand behind what you type on here.

Anonymous said...

This has to be THE most pointless blog offered by the observer. Just to let you know, Mr. Ordonez, a Blog as used by most people is used to express their opinion and stimulate a conversation. This blog only regurgitates information from other sources. Blogs are not journalism... their for opinions.

What's YOUR opinion?

Anonymous said...

To 9:23p m
Hard to accept but true.

Anonymous said...

I strongly believe in getting rid of illegals, they drain our social services, put demands on our schools, and are breaking the laws. They claim they come here for jobs, but never learn the language. Why do we let this happen. Someone needs to get voted out of office. Starting with the black city council fella running for Mayor. NO way am I voting for this guy he's gonna give illegals a key to the city of Charlotte...

Anonymous said...

Ever seen a column/blog from the Observer dedicated to white males? Funny how everything written is a liberal cause. Hmmm...

JED said...

Anonymous 9:23,

I agree with you, let the children stay. Legaly they are citizens.


But just don't whine about the families being seperated.

Hungarian said...

Anon 9:23 am said "All "Americans" that are not Native Americans are technically illegal immigrants, if you trace lineage in history."

Not true - my grandparents immigrated here legally in 1936 after waiting several years. I have copies of all of their paperwork to prove it.

The difference between them and illegal immigrants is that they played by the rules and waited several years to come here LEGALLY - no line jumping for them.

Sammy said...

"They say the "dirty little secret" is immigrant rights groups know such promises won't actually happen because judges will block any agreed upon enforcement."

No truer words were ever spoken and history certainly backs up this concern. Most of these amnesty groups and advocates SEEM willing to accept virtually any "reform" as long as it contains the amnesty. They know just get any kind of amnesty deal and they can mostly circumvent or ignore the supposed "enforcement" provisions later -- either judicially or through bureacratic ineptness in enforcement. They'll take the amnesty now, but these groups aren't going to be satisfied until the entire populations of Latin America are transferred into the United States.

The so called "enforcement" and "punitive" measures that all of these "reform" packages include are mostly laughable anyway. Does anyone really think that the U.S. government is actually going to follow through with collecting all the fines that have been included in such legislation? Yeah right! How about the measures that would enforce English competency? How would they ever enforce this? Are they going to test the illegals and then deport them if they fail? Yeah right!

It's all about the amnesty for these groups -- get the amnesty first and circumvent the provisions later. Just like 1986.

Anonymous said...

Sammy's right, we've had an amnesty in 1986 and about a dozen mini-amnesties since. How's that worked out in stopping the illegals? What in our right minds would lead anyone to think that this approach would work this time? Isn't insanity defined as continuing to do the same thing and expecting a different result.