Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Local call for immigration reform

Immigrant rights groups from around Charlotte are joining forces to fight for immigration reform.

Dozens of advocates waved flags and held signs at a gathering Friday in Marshall Park calling for legislation that would give illegal immigrants a chance to live and work legally.

Ruben Campillo, a member and advocacy coordinator for the Latin American Coalition said they want to hold President Obama to his promise to address immigration reform.

“We all recognize our current immigration system is broken,” he said. “… Let's do the right thing and fight for a fair treatment and practical solution that benefits us all.”

Opponents say giving illegal immigrants a path to citizenship is a form of amnesty.

Ron Woodard, director of NC Listen, which advocates for stronger immigration enforcement, says the country's immigration policies exist because America cannot possibly accept all the immigrants who want to come to the country.

“People who come to America illegally are not only breaking the law, but are also jumping in the front of the line of others waiting their turn to come here legally,” he said.

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Video of the rally.


Anonymous said...

No! No! No!
We need to enforce our laws that we have. I wonder how much of a budget shortfall this state would have if we didn't have to have millions spent on ESL, ER treatments, etc. for criminals that knowingly broke the law and dragged their kids into their crimes? Shameful!!!

Anonymous said...

"calling for legislation that would give illegal immigrants a chance to live and work legally"

I am pretty sure we allready have that. They just chose to go around it.

Zapato said...

The reason we have an illegal immigration problem is because we don't have a legal immigration that works. We need to fix the legal immigration system to better reflect the actual needs of our country.

We need practical solutions that actually works. Burying one's head in the sand, pretending that the laws on the books are somehow sacrosanct or immutable is no way to fix a badly obsolete system of jury-rigs and band-aids.

Make people who don't have legal status pay a legitimate fine, and make them get in line in a realistic way. Is that amnesty? Call it what you want to, but make sure its a practical, workable solution so that we can keep industries in our country, families are protected, and we, as a country, live up to our ideals.

Anonymous said...

I thought it was telling that one of the Hispanic speakers figures that because our system is broken it forces people to immigrate outside of the law. This should say exactly what those who think it is ok to break the law even with a broken system. Where does it stop and who is to say the system is broken or not.

Anonymous said...

Go home and come back legal. Its that simple.

Anonymous said...

Another biased Ordoñez report. He never tells how much they costs or the crimes they commit. I say deport them at the point of a gun. Their anchor babies also.

I am tired of paying for translators in the classroom, lawyers to defend these scum, etc. And I am not alone. In Rock Hill a nursery emloyees about 20 of them. That is wrong.

Anonymous said...

Interesting that you have someone named Franco Ordoñez covering the immigration issue. Should we expect someone on Death Row to blog about the Death Penalty, an abortion provider to blog about Roe v Wade, or a member of Greenpeace to blog about global warming to follow. Complete lack of objectivity is the reason this paper is in so much trouble.

Anonymous said...

Yet again, the narrator of the video (is that you, Mr. Ordonez?) misrepresents the purpose of these types of rallies by describing the organizers as 'immigrant rights groups'. These groups are solely interested in giving citizen rights to ILLEGAL immigrants under the assumption that if you yell and protest loud enough, the legislators will listen and change the rules to accomodate you.

The FACT is that ILLEGAL immigrants have no rights here because they are here ILLEGALLY. How far do you think Americans would get if they suddenly decided to move to Mexico and start dictating to THEIR elected officials how the laws should be changed to accomodate them? ANY other country on this planet would laugh at the suggestion.

Our immigration system seems to be working fine for people who want to follow the law. It's only these illegals who are whining about having to suffer the consequences of their decisions. Send them ALL back. That would be true reform.

Anonymous said...

I have friends who are here legally from Russia and want to adopt a baby and bring that baby to America. They cannot do that legally and they are waiting until something changes. Why should someone who comes here illegally have special treatment? They have violated a law willingly and should leave the country.

JED said...

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Steve Foster said...

Very much NOT a fan of the reform as proposed. I live in a relatively nice suburb in the University area of Charlotte NEXT DOOR to an illegal immigrant "transition house" -- where they show up for a few weeks and then move on. They're disruptive, prone to trespassing, and my personal experience has been TERRIBLE.

I'd called 911 before to have one them removed for trespassing and fishing in a communal lake in my back yard, and what was I told? That I had to have the no trespassing signs I put up in more than one language!! I did so, but new batches still occasionally chose to ignore that.

Too, when the "Work truck" shows up on some mornings (around 4AM) and it's too cold for them to go to the door, they, underneath my bedroom window, honk their horn for 5-15 minutes until the person comes out.

THIS is what we have, and being illegal, they GET more rights than us -- healthcare, education, you name it -- without having to pay in to the system. Must be nice. And this motivates us to make them legal how and why?

There is no, good, logical argument. There's a law, it is broken ...simple.

Arguments can and do fall under:
- They do jobs that no one wants: Hello -- have you seen the job market?!?!?! I have a friend with two masters degrees, who got turned down at Walmart and will work anywhere -- people want the jobs, so that's a bogus one.

...what else do we have to "Defend" our practice of giving illegal imagrants exceptional lives and opportunities that US tax payers do not?

I. AM. Disgusted.

Anonymous said...

ONLY those that are here legally and citizens of this country and state have ANY RIGHT to call for anything. All others need to get up and get out.

Josh said...

Why don't we all just go out and protest for immigration laws to actually be enforced...oh wait, I can't. I have to work to pay my taxes so they can go to school, get health care and eat!

Anonymous said...

What we all have to realize is that these people are going to continue to protest and lobby - LOUDLY! It will become as though everyone in America is for this reform and amnesty. Those of us who are opposed have to be even LOUDER. We can't just sit back and let this happen. The squeaky wheel gets the grease and we HAVE to be squeakier!

Anonymous said...

I am amazed at the number of negative comments on this blog about immigration and how ignorant some people truly are about this subject. I am equally amazed to see how "Americans" mainly anglos fill the areas pubs, festivals and water holes to celebrate cinco de Mayo, a holiday that is barely recognized in Mexico, yet alone celebrated. "Americans" use it as an excuse to party and drink without no interest or knowledge as to what happened on cinco de mayo and why it is celebrated in the US. We are a nation of hypocrites, on one side of our mouth we damn the ilegals and on the other we love their food (just check out how many mexican restaurants are in Charlotte and who eats in them), we jump at the chance to get a free salsa lesson (which by the why is not Mexican, but derives from Afro-Cuban and Puerto Rican influences), we think Latino men and women are "HOT", and we love to send our children to Cancun, Acapulco for spring break, etc.etc. Reality is that we can't afford to continue to welcome ilegal immigration, however, we do need to reform our immigration system so those that want to enter legally can do so without having to wait 15 - 18 years to become legalized. 10 years ago in Charlotte businesses big and small had large signs "Se Habla Español" a sign that latinos were welcome. Years ago our Mayor, Pat McCory would gladly take pictures with Latinos and attended many festivals and functions today he has turned his face away from the people that helped him and local government build this city and helped it become one of the best city's in the nation. If you don't want any more ilegals then support a comprehensive immigration reform that will secure our borders, help people in the US for many years become legalized and keep families together. It will benefit all "Americans".

Anonymous said...

Anon 2:02, what? Are you seriously claiming that Franco Ordonez is here illegally? Having a Hispanic last name does not make a person an illegal immigrant.

People wouldn't come to this country illegally if born-and-bred American citizens didn't give them reasons. Those jobs that they're stealing from American citizens... Who hires them?

And why wouldn't you emigrate to another country if you could enjoy all the perks of citizenship without the financial burden, as long as you weren't caught?

The current laws aren't working, so why not consider an option that would give illegal immigrants their fair share of the financial burden in exchange for possible citizenship. If they're going to be here, they might as well pitch in.

Anonymous said...

I think that the solution is the exact same as the "drug war". Though the laws and systems surrounding the issue OBVIOUSLY don't work, we should instead continue to do the same thing and be outraged that it doesn't work.


he definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results

Anonymous said...

SEND THE ILLEGALS BACK TO THEIR COUNTRY OF ORIGIN!!!! If they are ofund her a second time execute them. Prosecute the business owners who hire them!!!

Anonymous said...

Go back and get in line. Then come back legally. We should not have to produce everything in two languages simply because the people coming here do not do it legally or have the pride to learn English as previous, legal immigrants have done.

Anonymous said...

There needs to be a movement now for the American people to stand up and let our politicians know that Corporate America will not stuff this garbage down our throats. Since when does Ordonez tell us that we should have to accept these illegals against our wishes? Maybe someone should check his green card. It is not bad enough that most of our manufacturing base has moved to either Mexico or India, now we are supposed to stand aside and let the illegals come here and take jobs away from taxpaying Americans.

Anonymous said...

here's a 'local call', Observer: Close the border, get it under control and then we'll talk about assimilating what has broken our laws to get here. When your basement is flooded, you shut off the leak before you deal with the water.

Anonymous said...

There is no discussion..."illegal!" Conversation over!

Anonymous said...

Oh please, 3:35 - not even going to waste my time responding to that ridiculous tirade.

Anonymous said...

I'd like to make a call for "Royal Family Reform". I think it's about time that the laws of Great Britain were changed, and that my family was allowed to rule. Heck...if a bunch of illegal immigrants can march and hold signs up and demand that the United States kowtows to their desires, then why shouldn't England kowtow to mine? Yay!...I'm gonna rule Britannia!

Anonymous said...

The only way to stop illegal immigration is to stop the employers from hiring them. Thinking that people will stop coming over the border because it is illegal is akin to putting your head in the sand. People love to get angry about how they are "stealing our resources" but the cause of such massive illegal immigration is obviously our own citizens hiring illegal aliens. Getting tax dollars by way of easier working visas or easier legal immigration is would be the easiest way to accomplish this. It is also extremely ignorant to assume that the protestors are illegals themselves. It is entirely feasible that they are legal immigrants that know full well how tough it is to legally get into this country.

Anonymous said...

Where were the police when these illegals were potesting in Marshall Park? Why were they not arresting the illegals? Not only are they illegal, but they will illegally vote in the next election. I am sure ACORN has not problem signing them up!!

Anonymous said...

In respond to May 6, 9:42 comment. Many of those that met at Marshall Park ar US citizens and veterans of the armed forces of the United States. Get real not all people of hispanic descent are undocumented. Read, gain knowledge before you post ignorant comments.

Anonymous said...

In response to May 5, 2009 5:20 PM. You are the poster child for ignorance and stupidity. A gun touting "American" or should I say Redneck, cause I highly doubt you are of a minority racial/ethnic group. I'd like to know what part of the word did your ignorant ancestors come from, because I'm sure they weren't native americans. STUPIDITY AND IGNORANCE ARE WRITTEN SHOULD BE TATOOTED ON YOUR SORRY FOREHEAD!

Anonymous said...

My question is to those that say that the protestors were here legally. How do you know this... Secondly, why would legal citizens regardless of ethnicity actually champion illegal? Because they are using them to their benefit. Simply, Jose is here legally and speaks Spanish. He starts a minority construction company as a contractor. He hires illegals and then mediates the deal with the large construction companies. Jose is now going around in a few vans taking these illegals to job sites and making a pretty good living. Then the illegals send half the money home and take the rest and go buy a used vehicle on a pay here lot an goes out and parties. He's drunk with no insurance and drives the wrong way down 485 and kills someone... Sound familiar?

Anonymous said...

Let them starve in the dark.

Anonymous said...

Dear Mr Ordonez:
A Canadian Perspective.
I have been following as best I can your blog on immigration as it is a subject very close to home for me. When I was a boy, I wanted to live and work in the US but found out later as an adult that unless you have certain skills or fall under a certain status you can’t immigrate to the US.

Fortunatly, I married a women with the education and skills (registered nurse) that fell into a desired category with immigration. After she interviewed with hospitals in Florida during July 1994, she accepted an offer to work for a hospital in Tampa Florida starting January 1995. Between July 1994 and January 1995, we did our due diligence as it related to immigration, we found out that I was allowed to move to the US with her but not allowed to work due to her type of immigration status. To me that was fine, it gave me the time to take car of our son and help him adjust to a new place.
As time went by, we found that the immigration system is a slow moving beast and that something as simple as a typo could throw your whole world into turmoil and we could be asked to leave at anytime. Our immigration lawyer kept me on the right track and said do not break the laws when it comes to working illegally as I had wanted to work and could get a job illegally or do things under the table with no problem. He said, do it the right way and don’t risk the opportunity. The silver lining we received was that my wife’s skills and experience was wanted permanently by her hospital and they would sponsor for a green card. We took that opportunity and with it came a work permit for me. The high cost of doing it financially and physically was the right thing to do. We were always taught to follow the law, do the right thing. We did and we were blessed.
When I look at the immigration issue now, I understand the frustration people feel, we lived it for years while waiting for it to get nailed down. I know what it means to come to this country as an immigrant and having the opportunities this country has for everyone. Do I feel the system is broken, no. Do I feel it is overburdened, yes. Do I think it needs adjustments, yes. I listen to people saying give those who are here illegally a path to citizenship because the system is broken. I say if the system is broken it is because of them. I say take care of those who are in line, in process and doing things the right way first before even thinking of looking at the illegal worker. Why should those who have and are paying the cost financially, physically to do things the right way being overlooked and pushed aside all in the name of political correctness to accommodate those who are breaking the law. In the video clip on your blog of a rally, there was a young man who said because the system is broken it forces people to do it the wrong way. Who is he to say it is broken and if it is, does that mean we don’t need to follow the law? I think the tax laws are broken so should I stop paying them, does that mean I should not go to jail for not paying them? The law is the law.

The arguments that we need to give illegal immigrants priority over those who are in the system and doing things the right way, the legal way is a slap in the face to all of us who have gone through the system and it cheapens the value of being an American citizen. The hispanic community is wrong to push itself as a victim and that they should get priority over every other immigrant out there that wants to come to the US. If the system is broken, fix it for those in line not for those here illegally.

As far as what to do with those here illegally, I think they need to be encouraged to go back to there home countries and try to change the government or country there so that it provides a better environment for there own citizens. I think the laws we have on the books should be enforced for everyone no matter what country they are from, meaning employers of people who are here illegally should get fined and those here illegally should be sent home. Why should the laws be different for illegals than those of us who came in the legal way.

When we became American citizens, taking the pledge with all those others from all around the world was a moving experience and that all the efforts we did were well worth it. I take great pride in my citizenship and I am proud to be an American. I think we live in a great country but to give illegal immigration a voice over those who are trying to come here legally and try to stay through the proper channels is just plain wrong. I personally will fight for immigration laws to be enforced I will fight FOR legal immigration and fight AGAINST illegal immigration, I will fight for the immigrants who'se voices are being shouted over by those in the pro-illegal immigration crowd, I will fight against those in government who succumb to political correctness over the execution of the laws of this country.