Tuesday, May 12, 2009

High court ruling won't stop S.C. sheriff

The sheriff in Beaufort County, S.C., says a Supreme Court decision to overturn felony charges against an illegal immigrant will not stop his own investigation of forged employment documents at county businesses.

Last week, the Supreme Court overturned charges of "aggravated identity theft" against an illegal immigrant in Illinois because he didn’t know he was using another person’s Social Security Number.

Sheriff P.J. Tanner told the Beaufort Gazette that a countywide audit of businesses turned up about 194 employees at 22 businesses that may have used falsified or stolen identities to get jobs. Tanner said he never intended to charge them with anything but misdemeanor forgery unless his investigation revealed further charges are appropriate.

The sheriff's investigation of 11 businesses netted five arrests in the past two months. All the suspects were charged with forgery, which could result in prison time.

He said his cases don’t involve identity theft, thus aren’t affected by the court’s decision.

"I think the Supreme Court's decision was correct," Tanner said. "Most of the Social Security numbers that have been found to be used by those that are foreign-born illegals to obtain work ... are just false. They're not connected to anyone."


nccanuck said...

The Supreme Court sided with the illegal in that he didn't know he was using another person's SSN. Come on who'se did he think it was if he was here illegally, it belonged to someone or will belong to someone sometime who is here legally. I say Sheriff go get them and put the law to use!!!

Anonymous said...

Illegals are a terrible drain on local government resources, but these expenses are ultimately avoidable. When an illegal is discovered they are to be deported without delay, and refused admittance into this country for life. I relish the fantastic diversity we have created in this country since Ellis Island. However the reason such diversity worked was everyone played by the same RULES. Obey the rules, it is that simple. Opponents say it can take too long, or it is too hard for the less educated. Then have educated people design a better system. Until then, obey our laws or suffer the consequences, period!