Monday, May 4, 2009

Latino profiling? Not according to stats.

In 2008, 72 official complaints were made against Charlotte-Mecklenburg police officers. None of the complaints were by Latinos reporting they felt they were profiled or mistreated because of their ethnicity, police report.

One of the biggest complaints in the Latino community is that some officers target Latino immigrants knowing they could be deported if they’re taken to jail and found to be in the country illegally.

Charlotte-Mecklenburg police chief Rodney Monroe didn’t have the statistics available last month when we reported on crimes going unsolved in Charlotte because immigrants don’t feel safe reporting them.

Chief Monroe said last month that he wanted to improve ties with the Latino community. He is familiar with charges of racial profiling, but he said people who feel they've been mistreated need to report that to him.

Chief Monroe said he understands people may not want to bring more attention to themselves by filing a complaint, but he said if the mistreatment is happening as often as some people claim more people should be coming forward.

“I'm not going to put blinders over my head and automatically deny that issue,” he said. Nor does he want “to condemn the men and women of this organization” without more facts.


Anonymous said...

Of course there have been no complaints filed by Latinos against the police. We are referring to a segment of the population that is fearful of the police because any interaction with them may lead to deportation. Add this to the inherent distrust of police that is fostered by the corruption in their native countries and it is no wonder that Latinos rarely, if ever, file a complaint against an officer. While I applaud the attitude of the Chief of Police, if he really wants to discover any impropriety on the part of his officers, he should go out into the Latino communities and speak with the Latinos himself. The fact that no complaints have been filed by Latinos does not mean there is not an issue. Where there is smoke, there is fire.

barkomomma said...

"...fearful of the police because any interaction with them may lead to deportation."

Sigh. Yet again: If they were here LEGALLY then they wouldn't HAVE to be fearful and could actually ENJOY the protection of our tax-paid police.

Anonymous said...

Anything illegal makes it fearful.

Be here legally, then fear goes away.

Whether you are from Mars, or Mexico, arrive here legally and you have the full right to enjoy all that America has to offer!

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

7:50am - YAWN!!!!!

Anonymous said...

i'm here legally but there is nor way that i'm going to speak to a cop and deal with their prejudice manners and be mistreated forget that .....

MichaelProcton said...

Ok, anon 6:11. That's certainly your prerogative. However, if you're making that choice over reporting crimes either against yourself or others, you're doing a disservice to not only your own person, but the community around you.