Thursday, June 11, 2009

Government case against water-jug activist

Feds describe how illegal immigrants were aided by Tuscon activist leaving water in desert.

We received a lot of feedback about our post yesterday on Walt Staton, 27, a volunteer with the humanitarian group No More Deaths, who was convicted of littering in the Buenos Aires National Wildlife Refuge.

Considering the disparity of arguments being made for and against Mr. Staton on our site, we thought it’d be helpful to share some of the government’s arguments made against Mr. Staton.

Click here to read the full complaint.

Click here to read the verdict

“Agent Collins observed a silver Jeep sport utility vehicle drive into a low area…. In previous weeks, Agent Collins has located numerous full water bottles consistent with humanitarian organizations that work in the area. Agent Collins has also encountered these plastic bottles discarded as garbage further north along these trails.”

Staton's attorney, William Walker, argued in court that leaving full water jugs didn't constitute littering just because someone else disposed the empty container elsewhere, according to the Arizona Daily Star.

Walker told the jury that, based on the prosecutor's theory, if jury members were given a meal in the jury room and then tossed an empty wrapper on the floor, it would mean the court was guilty of littering.

"Just because something can turn into litter from someone else doesn't make it litter," Walker said. "His intent and purpose was for them to drink the water, not to litter."


Danman said...

Too the "not heartless, law abididing citizen" of yesterday's blog,
You are so like most repubs.
Jesus would definitely be out there leaving water bottles for the near death folks in that desert. However, sounds as if you would be out there shooting the women and children if that were the abiding law. What a waste of human tissue you seem to be.

Anonymous said...

The Jesus of the New Testament would be preaching for illegals to "render unto Caesar" and "submit to the authorities" - not break the law and risk death for bigger, better goodies.

Michael said...

Who cares what Jesus says or would do? I certainly don't. This is the 21st century. I'm not Jesus- I live my own life and have opinions based on fact and reason.

I'm not a Republican or a Democrat. And I wouldn't be out shooting women and children. I just wouldn't put water out there for them. Besides, any woman or man who put their children's lives in danger by dragging through the desert without food and water just so they can enter a country illegally, should be punched in the throat.

My response to the other thread:

First of all, god doesn't say anything, because even if it exists (doubtful) he/she/ET could care less what happens to some moron who *chose* to cross a hot desert without enough water. More than likely even after hearing the stories from others or in the media about the dangers in the desert. That person made the decsion, that person also decided to come here illegally. He is responsible for himself- not some god, not Jesus, not some alien being, not the US and not me.

I don't wish anyone dead, nor do I hate. Wishes aren't real. Hate takes too much energy. What is real- survival of the fittest. Either by using strength and/or intelligence. Persons chosing to cross the border illegally without preparations, aren't using the intelligence part of surviving... so they fail or suffer from their own stupidity. That's not my fault, your fault or the government's fault.

Obviously, if your god cared enough, he would drop bottles of Aquafina from the sky for those poor dimwitted fools. If he/she/ET really cared, he'd reward all those catholics and god fearing folks in Mexico with a country full of wealth. Perhaps, they need to pray harder for a bright clue. Especially, before they make a journey into the desert without enough water. They aren't Jesus, even if they name some of their children after him.

Bottom line- god can't help them, you can't help them, our government can't help them- they need to help themselves and change *their* country, and stop helping themselves to our resources and tax money.


Anonymous said...

I'm confused...did A-Rod have sex with Palin's daughter? I thought he was dating Madonna. Help me out here. I didn't even know he was a Republican.

Anonymous said...

Why weren't the other 3 people littering charged with the same crime as Staton?

When is the US govt going to start enforcing current immigration laws???

Anonymous said...


You make good points in your comments. I like when you put the links in to other info that supports the need for cracking down on illegal immigration.

Anonymous said...

I think Franco's articles are bad for high blood pressure. I better take my medication.

Anonymous said...

June 11 @ 9:50 pm

I like your comment.

Anonymous said...

"The Jesus of the New Testament would be preaching for illegals to "render unto Caesar" and "submit to the authorities" - not break the law and risk death for bigger, better goodies."

That may be true, but Jesus would also teach the rest of us not to judge those people for what they are doing. Their activity - even if it's considered criminal - shouldn't matter when it comes to what WE should do as Christians.

There were many instances when Jesus helped criminals and outcasts, even if He didn't agree with everything they had done. He was able to separate their despicable actions from his ability to show them compassion and mercy. In much the same way, He has given us grace when we as sinners don't deserve that either.

Michael said...
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Michael said...

I could care less about what Jesus would do. I'm not a christian, nor "god fearing". But, I'll humor some of you.

Jesus forgives sins/sinners, it's up to the law and the courts to "forgive" or prosecute criminals. And while we shouldn't "judge", it is what our court system is for. It's there to judge those that break our laws. It is up to our law enforcement to *enforce* our laws. Period.
Our Constitution does not mention giving Jesus any power to do anything. But, it does explicitly state the federal government is to provide for the defense of this Nation, our borders are not secure and are being overrun. The President is responsible for seeing that the laws of this land are executed, and being Commander in Chief, he is also supposed to make sure our Nation is secure- that means our borders, too. We have lost control of our borders because they are *not* being defended. It's that simple, folks.

People are responsible for their own actions, the choices *they* make. Do not make those choices unless you are ready to deal the consequences.

The laws of this land are not up to interpretation of what Jesus would do or some other chimerical being. Nor, that of ignorant liberal dingleberries.

Enforce our laws and defend our borders.... The Constitution of the United States demands this.


Monkee said...

I'd just like to say, Michael, that those who cross the borders are following the instinct of survival i assure you.
this activist is not helping immigrants avoid authorities, nor is he leading them into the country, he is indirectly reaching his hand out to prevent deaths.
he does not aid them into not getting caught, but at least if they are discovered, they'll be discovered alive.
Your country is the main supporter and financier of the United Nations, one would think more humanity would emanate from its citizens.

Michael said...

Yes, the US gives the most money to the UN. We also give individual aid to more countries than any other country. We also allow over 800,000 legal immigrants into this country every year. People saying we should just get over it, is not going to work anymore.

The very fact that an illegal immigrant is standing on American soil is a crime. Calling them "undocumented workers" is so stupid. They are illegal immigrants.
If an illegal immigrant is working in this country, there are two possibilities. He or she is working "under the table" and not paying several taxes. Or, they are using a *stolen* SS number, stealing someone else's identity. Illegal immigrants are using resources that this country can no longer afford to squander, and the cuts to budgets continue. If one American is denied help or government resources due to an illegal immigrant, that is one too many. American charities are even being affected by trying to help everyone- if those illegal immigrants weren't here, there would be more resources for US citizens. The children of illegal immigrants are also adding to the crowded classrooms that strain our teachers' ability to teach effectively. Every child of an illegal immigrant that receives free or reduced lunch in school is also an additional burden to the tax payers. Schools are having to make cuts, the increasing amount of students that are here illegally or children of illegal immigrants are stretching thin budgets. We can't afford this spending insanity anymore. Also, with such lax border security and lax enforcement of our immigration laws, the illegal immigrant flood into this country has allowed Hispanic gangs to flourish, and these gangs are exceptionally brutal. Fighting these gangs have consumed more of local law enforcement resources. Filling up over crowded jails and prisons.

Not only are illegal immigrants working here illegally, a large portion of the money they make is sent back to their country. We are talking billions of dollars every single year. Money that isn't being spent in this country, money that could help local businesses and add sales tax revenue, money that isn't taxed or money that isn't being given to our charities. Illegal immigration is a net drain on this economy, I don't care what subterfuge comes from those who try to divert our attention away from that fact...they are the ones that condone the breaking of our laws.

Read this article from 2003;

In that article, Mexican President Vicente Fox, boasts about all the money being sent back to Mexico from the US- Fox says the remittances "are our biggest source of foreign income, bigger than oil, tourism or foreign investment,".
So, the President of Mexico is simply thrilled that over 20 million Mexicans, most are illegals, are basically stealing money and sending it to his country. He also says that the Mexicans here produce more than all the Mexicans in Mexico... read the article. That's great, if you're Mexico. Unfortunately, for our country, much of the money Mexicans make here, doesn't stay here, doesn't get spent here. They use our resources, many don't pay taxes and to add insult to injury- they send their illegally made money out of our country. Until last year, the amount of money leaving this country just kept increasing... the more illegal immigrants there are, the more money that gets sent back to Mexico. No wonder Mexico demands we open our borders, demands we grant amnesty. Mexico would never grant amnesty to Guatemalans or open their border with Guatemala...most Mexicans hate Guatemalans. Their border crackdown with Guatemala is brutal and their punishments are far worse than anything we do. They are hypocrites and dare lecture us. It's insane for our country, for our citizens to tolerate this anymore. Really.
Enforce our laws and protect our borders. Enough is enough.


Anonymous said...

A return in needed to the basic premise for the discovery of these pagan cannibalistic non-latino savage Asian migrant red mongoloid race infested western continents discovered 500 yrs ago by the great European white man religionist Latino nations of Spain Portugal and Italy along with the Anglicans of the UK.

Blog owner Francos brave heroic Euro white Latino ancestors founded and named these 3 continents for for Italian Latino Americus Vespucia and heroically conquered the savage pagan reds being vastly outnumbered.

It is still one of the greatest feats of the white European western man to pull off what these brave white Latinos did 500 yrs ago using only a couple hundred well trained skilled Castilian "conquistador" soldiers to conquer all of what is now Central and South America or the vast Aztec and Incan savage pagan empires that had millions of inhabitants with 100s of 1000s of warriors.

History Of The Conquest Of Mexico and Peru by William Hickling Prescott (1843 and 1847) are 2 excellent books to read about these amazing feats by brave heroic white Latino European christians Cortes and Pizarro (a commander in Balboas army) who conquered the Aztecs of the valley of Mexica and the Inca empire of Peru.

Prescott vividly writes about how a couple hundred white Latinos could defeat millions of pagan red Aztecs and Incans and take their empires for God glory and gold.

The reds were brutal savages who took their captives hostages rather than killing them like the whites. The captured whites would be sacrificed in front of the empire and have their hearts ripped from the chests of the live hostages and eaten by the chiefs and then the bodies cut up and eaten by the elders.

In the end the Europeans conqered all of what would be renamed Central and South America and split it up killing millions of pagan mongoloid reds and converting the continents to christianity and forcing Spanish on the survivors and white man culture.

European Latino leaders Cortes and Pizarro and the "real" conquistadors go down in history as some of the greatest military geniuss in all history.

We know also the brave European Anglican whites defeated the reds in North America and the federal govt humanely set up reservations for the survivors who are completely subsidized.

To the victors go all the spoils. This must never change.

Monkee said...

i was neither condemning nor justifying illegal immigration.
i making a comment based on the article, not the immigration debate.
i am not saying they should be allowed, nor have i spoken against your call for law enforcement.
what this man has done, placing water bottles of water in the desert, is a kind of humanitarian effort. he should not be punished for doing so.

Michael said...
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Michael said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Michael said...

I'm not saying the guy putting out water should be put in jail, but he should understand the law and if his cause is worth it to him- fine. But, be responsible and accept the consequences of his actions. If, that means jail- suck it up and deal with it.

Some friends and I went to drop off some donated goods to "The Cup" on 36th street. The place was crowded inside and out on the front porch. The Cup gives out food, pet food, clothes and bill assitance. There were whites, blacks and Hispanics there. I wasn't surprised at how many were there but at how many Hispanics were there. Much of what I've read indictaes about 80% of the Hispanics in this country are here illegally. The Cup stops handing out aid at 1:30 or until supplies are gone, I couldn't help but think how many citizens were denied help that day because of the illegal immigrants in front of them. And how many times this is repeated across the city and across our Nation. I'm not religious but understand the missions' caring. But, I do blame the illegals that are here taking away from our citizens. I do blame our government and law enforcement for letting the illegal population get so large. It's a burden we can no longer bare.

Let's also be real about something else- most Hispanics are quite productive in producing babies. A lot of it has to do with the fact that most Hispanics are Catholic, and the outdated and antiquated relics of the Catholic church tell their believers not to use condoms or birth control, and many listen. They have three, four, five or more babies. This puts an enormous strain on our schools, on social services and charities. Don't get mad just because I tell the truth.
Perhaps, some of you do need to get mad, see what is happening and speak up about it. It's past time for something to be done. Just how much longer we have to put with inaction, is up to us. Speak up and vote accordingly.

Our city is having to cut back on many services, charities are strecthed to the breaking point. Uncontrolled illegal immigration is not helping this Nation... it just isn't. Don't believe the lies and the diversionary tactics that some groups are using.