Friday, June 12, 2009

Judge: Immigrants' rights violated in Conn. raids

Immigration agents violated the constitutional rights of four illegal immigrants in raids that critics say were retaliation for a city program that provided ID cards to foreigners in the country illegally, a federal judge ruled.

The New Haven raid on June 6, 2007 occurred two days after the city approved issuing identification cards to all city residents, regardless of immigration status, the Associated Press reported. U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement officials deny the early morning raids were retaliatory, saying planning began the year before.

Immigration Judge Michael Straus said the ICE agents went into the immigrants' homes without warrants, probable cause, or consent. He stopped deportation proceedings against the four defendants.

Immigration officials denied the arrests were improper. They said in court documents that they were allowed into the homes during the raids.

ICE spokeswoman Paula Grenier told the AP the agency was reviewing the ruling and would decide later whether to appeal. Monday.

Straus wrote that the rights of at least one immigrant were “flagrantly violated."

"The touchstone of the Fourth Amendment is 'reasonableness' and, by natural extension, one's reasonable expectation of privacy," the judge wrote. "Nowhere is that expectation of privacy more sacrosanct than in the confines of one's home."


Anonymous said...

Ok, I am confused. If they are ILLEGAL, what rights do they have? They are breaking the law just being here.

James said...

The problem is that the police didn't know they were "illegal" until after they conducted the raids. The fact that the police found something incriminating as a result of their action cannot excuse their violation of the Constitution. If the police knew (or even had probable cause to believe) that the residents were "illegal" prior to their raids, then their actions would have been justified.

Anonymous said...

ok so our citizens -- ICE agents -- say they were allowed in the homes to search and found illegals. then the illegals say no they came in without consent? why would you not believe the ice agent, a legal citizen of our country. and now that we know those people are illegals, why are they not a fast train outa here?

Anonymous said...

the courts in this land tend to be a joke

Anonymous said...

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Michael said...
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Michael said...
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Michael said...


Do you ever write about anything other than *illegal* immigration? Your disregard for the law is quite obvious in your constant attempt to show *illegal* immigrants in a good light and they are just "victims".

What about the crimes associated with *illegal* immigration? The stolen identities and stolen Social Security numbers? And then those who don't steal identities are working *illegally* and paying no taxes, all the while using resources in this country. Those that employ *illegal* immigrants are breaking the law. What about the ever increasing hispanic gang violence? Nothing to say about that? The drain on public resources caused by *illegal* immigrants? Resources that are stretched thin, resources that are being cut. We can't afford this insanity anymore. Sure, *illegal* immigrants pay some sales tax, but unless they are using a stolen SS number, they aren't paying a lot of other taxes. And, they send a large portion of their income out of the country... that is absolutely not good for our country. They make money *illegally* here and send a lot of it out of the country. You honestly think that's good for *this* country, a country that is itself struggling to recover. Do you even care? Do you not mind that our limited resources are being used on non-citizens, illegal immigrants? What's wrong with you? Speak up.

What about writing articles centered around *LEGAL* immigrants? Their stories, struggles and surely quite a few happy stories. Write about how they did it the right way, the legal way. There are over 800,000 legal immigrants allowed in every single year. Even you with your pitiful investagation techniques could find some *legal* immigrants to talk to. There's a very large Greek community in Charlotte. Talk them for a change. There's big Greek church on East Blvd. Go do what real reporters do, instead of scanning the internet for *ILLEGAL* immigrant stories. Do you even know how to be a reporter, how to actually *investigate* stories, research them and *report* the truth? And not just promote your narrow-minded agenda. Oh, I forgot, you did "report" on something about Bollywood. So, only 99% of your stories are about *illegal* immigration. I'm sure there are a lot of *LEGAL* immigrants who have a good story to tell.

Of course, part of your agenda is dedicated to getting views/eyeballs on your slanted posts. You try to take advantage of the fact that so many Americans are pissed off about *illegal* immigration. You may not even actually care about illegal immigrants, you just use them and their stories to get clicks and views. You and the Charlotte Disturber are in it together.

Do something, Franco. Do something that contains all of the truth and not just your agenda. Actually investigate something. Give **legal** immigrants their credit and time. Tell the truth for a change. Report about the *real* costs of illegal immigration.
Stop ignoring the reality of the truth. Because, most Americans are fed-up with all this subterfuge. You are part of the problem, not the solution.

More info:


Anonymous said...

I agree with the previous poster that requested you start telling some stories about the Legals that are here and how the Illegals impact the Legals.

Should be an interesting and educational read.

Anonymous said...

This country is so sick, we are so convoluted. Right is wrong and wrong is right.

Rights for illegals...who are these so-called fellow Americans that come up with this stuff?

What is your it to knock America down a few notches to 3rd world status?

Anonymous said...

Michael is right on with his comments.

Illegal immigrants should have no rights except the right to be deported back to their native homeland as soon as possible.

When is our government going to start doing their job and enforcing current immigration laws?

Anonymous said...

Our society is based on laws for the good of the group. When we disregard those laws our society will become weaker. In the past, others entered our country/society but did so by following the laws. To allow groups or individuals to enter our country without legal process will result in a weaker society. How about writing an article about the failure of our government to enforce existing laws. If you failed to pay taxes will the government look the other way. Why is the government looking the other way with "illegals" This issue is not about a class of people but a failure in our legal system to enforce the law of citizenship.

Michael said...
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Michael said...

To Anonymous @ 12:52 AM-

Well said.

Thank you.


Anonymous said...

Every employer in the US should be required to use E-verify. If illegal immigrants weren't given jobs they would have no reason to enter the US. If they do enter, they should be deported as soon as it is discovered that they are in this country illegally. Illegal immigrants should have no rights. Instead they seem to have more rights than a US born citizen and get away with blantantly breaking our laws. WHY?

IMO there should be no bank accounts, credit cards, home mortgages and housing, automobile loans, jobs, etc. Illegal immigrants should have no rights.

Anonymous said...

They are not immigrants. They are ILLEGAL immigrants!

Anonymous said...

Has Franco ever written even 1 story about the negative effects of illegal immigration?

Anonymous said...

Absolutely nowhere in the Constitution did our forefathers extend ANY rights to criminals trespassing on OUR property illegally. Leave our land, or suffer the consequences, usually prison. By the way, these are not immigrants, they ARE criminals. According to the Immigration Dept own statistics, less than 18% of "immigrants" are here to work legal jobs. The rest are criminals and gang members.

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